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  1. His 71 Ranchero 429 Cobrajet GT is real nice .
  2. Went around to my mates place to see how his Shelby looked after he assembled it when we had finished the body and paint work. Car looks sensational.
  3. BOB That's a nice car. Only drive to get food and essential supplies. Cops are checking everything.
  4. You know the old saying there is no substitute fo cubic inches. Love both these cars and both are so different and i am lucky to have them. My wife has a 17 GT convertible and she reckons it's great.
  5. Yes you can as long as it's over a certain age.
  6. Have not been on for a while but the 428 Mach 1 is running and i have a couple of little issues to fix. Took out the 4.30 Detroit Locker and put in a highway friendly 3:1 Traction Lock and the car is really driveable now. I can only polish and detail the cars so many times. So here they are in the garage just waiting.
  7. My POWERMASTER 9606 has crapped itself again , only been in for a month now, 428, long tube headers what's the starter to use as i am over it . Thanks. Wally
  8. Nice work there, i am up on the central coast, empire bay.
  9. Mine has a birthday today 23 1 69 Scode Mach 1
  10. Well done mate, glad the is sorted out , now drive the ass off it.
  11. MAC390

    Question for RPM

    Thanks for that Bob, much appreciated.
  12. Hey Bob, I am getting information about my 70 R/T Charger and i wondering if you knew the oldest Dodge Dealership in Bakersfield , my car was sold there in Feb 70. Thanks in advance. Wally.
  13. Christmas Eve down here, just want to say Merry Christmas from the Ozzies , be safe
  14. One of my extensions was real good , the other was crap so i got 2 second hand ones off e bag. I just prepped the best ones and a little bit of a good quality bondo and they are better than new , use the rubber gasket to prevent paint chipping and i have had no problems.
  15. Will get all the info, converter made in OZ but all the internals will be known in the US.
  16. Well, after having the trans in and out numerous times , i rebuilt the trans and had a new converter made as when we opened the old one it was ready to self destruct. I am going to put it in this weekend, this is my Christmas present to me. If it s#$ts itself again, it's top loader time, i am really over it.!!!!!!!!!!! Crap job done by the previous trans shop. Converter is bullet proof. Will handle plenty.
  17. The Mercury was conveted when the car arrived in 1969and was new. All cars then had to be rhd. The new Mustangs are factory built rhd.
  18. That is optional , you don't have to, all cars imported into the country which are over 35 years old can stay lhd. At that show over 500 cars and about 10% of them were converted rhd.
  19. Hey ??? what's all this upside down and back to front business, all the merican cars down here all know which way is up.(our way)lol All these cars are happy in their new country.
  20. Bob , there are more of these cars down here than ever before and they all look like great.
  21. That happens to me a lot in my life lol.
  22. Hey Ridge, was out the front of my buddys shop ,real nice and with a 292 auto
  23. happy birthday, great looking 50 yo.
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