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  1. Maco Tool has thread chasers that would work. Fine thread and coarse thread. Example-3/8 thread has a 9 /16 wrench size. 1/4 thread has a 7/16 wrench size. Good Luck
  2. Just a thought but I have done this and it seems to help. Take the tire and break both beads loose and turn the tire 90 degrees on the rim and then balance again. Sometimes you may have to go 180 degrees or more. Good luck
  3. I have a 1969 Mach 1 with the 390 -s code and do I need the upper spring that goes from the z-bar to the fire wall? The spring is not listed for the 390 or the 428 cars. I dont have one and I never had one for the last 45 years I owned the car not saying that maybe it should have one. What do you think or did you see one ever on a big block car. (390-428-boss9 -429) Thanks for your time.
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