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  1. Hello I am having a sale again for Memorial Day. Memorial Day Sale 10% off all orders on in stock items. May 19th thru May 27th. Enter coupon code MAY27 at checkout. www.vintageleds.com
  2. Christmas Sale 10% off all orders on in stock items. November 24th thru December 3rd. Enter coupon code XMAS2023 at checkout www.Vintage LEDs
  3. Hello I'm having the Christmas sale again this year. Christmas Sale 10% off all orders on in stock items November 27th thru December 5th. Enter coupon code XMAS2022 at checkout https://www.vintageleds.com/store/c2/Mustangs.html
  4. Vintage LEDs Christmas Sale 10% off all orders on in stock items November 26th thru December 6th. Enter coupon code XMAS2021 at checkout www.vintageleds.com
  5. Vintage LEDs Memorial Day Sale Thru May 31st 10% off all orders on in stock items Enter Code MAY31 at checkout www.vintageleds.com
  6. Hello RIch That is not my car. I will ask the owner. They are called Lumen® - 7" Round Chrome CCFL Halo Headlights https://www.carid.com/1970-ford-mustang-headlights/lumen-7-round-halo-headlights-391094654.html Thanks Gary
  7. I could make side maker, but these are built by had so a little on the high side for price. For the 70 I charge $25 a set (red or amber). If there is interest I could. On the 70 some of the rear bulbs are wedge and some are round base. Fronts are wedge. What type of bulb does the 69 use? Feel free to e-mail me mail@vintageleds.com Thanks Gary
  8. I make these lights. You can buy them from my website www.vintageleds.com Thank Gary
  9. Hello I just wanted to share some videos of customers car with my lights. www.vintageleds.com Jonas is in Sweden.
  10. Hello I am having a sale for Memorial Day. Vintage LEDs is having a Memorial Day Sale, 10% off on all orders thru May 31st. www.vintageleds.com Thank you Gary
  11. They will work on 1970 Mustangs. The key for the 70s is that you need to replace the side marker bulbs with my isolated LED side marker lights. Check the link below. https://vintageleds.com/1970 Since the side markers are tied to the running lights and turn signals, you will need the isolated LEDs for the front and the rear. Thanks Gary
  12. Hello I have just released an new light design. Daytime running lights for the 69-70. These turn your park light to white DRLs. The turn lights remain amber. The turn lights are about 5x brighter than the 1157A bulb. LEDs on the left, 1157A on the right. Just contact me thru my web site if interested. www.vintageleds.com Thanks Gary
  13. I am having a Christmas sale thru December 8th, 2019. 10% off all purchases. Just visit my web site for orders. www.vintageleds.com
  14. Hello; I am once again having a 10% off Christmas sale on all the Mustang and Tiger lights. The sale will go thru November 30, 2018. Just send me an e-mail at: mail@vintageleds.com Thank you Gary
  15. Hello I am having a 10% off sale on all lights thru December 3rd, 2017. WWW.VINTAGELEDS.COM Thank you Gary
  16. Hello I am having a 10% off sale thru Memorial Day, May 29th. Just send me an e-mail at: mail@vintageleds.com Thanks Gary
  17. Hello; Now till December 18th I am offering 10% off on all purchases. Tell you spouse to take back the ugly sweater they bought and buy you something you really want. Just send me an e-mail at: mail@vintageleds.com Thanks Gary
  18. Hello Alvin I'm glad you like the lights. Thanks Gary
  19. Nope, the boards are sealed with silicone conformal coating., paint would not stick. I believe the lights will look fine with the white boards. You lenses will just look brighter red with the white background. If you don't like the lights, you have 30 days to return them for a refund. Here is a side by side on a 64.5 with my white boars on the left and standard bulbs on the rights. You can see how the white board make the lens look new compared to the bulb side. Thank you Gary
  20. Hello Alvin The tail lights are $205 a set. Here is the website. http://www.vintageleds.com/1969.html I also have videos of the park and reverse lights. Thank you Gary
  21. Thanks 42, I am sure you will like them Gary
  22. Hello I am going to offer 10% off on 69 and 70 LED lights from May 16th to May 31st. If you are interested, just send me an e-mail at: mail@vintageleds.com or go to the web site www.vintageleds.com I will need the following: Name Address Light you need, Brake, Park and Reverse Thanks Gary
  23. Hello Dave; Here is just how dim the old tail lights are. During development, I tested the 65 lights with the 1157 bulb according to today's DOT specifications . On center the max light reading was 9 candela on center. The minimum spec for a brake light on a modern car is 80 candela. So the old mustang is 9x under the minimum. When I tested the 65 and 67 lights with my LEDs, they were between 135 and 165 candela on center. Sorry I did not have the opportunity to test the 69/70 lights. However they do have the same number of LEDs as the 67/68 lights. Additionally I use wide beam angle (120deg) LEDs. This way you don't get hot spots in the lens and the light emitted from the tails covers a wider area. The same goes for the front park/turn light, wider field of view. Thank you Gary
  24. Hello; This is Gary from Vintage LEDs. If you have any questions about LED lights for your mustang please feel free to contact me at: mail@vintageleds.com Thank you; Gary
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