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    ceciletf18 reacted to strokedwindsor in 1969 mach1 engine exhaust..   
    will be getting my 69 done soon. been ten yrs sitting.. little specs. 351w stroker to 402. 550 hp with 535 torque.. 460 ft lbs @2800 so this motor is going to run.. c-4 full roller manual reverse.10'' jpt converter and trans. 3.89 true trac rear. now exhaust? FPT 1 \3/4 headers with x pipe into 2.5 tubes.. has 2 chamber now  but not sure if I want them on again.. did sound good with the older combo.. now that I have more power what are you guys running for street car? so many now since I last drove this car in 2005? any help will help 2.5 or 3'' which muffler? best flowing no drone? thanks..
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    ceciletf18 reacted to smh00n in Trunk/rear fixed seat sealer panel   
    Try as I might, the interweb has not given up any details on what seals the trunk compartment off from the passenger compartment when the rear seat is fixed on my '70 sportsroof.
    I want to stop gas fumes coming through from the trunk as much as I can, so was there a panel that did this? And if there was, who stocks new ones?
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    ceciletf18 reacted to 1969Fstback in Car show Sardinia, OH (30 miles east of Cincinnati)   
    There will be a car show Sat Aug, 27th in my home town of Sardinia.  Last year there was over 100 cars and they expect that much or more this year.  I hope to have my heap there and and my sons 65 c10 and my 63 F100.  
    They have 25 different awards to be given out.
    My wife and I (more her) own a mom and pop restaurant in the middle of town.  We have our own award to give to which one we like the most.  I will prob have my son, who has the C10 pick. He's 9 so it's hard to tell what he will like the most.  
    Registration is from 9 am to noon.  Awards at 4:00, 10 dollar entry fee.
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    ceciletf18 reacted to 68stang289 in 67-70 FE/71-73 All Front Springs - Must Go!   
    Update: All that is left is the pair of:
    1967-70 Big Block Mustang & All 71-73 Mustangs Front Coil Springs - $35 + the ride
    Installed on my 70 for less than 50 miles when I opted to go with a set of Shelby Drop Springs instead. In great shape and like brand new.


    Open to offers as these need to go! Any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Thanks!
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    ceciletf18 reacted to RPM in The Bitch is Back!   
    From the body shop that is. My best recollection is that it's been there since about 1999. Been in this stage for many of those years. Got side tracked with a divorce, built a shop, got married, had a shop at the new house but never brought it home, another divorce, sheesh!
    Anywho, gonna start on fabbing up some round chromo control arms and coil overs, steering, 4 wheel disc, fit the engine/C5 trans and make a driveshaft, electrical, yada yada...
    YEE HAW!!! I'm excited she's home.

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    ceciletf18 reacted to RobotMan in My Son Mike's 69 Mach 1 Restoration   
    As many members may have seen by now in another build thread, I have been restoring a Mach 1 with my oldest son Alex. That job is getting close to being done and has been an exciting, thrilling, and fulfilling process with my son for the last 2 yrs. Well, I am starting another 69 Mach 1 with my youngest son Mike. He is 12 yrs old and has been eagerly waiting his turn. That time has come!!! I have let him start disassembly as we are finishing the other car.

    Here is Mike setting in his car eager to get going.

    Here is Mike with welding gear on imitating dad.

    Mike removing the first bolt

    Mike and I after removing radiator

    Rear window removed!!!

    And the journey begins again!!!
    More to come.
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    ceciletf18 reacted to el70gato in How rare 351 Cleveland 2 barrel shaker car 1970   
    A friend is thinking about selling his 70 mustang  Sports Roof standard interior automatic with a/c . Has a 351 Cleveland with a 2 barrel shaker . Told him to get Deluxe  Marti report before selling . How rare ??? first one I seen .

