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  1. I am having trouble getting my engine/trans to have a proper angle in my fastback. I believe I was given wrong information and have the wrong crossmember. :( My transmission is currently angled around 9 degrees lower than perpendicular. In order to get my driveshaft angle correct, I know I need to get this thing lifted up at least a few inches. I found this crossmember https://calponycars.com/tkocrossmember Does this have a higher mount than a stock replacement crossmember? (which is what I believe I have) Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!
  2. looks great! What are the plans for the headers??
  3. I have a 427W running on E85 with AFR heads that makes 590hp. 13.5 Compression Street/strip vehicle. I am looking for a cost effective aluminum radiator. Or even a factory radiator if it would be adequate for my needs. Suggestions?
  4. I am converting from power brakes to manual. I would assume more people are looking to do the opposite.
  5. What pedal would I need for manual brakes on my 69 with manual trans?
  6. This is resolved by adding an adjustable pushrod correct?
  7. Do I need to change out my power brake pedal for something different if I do not use a brake booster?
  8. Is your stang driving? How does the braking feel?
  9. I am planning on ordering this Wilwood master cylinder w/proportioning valve. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/wil-261-14158 Pedals will be stock setup. No power steering. Is there anything I need to be aware of when selecting a brake booster for my stang?
  10. I called and talked to FPA, sounds like that is currently my best option. They quoted around $700 for 1 3/4" primaries.
  11. What about 1 3/4" primaries? Any long tube that fit 69s?
  12. I am looking for 1-7/8in primaries and 3" primaries. AFR recommended these kooks headers for my AFR 220s but I'm concerned about their fitment. I'm running a stock manual steering setup and TKO600. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/kok-10251400
  13. Welp.... whos looking to buy a Weiand 7qt rear sump oil pan with oil pickup for a 302/351 at great deal!!!?! Haha https://www.summitracing.com/parts/wnd-5038wnd
  14. I have a stock manual drag link setup on my stang and a 7 quart rear sump aftermarket oil pan on my 351 Windsor. I went to install the motor yesterday and the clearance isn't even close, the oil pan sits ontop of the drag link and would need to be moved ~5 inches further toward the firewall to be able to fit. Anyone have any good suggestions for me?
  15. I am getting ready to install my engine and trans and before I finalize the order on my crossmember I wanted to see if anyone has had good or bad luck with their crossmembers. Engine 351 Windsor Here's the one I am currently looking at: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/awr-xffo10101
  16. I am getting ready to get these items installed and would like to know which order they should be installed in that would make it easiest.
  17. I'm back! With the combination of me buying a Raptor and saving for AFR heads i havent had much to do on the stang. But the ball is back and rolling. More footage on my instagram @thejonesadventure
  18. I am getting ready to drop my shortblock into the car and I am looking for a good set of engine mounts for my Windsor that can hold up to a lot of extra horsepower. Any recommendations?
  19. I didn't request anything! I walked in one day to check status and he said he just posted up my engine their new channel so I went to hunt it down! I thought that was cool.
  20. https://youtu.be/eqy0gcV_MaY Video of the machine shop prepping the engine!
  21. I don't know which timing tab location and whether I need a 3 bolt or 4 bolt? Block is a '69 and crank is a 4.100 Scat.
  22. Block is cleaned up and ready for her internals. Costa mesa R&D did a great job with the bock. And I ordered an all forged rotating assembly from cnc motorsports
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