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  1. Weren’t you asking me this about 3-5 months ago? you get stuck in the mud or what?
  2. It’s cost more to get those fixed if the gas is bad.
  3. Well, the float needle stuck open now, so fired up and had gas shooting out of overflow. Saw images of jay leno. So now In process of draining tank, disposing of gas is a real pain these days. Taking to deer lease a couple of gallon at a time to dispose. Found a place fairly close with non ethanol gas to put back in.
  4. Got the needle out, all metal, no rubber tip. Cleaned up and reinstalled. Fired it up and took her for a quick spin. Will see what Tues night
  5. Not sure,,might make it out to the shop to ck that out. just remove squirter and washers again and pump accel to remove? Will put rag in Venturi to keep from losing anything
  6. No Don’t have any issues with other 2 stangs, both holley’s but 735’s
  7. Why would the accel pump squirter needle keep getting stuck. I can take the squirter off, spray carb cleaner on it, let it set for 2-3 min then it frees up, reassemble and it works great. Let the car sit more than 2 days and it gets stuck again. New accel pump installed, fuel level set to where it barely dribbles out, new fuel filter, and new gas. Holley 600 is less than a year old.
  8. The 68 and my 69 had tape holding it on
  9. Philatelic catalog just came out, going to be releasing some muscle car Fore ever stamps, 5 different cars, but one is a yellow 69 Boss 302. Scheduled to release 8/25/22. here’s the link if interested https://www.usps.com/stamp-collecting/assets/pdf/usa_philatelic_catalog.pdf
  10. I would think with your talents, buy a can of juice or similar, pop small hole on top, extract the contents, remove paper label, and use just the steel can after welding on vac connection and mounting bracket. The one I pulled looked the diameter of a Folgers can but not as tall.
  11. Iron yes, solder with paste inside has worked best for me
  12. I’m still wondering who’s on 1st
  13. For that price, I would think a sheet of mdf, sealed of course, and carpet would be more reasonable allowing you to customize it as you go. Card board could be used to make templates. Would like to see how it turns out
  14. Merry Christmas guys!!
  15. Welcome! Let’s see some pics of the car
  16. No I do not, if my buddy still has his contact info I’ll pm you
  17. Swapping to a 9” is not all that difficult, can use same axles (if 28 spline), same brake lines, and same brake plates/hubs. The drive shaft will need to be shortened. if in Dallas, there is a man that comes up to Pate from Houston every year that has both 8” and 9” pumpkins that are quality rebuilt. Usually a month before he starts posting on C list.
  18. Nice work, I like your thinking out side the box to make what’s needed with the tools you have. Have used my old craftsman’s work make for a tin brake many a time.
  19. Mach’s had high back seats, grandes did not, so frames are different. High back seats use different foam and covers verses grandes/Std
  20. May check Hurst’s web site. They may have the linkage/bracket kit you need
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