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    ceciletf18 reacted to Black Jade in Street Machine Nationals DuQuoin Illinois   
    Anybody going next weekend? June 24-25-26.
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    ceciletf18 reacted to RandyBob in mach 1 clock   
    looking for a mach 1 clock for parts or complete. mostly just need the set gear and spring   thanks 
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    ceciletf18 reacted to MN69Grande in Perfect Sunday Afternoon   
    Good thing my wife isn't a member on this blog.  But I think today had to be just about the perfect afternoon.  Shortly afternoon I hopped in the stang and just drove in the country and trough a couple small towns for about an hour and a half.  Then I pulled into the driveway and gave her a nice bath head to toe.  Did get into detailing, but there was nothing pressing to fix.  Nothing unexpected or unwanted happened during the drive and the car performed decently.  Not that I wouldn't have wanted the wife along but sometimes is nice to be alone on the drive.  I didn't even bother turning the radio on, just listened to the sound of the exhaust.
    Anyone else get out and enjoy the afternoon?
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    ceciletf18 reacted to prayers1 in Need advise on adjustable Coil Overs   
    My goal is to be able to adjust the front end ride height w/o removing or cutting coil springs.
    Within the past 2 years, all of my front and rear suspension has already been replaced . Since then I have been cutting Coil Springs and adding lowing blocks to achieve the ride height I want. I want to go lower and fine tune it to the wheels I have.
    I'm going to get a set of 1" lowering leaf springs and use the 1/2" lowering blocks for adjustment.
    For the front I'd like to get a set of Coil Overs that will allow me to adjust the ride height.  I am not so interested in the valving end of it.
    There are so many Coil Overs to chose from and they are very expensive. I'm wanting to  keep my Upper & Lower Control Arms and just get a set of Coil Over's that will adapt.  But the main function is ride height adjustment, preferably 1-3".
    Am I looking in the right direction or is there something else.
    Another thought, cost? Not looking to spend too much.
    Thanks all for your help!
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    ceciletf18 reacted to 69mach1build in How should I bolt on my hood scoop?   
    I picked up an oversized fiberglass boss 429 hood scoop that does have an internal mounting flange on the sides and rear.
    I am planning on drilling 4 holes down each side and 3 across the back. Then using some bolts with a rubber washer on each sandwiched between the scoop and hood to dampen the friction a bit. What would you guys suggest?
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    ceciletf18 reacted to norg in Mustang I.D. numbers   
    Dear Gentleman,
    Does anybody has the book "Mustang I.D. numbers"?
    I looking for decoding the number of my mustang. So I mean the specification - painting code, axle, transmission. 
    Also i have a doubt about production number. Suppose it can be wrong.
    # 9F02Z284582 
    The car sitting many years in Russia. Fully rewelded body underneath. The roof and glass openings in good shape.
    Axle, motor and transmission from "Volga".
    So, got some parts from junkyards: '95 8.8 rear axle and 5 lug front suspension, '91 body for parts, as all bottom shell, 460 BBF, C6,
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    ceciletf18 reacted to MikeStang in Power Tour 2016   
    Well the dates and Routes have been released and registration is open.
    I will be signing up today and am planning on trying to make the Long Haul Club for my very first Power Tour.
    It will end up being about 2,000 miles round trip for me :-)
    I ffigure with the tour starting in my back yard and the 1st 3 legs being in Louisiana and Texas this will be my best chance of making it ALL the way
    Is anyone else doing the tour?
    I have 2 other friends who are Joining me for at least 2 legs of the run.
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    ceciletf18 reacted to Flanders in Finally Making Some Progress.....   
    looks great!  Where is that black grill cover from?
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    ceciletf18 reacted to geraldchainsaw in power steering cyl   
    hi,  i can't find it in the repair manuals,   the power steering cyl that mounts to the frame,  the bracket on the frame has a 3/4 or 7/8 hole that the cyl rod goes thru,  does any one have a picture of what or how is used to hold it in place?,    i made a nylon type washer to fit in the hole and 2 nylon washers outside the shole to hold it in place,  but  i don't think its right,   does any one know?,  thanks    jerry
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    ceciletf18 reacted to 1320nut in 351 Cleveland Engines   
    (1) used 351 2V long block engine came out running complete from carburetor to oil pan with exhaust manifolds   $300.00
    (1) used 351 4V standard bore cylinder block 4.00 4V closed chamber cylinder heads (quench heads) standard size crank $500.00

