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  1. so when you lift the tires like this... do you install straps to control the length of travel? seems that when the straps are hit then the tires may start back down... :sweatdrop:
  2. woohoo!! looking good!! nice work!:thumbup1:
  3. so ... i ordered a scott drake 65-68 aluminium recovery tank the first week of July from mustangs unlimited ... it arrived on Tuesday 8/12/14 due to back order. the unit looks very well built and comes with mounting hardware and a nice billet cap. since im not going for the original look etc with my 69 i should be able to mount it in a good location and can then use my canton overflow tank for another purpose... just what im not sure... but i do need a windshield washer reservoir.. a bit of overkill but hey... why not... lol... who knows what the canton overflow tank will be used for.
  4. Thanks! Dad is holding his own! taking it day by day.... i picked up some heavy duty flashers that will drive 6 bulbs per flasher... going from the single 1157 dual filament bulb per side in the rear to 3 dual filaments per side... we shall see...crazy part is im trying to get this mechanical switching figured out so i can install the sequential LED kit! then i wont need the heavy duty flashers! at 200 dollars in with 2 new turn signal switches from 2 different vendors... i think its time the community come up with a 3D printed design to resolve the problem :-) anyone... anyone.... bueller... bueller... i am tempted to just setup three position switches and feed the signal a different way!! feeding the signal to a microcontroller would be overkill but hey... who knows..
  5. as we are just getting back on this troubleshooting..yes... life gets in the way... but after flexing the turn signal switch.. now the blinkers work but no brake lights.... voltage from the brake pedal switch to the turn signal switch... then no voltage on the other side of the turn signal switch... so trying to figure out how to take it apart without destroying it.. lol im nowhere near home at the moment.. or i would solder the first NEW turn signal switch rivet that came apart.... never a dull moment..
  6. Quick update.. been hanging out with my Dad... So Andy is getting the 69 ready to make the mustang show in Savannah.. Trying to get setup for the track day... So Andy swapped the brembo calipers to the correct side with bleeders straight up!! Still loving the vintage venom kit! intermittent blinker problem is in the NEW turn signal switch... so still working it out.
  7. congrats on the first drive... looks great!!
  8. not much happening ... with the 69 anyway..... shoulder surgery physical therapy, and the company i work for decided to split into two companies... lots of work for IT.. but.. physical therapy is going great... couple more months and i should have close to 100% mobility... and the company split will be complete within the next week... also, i posted a while back my dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer... so chemo is working! tumor is reducing in size and producing only 1/2 of the enzymes than before...:yes: so.... i soldered the rugged circuits breakout board for the ruggeduino a few weeks ago... just a few pics.. hope to have it installed when things slow down a bit.. this will control gauge and other led lighting as well as turn signal indicators (gauge flashing when signal on) oh yeah... and trying to add on to my house and build a 36x36 garage with bonus room... trying to build a man cave and home for the mustangs!!!:punk: never a dull moment!
  9. whoa ouch.... glad your doing ok!
  10. nice article on those cars in hotrod magazine..
  11. i tried with original box and again with rack.... with original i hit box and shock tower, with rack i hit shock tower ....
  12. i went with sanderson shorty headers with 3" exhaust on my clevor build.... i tried a set of hooker comps ceramic coated long tube headers for 70 351C ... but, they didn't fit my build with 351w, AFD 2V heads and adjustable motor mounts. the non ceramic set i used to test with hit at the steering box and the shock tower on the driver side. with the money i have in my test headers, ceramic coated, and time, i could have purchased a set of fordpowertrain for the build.... just my2cents
  13. not much work on the little things on the 69 ... but i did manage to get in a 6200RPM late one afternoon...:thumbup::ph34r::punk: from an earlier post -- ELECTRONICS still need to install the arduino setup for lighting/controlling the gauges, need to install the LED sequential tail lights and LED backup lights.. little things that i can do once i get over my shoulder surgery... started physical therapy this week.. woohoo!! update - i found a "ruggedized" arduino setup that i dont have to add external circuitry to adapt to 12v input etc... update 5/19/14 --- ordered the "ruggedized" arduino setup along with a breakout board / terminals should arrive 5/26/14
  14. Please do... loved everything you had at the 50th celebration!
  15. just as a reference.... in my build i have a T56 with a .50 6th gear and 3.77 rear gear, and i'm turning 1800 rpm at around 75 mph... so unless im on the hwy .. no go with 6th gear... make sure which 6 speed final gear you get....
  16. big write up on 4.6 heads 32v IMRC plate delete hardware remember the 32v headed mod motors are W-I-D-E, unlike the 2V headed mod motors... i would think a very good combination would be the TFS 4.6 heads with the teksid block... makes me want to rebuild my wifes 96 GT convertible with those heads!! stick the carb intake on it, run a throttle body and efi...:punk:
  17. ah cool... thanks everyone ... ill pull this one apart the next few weeks and then ill know my options... thanks again!!
  18. looking good!! that's almost what my project started out as.... except mine was a 90's 302 with T-bird turbos ..... cant wait to see your progress!!
  19. ok -- i have now gone through two aftermarket 69 turn signal switches, both stated "from original tooling" ... first one - rivet popped off of eyelet - still have it may modify it second one - dunno yet but similar symptoms, no left blinker and no brake lights, after very little use ...have not taken it apart yet... so what turn signal switch are you all running on daily drivers?
  20. if you don't go with stock pulleys, CVF Racing has 3 bolt sets at a good price, i went with them on my build.
  21. man ... those look good!!! great work!
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