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  1. I bought a set of 18x8’s off of a guy here in Houston that came off of a 2014 mustang. They obviously don’t fit, front or rear because they are too wide. I need about a 1/4” in the rear to make them fit and will most likely need to run ifs, which I was planning on doing, in the front. Instead of running wheel spacers, has anyone ever used a 9” out of a 71-71 mustang or Torino to allow for the extra clearance in the rear. What are yalls solutions? Or should I just run wheel spacers?
  2. I watched the video on the panel installation. How difficult is the installation?
  3. Main reason for delete is engine compartment space, headers, power brakes, possible big block. I know it can all be done without deleting the shock towers, but why? When you look at quality steering and suspension components without the delete, and then price the full IFS system with rack and disc brakes, it's actually cheaper and you have arguably a better suspension and steering setup. Making it look clean is the hard part. I do not have a bead roller, but everything I need to welderup I have.
  4. So I have been back and forth on whether or not to delete the shock towers on my '69 fastback. I have finally decided to go ahead and delete them and go with a Mustang II type suspension. Question I have for other who have done is is where did you get all of your fender aprons from. I like the MTF full delete panels but stumbled across this build http://www.classicperform.com/Instructions/PDF/64-70MustangFrontEndinstrc.pdf With the battery tray delete panel and cannot seem to find the slick front fender apron for the passenger side. I plan on relocating battery to the trunk. Anybody have any ideas, short of manufacturing my own or using the MTF fender aprons?
  5. Does the painless kit come with all the extra goodies the AAW kit comes with like the extra circuits for power windows, EFI and such?
  6. emorrybrit your blacked out '69 looks amazing. Did you paint the bumpers or are they fiberglass? Also I am currently looking into the Fitech fuel injection system. It's about a grand but everything I have heard and read about it points to worth every penny. Just another direction you might think about going.
  7. I'm confused? Are you calling me a jerk-off for asking if anyone has done this on their car?
  8. Found this at mustangs to fear. Looks like they've done the console fab work for me. Thanks for the replies. Mike, are you installing a console or is it going to be straight carpet?
  9. Has anybody ever converted to a parking hand brake? If so I'd like to see some pictures and recommendations on which hand-lever you used and how you ran the brake cable. Been kicking this idea around in my head for a bit, but extensive console modifications and brake line routing has me a bit reluctant.
  10. Gauge bezel looks awesome. Did you just have it painted or was there some extensive filling and sanding required?
  11. I'm in for a pair of smoked if we can get a group buy together.
  12. They mount straight to the factory housing? Did you have to email them to get an order?
  13. How did you get the 68 tail lights to fit? I've been looking at flush mounting on my '69 fastback and yours looks sweet.
  14. That's the plan, just buy the whole classic update harness and some new aftermarket gauges. I might buy the whole gauge bezel and assembly, haven't torn into the dash yet to see how bad everything is back there.
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