    Will Sell Separately: Location Fairfield Ca 94534

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    ceciletf18 reacted to MN69Grande in Wrecks To Riches   
    I thought this was a fun build.  I like the paint but think I'd personally swap the wheels out.  The one thing I'm trying to wrap my head around is the math.  They said they spent 40k on the car and parts (seems low) and 310 hours on the build.  It sold for 56.5k.  Now if you were paying straight rates at shop that is at least 20k in man hours probably closer to 25k.  Even if you own the business and pay 1/2 that, it doesn't seem like a lot of profit.  But most the time was volunteer time I think.  Not that I'm knocking them building the car I just always have a laugh at the prices and profits they show on reality shows.
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    ceciletf18 reacted to el70gato in 427 Side Oiler Keith Craft Engine   
    Ford 427/ 496 Side Oiler Kieth Craft racing engine. 14 1/2 to 1 compression. Genisis block. Danny Bee timing belt drive. Oliver rods. 4340 billet crank. Pacaloy springs. J&E pistons. T&D rocker kit. Moroso oil pan. MSD billet distributor. All ARP bolts. Comp cam. Victor 427 intake. 427 Edelbrock heads. ATI super damper. Aluminum water pump. High torque Power House starter. Engine plate. Flywheel. Custom made step headers for a 68 Mustang these should fit 1967-1970 Mustang Cougar . Turbo Action C6 trans # 36203M38-95001 on the torque converter. This engine was just rebuilt by Felice Racing. Never fired. Owner has all the paper work. Everything listed for $16,000.00. If your looking for a great engine, here it is. Call Grant   248-363-3954

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    ceciletf18 reacted to indianfiremach in '70 Grabber Orange Mach 1 Resto   
    Hello all, I wanted to re-introduce myself now that I'm back with a new project. Last month I picked up a 1970 Mach 1 that was a little rough, but looked like it had an interesting history. It's a Grabber Orange 'DSO 89' car, loaded with options including shaker hood, tach, tilt, am/fm, deluxe seat belts, fold-down, AC, PS, PDB, intermittent wipers, convenience group, bumper guards, and a few others. The car was ordered new by a Ford executive, and delivered to Ford Headquarters. The car itself has been sitting untouched for 20 years waiting for a new owner to rescue it. The car's pretty straight, but still needs a lot of work and parts. I'm going for an 'as-delivered' look, but will stop short of concourse, and I may even put a T5 in there since I'm partial to manual shift cars. Thanks for reading my long post, I'll try and keep the thread updated as I go.
    Here's some photos of the car:

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    ceciletf18 reacted to prayers1 in Is there a difference in color Rad vs. Rad support bracket   
    Looking to touch up the top of the Radiator and the support bracket that straddles the rad cap.
    Are they both the same color, would it be gloss black or what?
    Is the Radiator support the same color as the Radiator.
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    ceciletf18 reacted to fastwayfirebird400 in 1969 Gulfstream Aqua Ram Air Mach 1 428 Cobrajet R code   
    I had put this car up for sale several months back ended up backing out of the deal.  I just couldn't bring my self to sell it! Well, I've made peace and I'M LETTING IT GO THIS TIME...

    Car has had all HARD metal work completed and sits on a rotisserie in Southern Polyurethane Red Oxide Primer.

    Metal work consisted of the following:
    Full 1 piece floor
    Pass side Floor support
    Both Trunk floors
    1 outer torque box ( front)
    1 Pass side Full Quarter Panel
    Pass rear outer wheel house (NOS)
    Rear tail light panel (NOS)
    Battery Tray
    Full Cowl Panel
    Original Shaker hood
    1 original perfect door
    1 Reproduction door
    L &R  Headlight doors are perfect
    Original Ford Fenders
    Reproduction deck Lid
    Original OEM Ford Deck lid (non rusted)
    Original Ford Bumpers – straight
     2 sets of original Spoiler end caps are included I fiberglass one cast aluminum.

