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  1. When we first installed it, it ran great for a couple of weeks.. then the 02 Sensor went out and i provided photo's to holley showing the 02 installation .. then Holley shipped me a new 02 sensor and it was running great... felt like a different power band especially up in the RPM. well i took her out one day just one more rip before i pull the Mallory MaxFire distributor and replace it with the HyperSpark setup.... and so ... once in a while ill hit the rev limiter and shift ... well it pulled very strong all the way beyond 8K... i shifted.. wholly crap that was a rush ... sun was going down pulled in the driveway ... and turned to park and notice a bit of smoke passing across the hood... yep no rev limiter... not sure what happened but the MaxFire seems to have lost its settings.. i guess ill pull her apart and see whats up when i have time... i run Evans coolant so it didn't look like oil or coolant burning.. and did not smell like oil burning or coolant etc. probably just a head gasket... everything internal is forged, H-Beam rods, internal balanced etc. i pulled the valve covers and checked the rockers and push rods, nothing is broken or loose up top...no unusual noises.. no smoke until it warms up a bit to temp.. then a slight coloration. another days project.... good times :-) sniper was one of the best investments i have made to my build. all that to say... i was planning on tuning after the Hyperspark ... so not yet.
  2. Great Job!! I have installed the sniper efi as well... great setup! I also have the Hyperspark dist, but have not installed it yet.
  3. Hello,

    Many years ago I was following your 70 Shelby project and I was hoping to find out if you ever had the chance to finish it?? Your boy must be quite bigger by now.


  4. Back to making a few mods to the 69 ... been a while but... a Holley Sniper EFI setup has been installed. so i have a mighty Demon 750 annular carb for sale. I will be moving to the Holley dualsync distributor and Digital6+ at a later date. The dualsync /Digital6+ will replace my Mallory MaxFire distributor and coil setup. Currently the Holley Sniper EFI is running great, one of the best mods i have ever done.
  5. Its been a minute since i have posted... but.. I am looking for a driver and passenger side solution for remote mirrors. My 69 has factory sport mirrors, but the vibration has always been a problem. Does anyone know of an aftermarket mirror that will work in place of the stock sport mirror(s) and allow for adjustment, either mechanical or electronic... and i don't mind modifying what i have.... as long as the vibration is significantly reduced. thanks for your input!
  6. I have some to be installed but i have not installed them...would like to make the scoops functional also ... to cool the rear brakes..
  7. Thanks RPM - yes, i have been spending time with my Dad... we have been on two road trips together... one was 3 hours one way and the other was 9+ hours one way.... we are still taking it day by day... and some days are better than others... he has been off of chemotherapy for two weeks while they test his bladder for a spot.... but he has outlived his 2-3 month diagnoses and has been fighting for over a year. im not gonna say it wasnt discouraging when all of my site photos went away... ill have to look at the code on each page and try to figure out the photos i posted...over the last 5 years... here is a shot of the 69 with a farm down the road... hope everyone is doing great! time for me to check out some projects and catch up to whats going on!!
  8. Sorry for the delay, i uploaded my pics from local into the thread, all but a few which are links.
  9. yup not finding any pics of my project build... hmmm ... guess im late to the game.. been off of the site for a few months..
  10. woo hooo -- been out of pocket for a while, working on other projects, work, life .... etc etc ... a few updates: - status - been driving the car as much as the weather will allow.. to get used to the steering, suspension, shifting, etc etc. she handles great... way better than expected... the rear isnt moving around when taking corners or on ramps at speed.. car feels very solid.. i have not found the limits yet, im waiting for a controlled environment first... :-) it elicits the correct response from passengers.. lots of smiles and expletives... :-) she handles great! even at low speed... much unlike the modified suspension on my 96 cobra.. which was great the faster you got.. the 69 feels great at low speed and higher speeds!! similar to my 87' 325i and 95 525i but much better ... yes i compared my modified 69 suspension to late eighties and mid 90's bmw's... its all i have to compare to.. loved my cobra till its death!! - wheels - definitely replacing the front wheels and tires with a 8" wide wheel and a 245-255 18" tire. with the current width and the Vintage Venom front 14" kit - at the least you need to roll the wheel lips and modify the front valance... i knew this but didn't take the time to do it .... and shaved the tires some and pulled out the lip on the fender and lower valence ... i also need to check the lock to lock stop on the rack to make sure i get the full turning radius. items needed for frequent driving. looking at some 18x8 for the front and 18x10 for the rear..... live and learn.. that's the fun.. - sub-frame connectors - haven't moved forward with these after the test fit... time time time... isn't always on my side.. still planning on welding bracing to the sub-frame and brackets for bolting to the roll bar mounts. haven't made it by the powder coater as of yet... waiting for some final mock up and welding.. - AC - haven't had the AC lines crimped yet... time time time... - speedo and T56 - out of laziness and time, i ordered a Auto Meter GPS speedometer interface module model 5289 today 2/14/15 from amazon. lots of great info on the interwebs on how to modify the connection on the T56 to work with aftermarket speedometers... just haven't done it and i plan on changing tires and gears so .. gonna try some 'tronics for a solution. - LED gauge cluster - while the code is done and ready for input ... i haven't found a mounting location i like that will have easy access for connectivity... for some reason i think i will need it.. just to tinker. guess i need to make a bracket at the bottom of the dash to hold the din rail mounts... just enjoying the car some as i have time..... Dad is still fighting his battle with pancreatic cancer, day by day... glad we are still able to spend some time with him!
  11. great stuff --- i still need to go by NAPA and pick up a new MS - hopefully i dont need booster... if i do ... i may try to fit a foxbody unit....
  12. looks good! TransAM vibe along with the wheels.
  13. yup im running 275/35-18 on all 4 corners ... turning with my TCP manual rack is fun, fun, fun... as i knew it would be... looking into EPAS now :-) on a full turn lock i rubbed the front valance and it grabbed and bent the passenger side valence at the bottom lip... and took a small bite out of the tire... but .. nothing a set of pliers couldn't handle to bend back in shape... has not grabbed since the mod..
  14. what front suspension did you install? i reviewed your facebook pics but didnt see a description.:rockon:
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