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  1. Tain

    Rear Frame Rail

    I also know when I finished, I will have blown a lot more money than it is worth.
  2. Tain

    Rear Frame Rail

    but from that rusted part to the rear torque boxes are fine as far as I can tell. I believe the rocker panels are fine as well.
  3. Tain

    Rear Frame Rail

    the trunk floors are very very bad and so are the torque boxes in the front
  4. Tain

    Rear Frame Rail

    I would love to get a new car. but, I don't have the money to get a new one. where would I get the car dipped?
  5. Tain

    Rear Frame Rail

    both rails have rust. but this one is the worst with a complete rust through.
  6. Tain

    Rear Frame Rail

    the project just gets more and more expensive as time goes on.
  7. Hello, as I dig deeper and deeper into my build I notice more and shit that’s wrong. I fount out on the driver said rear frame a there is a 3 by 2 inch area of rusted through metal. And was wondering if I shout just patch it or weld a new half in?
  8. Tain

    1969 mustang "Rusty"

    You won’t imagine what I just found.
  9. Tain

    1969 mustang "Rusty"

    Well, I am looking for a part car or a coupe b pillar and the passenger trunk corner since both are screwed up. Any know a good vintage salvage yard in the eastern corridor? I need somewhere to get these parts that are not reproduced.
  10. Must be mostly rust free. Just need the body. Don’t need the interior or engine. Would be nice if it was close to New Jersey.
  11. Tain

    Brake problems

    looks complete
  12. Tain

    Best carbureter for stock 302

    I have a Holley 500cfm 4v carb and an Edelbrock 500 cfm as well for backup for mine
  13. Tain

    1969 mustang "Rusty"

    Also what do you suggest i do with the multiple rust holes and rust on top of the roof
  14. Tain

    1969 mustang "Rusty"

    One step forward 5 steps backwards. This car is testing my patience. Anyone know how to repair the windshield joint?
  15. Tain

    1969 mustang "Rusty"

    Well There is good news and there’s bad news. The good news is I’ve gotten one of the quarter panels off. The bad news is I found more sheet metal that will need the be replaced. The one problem is the trunk corner where the taillight and quarter meet is screwed up. Thank you to Mike65 for the tracing of the upper “b” pillar. It will come in very handy when I have to replace it.