    Interior was near perfect and only need the driver seat bottom recovered (used NOS Comfort weave)
    Full Set Of Damplifier Pro Sound deadener is included.
    Complete Metal dash has been restored in Charcoal Black Poly. The cluster, clock panel, have been restored assembled and are like new.
    Auto console has been restored in correct Charcoal Black with new Teak inserts, Shifter assy is restored, Heater Box assy restored, (New Heater core , NOS Blower motor)
    All interior metal trim and fiberglass rear panels have been stripped and shot in the correct Charcoal Black Poly
    I have the perfect original door panels restored with new carpet, pull cups, lights. Car is an early build with teak inserts.
    Ford Tooling dash Pad is ready to install.
    Original and reproduction Sail panels
    New Headliner
    The interior is completely done and ready to install less the carpet.

    All Factory installed drive train
    9 Inch Rear diff has been restored.
    C6 original
    Original Motor sitting on engine stand.
    Shaker setup is complete with Base and shaker top media blasted to bare aluminum. Air Cleaner, Mid Plate and flapper are in primer and ready for Ford Blue ready to spray (PPG Paint Included)
    Front suspension is as removed from car (stock)
    All Glass is perfect (glue in windows)
    All exterior trim is dent free
    New Windshield (included)
     Perfect Hood Trim
    NOS Boomerang window moldings
    FORD Reproduction Running horse quarter panel emblems
    NOS Front Turn signals
    NOS HL Bucket Trim
    NOS Eyebrow trim (Narrow and Wide)
    NOS Lower Grill Trim
    NOS Gravel guard
    NOS Front Valance
    NOS NOS turn signal bezels (4)
    NOS Antenna
    NOS Door weather strip (2)
    NOS Shaker seal
    NOS Stripe kit (black/gold
    Original Grill
    NOS Back up lights
    NOS Fuel Cap
    NOS Hood Hinge
    NOS Wiper motor
    New Windshield
    Master Body Fastener kit
    More NOS parts including grill trim, backup lights, turn signals, and reproduction parts already acquired.
    Yes the Buck Tag, Fender apron VIN stamp, Dash VIN and Door VIN Plate are all present.
    What has not been restored/ rebuilt - Brake master Cylinder assy, Original engine (ran fine before pulled) C6 Trans Shifted fine just needs exterior detailing, Original Bumpers either re-plate or reproduction. Lower Shaker assy is in epoxy primer, Upper media blasted ready for paint (PPG Ford paint included for Engine and shaker assy. Original brake and fuel lines, Electrical  harnesses were in fine shape accept engine and alternator. All windshield and back glass is straight and dent free. Exhaust pipes has been discarded, original front and rear springs.
    Engine is complete from shaker to Oil pan

    I will add more about the car and Pics when I can. Price will be $24,000 including the Rotisserie. Car is located just North Of Atlanta and is in the CJ registry. Car is an early build. The deck lid stripe did not have MACH 1 in it.

    Car is as equipped:
    C-6 Cruise-o-Matic
    3.25 Traction Lock Diff
    F70X14 Raised White letter
    Power Disk Brakes
    AM Radio
    Tinted Glass -Complete

    Car was sold out of English Motors in Highpoint N.C. I drove this car to confirm all was in working order before tear down.
    I also have hundreds of pics of tear down and metal work.

    I have the Deluxe Marti Report, Build sheet, Original Title

    You can reach me direct at fastway @ mindspring. com or 678.478.5088


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    ceciletf18 reacted to craigm in Wilwood brake & clutch pedal   
    In the process of building a 69 restomod, sorry I have not posted pics yet but I will get there. Car is S code w/auto and I am going with a 428CJ & Tko 600 w/ hydraulic clutch. Thinking about going with a Wilwood clutch & brake pedal setup, has anyone done this?
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    ceciletf18 reacted to Sermo27 in 1970 Mustang   
    Would it be hard to black out the moldings and bumper on this image? Thanks for taking the time to look guys, new on here!
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    ceciletf18 reacted to Dave R. in tire treatment   
    Is there a tire treatment that leaves the tire looking like new not shiny like it is covered in grease? I dislike the shiny, wet look and would like to to find a cleaner that leaves the tire looking like the tire did when it was new. Any suggestions? And no, I have not tried any cleaners as I am unsure which one will suit my need.  Thanks.   Dave R.
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