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  1. My original ignition switch broke (the ground wire separated from the post). I ended up buying a '69 mustang ignition switch and splicing it with the 1970 ignition switch plug. For some reason, after I installed the new ignition switch, the car turns on without the key in the ignition or will remain running even with the key removed from the ignition. I replaced the starter solenoid as I read that could be one reason for the problem, but the problem still remains. I also purchased a used original '70 ignition switch off of eBay, thinking that I perhaps damaged the original ignition switch or didn't wire it correctly. But I still have the same problem of the ignition turning on (not cranking, just on) without the key in the ignition. What could be causing this? Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks in advance! -Evan
  2. I need some help, I'm having an issue with my coil wire boot melting. This is the second wire this has happened to. I have an msd ignition coil and hei spark plug wires. Any suggestions as to what is causing this? Could it be a bad ground on the coil?
  3. I recently rewired my 70 with the American Autowire Classic Update kit. I have everything wired but now the car won't start. I hear the starter engage and I have a little over 12 Volts on both sides of the starter solenoid. I also have 12 volts on the starter solenoid on the mini starter. My msd 6al has power but the engine is not turning over. It's not even cranking; all I hear is a click from the starter when I crank it the ignition or I try starting it by jumping the starer solenoid. Hoping somebody here has a suggestion we can give me some guidance and what could possibly be the reason the engine won't even turn over.
  4. Thank you everyone for your help! I;m going to reach out to aaw and see what they say
  5. Can someone please confirm that this is the correct way to wire a mini starter?
  6. After speaking to Dakota Digital tech support, I discovered that the red wire from the transmission sending unit was powered and was overwhelming the control box (as it shouldn't be powered on its own; it gets power from the control box). Now everything works perfectly! Thanks for the help! Just two more question for you Vicfreg..Did you have to drill a hole in the fenderwells to run that wire? Also, how did you patch/close up the original holes on the firewall where the factory wiring was run?
  7. I need both sides, how much do you want for the passenger side one?
  8. I tried using a ground wire I attached to the body but it didn't seem to work. I am going to try attaching a ground wire to on of the tank's mounting bolts and see how that works. Thank you VIcfreg!
  9. I purchased the fans and the fan controller from auto cool guy. But I am having a problem mounting the fans to my champion radiator. Anyone have any suggestions on how to create or where to purchase a mounting bracket?
  10. Thanks S69Mach I have read about the contour fans but will it fit? Also what fan controller would you use?
  11. To make a long story short, I'm trying to convert my cooling system to electric cooling fans. I live in the NYC area with lots of traffic and the offset 16" electric fan (without a shroud) is just not enough. I have a 302 with a champion 3 row radiator and a dual fan fan shroud (thinking that there wasn't enough clearance between a 16" fan with a fan shroud. This weekend I tried fitting (unsuccessfully) two spal 30102800 (https://www.summitracing.com/parts/spu-ix-30102800?cm_mmc=ppc-google-_-search-_-brands-_-keyword&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIpbbbjPTb6gIVSZyzCh0-9g07EAAYASAAEgKJgvD_BwE) but unfortunately they were still too thick. I know they make thinner fans but the thinner ones don't seem to put out much CFMs. I'm just wondering what my options are and if anyone else has had any success running high cfm dual fans and for recommendations.
  12. SO after calling my efi manufacturer, it turns out I needed carb spacer with pcv port as it was not getting enough vacuum from the air cleaner. But now I noticed that my oil pressure is at 35 psi when I am driving but when I come to a stop, the pressure drops down to 5 psi. I assume this isn't good, am I wrong?
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