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  1. I am looking for a passenger 69 coupe extension with holes for the deluxe molding. Must have no cracks in it.
  2. I'm so sorry to hear this news. i wish you the best of luck with the insurance company and i can't imagine to pain you are going through.
  3. I am still looking for them if anyone has one
  4. I would find a new car. With the money your going to spend on the car I would find one with less rust
  5. How much would you like for the whole car?
  6. it is possible to fix them if you have some experience watch parts and watch repair
  7. How much would you want for it and do you have a rear quarter panel extentionn passenger side with trim holes?
  8. I would like to buy the coupe quarter panel extension but I am worried about how much it would cost in total to ship it to Califon New Jersey 07830.
  9. I am looking for a 69 coupe side scoop that is mostly rust free and has none to 1 stud broken. must have the backing piece as well. please contact pm me or text me at 9083238239 or email me at tainpeacock12345@mail.com
  10. How are the mounting studs and how much do you want for them?
  11. would I just paint over the old paint on the lower dash because I don't want to remove the texture on it?
  12. I will be putting what it looks like now when I get home from boarding for spring break
  13. Hello Everyone, I bought a 1969 Mustang Grande at the ending of August with the help of my parents to be a father and son project. the carIhas a 302 2v which is now a 4v with a c4 trans and of rust from being outside in the elements for too long. there is rust on the quarters, front torque boxes, passenger side cowl, floors, roof, trunk lid, taillight panel, and hood and other places. I have removed the interior besides the lower dash. , and both quarters. so far I have removed the grill area, entire interior besides the lower dash, fenders, trunk lid, vinyl roof, door glass, and doors. I'm hoping to get it driving by 2020, so I can have it on my graduation from High school. Here is the car info Warranty Number: 9R01F163829 Year: 9 1969 Plant: R San Jose, CA Body Series: 01 2 Door Hardtop Engine: F 302 2v V8 Unit: 163829 163829 Miscellaneous Vehicle Data Body: 65E 2 Door Hardtop, Grande, Deluxe Color: I Lime Gold Metallic Trim: 1GA Dk. Ivy Gold Vinyl and Dk. Ivy Gold Hopsack Cloth, Grande Luxury Date: 09D April 09, 1969 D.S.O: 72 San Jose Axle: 3 2.79:1, Conventional Trans: W C4 Automatic 9R01F163829 This is what the car looked like when i bought it
  14. It's old weatherstripping but the lid off a 70s mustang
  15. I am having trouble with making the trunk lid sit flush with the quarter panel. it sits about 1/8 inch above the quarter.
  16. I got a new trunk lid for my mustang and a new disk sander. also some new safety glasses and some respirators.
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