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  1. Thanks I'll look up the Hawk & EBC green pads. I have no problem stopping at low speeds so can probably forgo the vacuum can :) Thanks for the insight!
  2. Power brakes or manual? When I swapped to power brakes I found when I barely touched the pedal I stopped, I had a manual switch still .. so when I was in the garage pressing down the lights came on cause I was pushing hard on the pedal, but driving down the road and barely touching the pedal the lights didn't come on . I switched to a power brake switch and they light up brilliantly :)
  3. I'm dragging this to the top from 5 years ago since I needed to see if anyone has done this upgrade rather than doing an aftermarket disc swap like Wilwood. I was driving on the highway the other day cruising about about 80, just keeping up with traffic on I20 when a damned Audi jumped in front of me and hit their brakes. I almost hit the SOB because my brakes faded really fast. During my build, I swapped out the front drums to a stock disc set up with power assist. I'm wondering if going with the slotted rotors and better pads might help stop my pony in a scenario like this? Hoping anyone has any recommendations .. I saw the Stop Tech rotors in the link .. anyone run those? Any recommendations for pad upgrade? Also, I don't currently run a vacuum can, would that help? Thanks all!
  4. 2 1/2 weeks till driving to Myrtle Beach! Who else will be there?
  5. To keep your motivation up .. stop by a local Mustang Show. Talk with the guys who have been in the same boat. When I was down & distraught .. seeing some of the finished cars made me want to crawl back under mine and keep on chugging along. Or go by and ask one of the "professionals" how much they'd charge to do your car for you .. that'll make ya think :)
  6. Sorry for your loss Pak. Lost the last of my 2 best friends last year she was 15. The one we picked up from the pound is a dummy .. but he's a good dog :)
  7. Welcome! Good videos and nice attention to detail .. My car took 10 years to finish (owned her since 1986) .. but then I just changed my front suspension .. so 11 years .. probably next years I'll play with the rear suspension .. so it's an on going love affair :)
  8. I remember :) While I was cruising looking for the Italians LOL
  9. I didn't get into that cruise, they had cut off the registration before I even knew it was going to happen. There was so much going on during the week .. way more to do than could be fit into 4 days, especially with a rain out on Sat.
  10. Great pics! It was great meeting ya in person Zudman! I was lucky enough to be a few steps from the RARE tent .. OMG!!! I kept directing folks up that way cause they just didn't know what was in that tent. So many Mustangs .. so little time .. Saturday I hibernated at the bar with the car covered out in the parking lot, but got to meet lots of folks. New friends from around the world
  11. So while I was sitting there minding my own business .. this camaro drives in & parks. The driver jumps out and runs away. He had a MORE parking pass too. After talking with the security guard, turns out it's one of the Mustang owners from the other side of the parking lot punking us! LOL. Anyway I got a viral video out of the camaro being towed away.
  12. So my front end coil over conversion is going a LOT slower than it should. Something happened in TCPs sorting bins it looks like. I was missing both of the lower mounting blocks and had totally different hardware than what was supposed to be used to mount to the lower control arm. Like it was meant for another setup or something. TCP is sending the parts but they're coming SNAIL MAIL (ACK!) from California and the strut rods are on back order .. But if I take a day off work when the stuff gets here I should have a few miles on it before I drive up to Charlotte and will use the original struts.
  13. Still nailing down the details but the last talk was at Team Ford in Marrietta, They will pull into town Tuesday, have a meet n greet and head out the next morning pulling into Charlotte Wed afternoon(ish) Not sure how fast they drive.
  14. Look forward to seeing everyone! My local club GA Regional will be in the M.O.R.E. parking, we have 38 cars driving up (okay some towing.. buncha babies LOL) Will definitely find You Mustangstofear love your work! This weekend I am swapping to a TCP Coil over conversion .. should make driving my baby much smoother.
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