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  1. Yes there s some resonance at around 35-40mph but I'm willing to live with that because the rest of the time it sounds awesome. Ray
  2. Yes it has the 2.5 inch pipes and the dual tips can be bought to fit. Ray
  3. Flowmaster exhaust on my Mach1 with stock headers. https://youtu.be/1x22fNFaaW0
  4. Very nice Mach1 with fresh paint sold at Barrett Jackson 03/1021
  5. I just went this route and everything worked out great https://youtu.be/JMnQRlPQsSs
  6. Sometimes at around 2000 rpm it'll do that. Keep in mind that this exhaust system will sound a little different on every car because of all the variables involved.
  7. When I'm just rolling down the road at around 40 or 50mph it's really not loud at all. On the freeway at 70 it's pretty quiet. The sound gets much louder when I get on it and that's what you hear in the video. Ray
  8. The system is 2,5 inch dia. stainless steel with stock exhaust manifolds.
  9. Take a listen to the sound of my 69 Mach1 351W with Flowmaster Super 44 muffllers. https://youtu.be/1x22fNFaaW0
  10. All the info you need is in this video. Ray https://youtu.be/JMnQRlPQsSs
  11. Damn an R code four speed! Wish mine was like your's!
  12. These control arms are the Moog problem solver brand part #CK8123 from Rock Auto. They have a less expensive Moog part listed on their site.
  13. https://youtu.be/JPuVxIYLNXM I installed new lower control arms and now the lower ball joints have movement in them like they are worn out. Has any else had this problem?
  14. https://youtu.be/UqImonFarVw I wasn't sure if this vintage Ford intake manifold would work with my shaker hood assembly until it was installed. See how it worked out. Ray
  15. I would like to install headers on my 69 Mach1 351W automatic. What have you used on your car and do they really fit well. How have they held up over time from rust or cracking. Is stainless or ceramic coated the best choice. Any info would be very helpful. Thanks, Ray
  16. If I install a T5 in my 69 Mach1 will the shifter line up with the hole in the center console? Ray
  17. Can anyone recommend front brake pads for my stock 69 Mach1? Everywhere I've looked the reviews are terrible. Most are missing the guide pin holes on the outside pad. Thanks, Ray
  18. Thanks for all the nice comments and the ribbing LOL. Can't believe I'm still laying under these old cars and fixing shit! On the other hand I'm blessed to be able to do it. Ray
  19. Hi Sam, Glad you found my video useful. I understand why you don't want to do this more then once because I just turned 70. Can't believe I'm still doing this shit after all these years. Everything in my dash is still working well and I hope it stays that way. I will need to go though some paperwork to see where the parts came from. Mine still has the original gauges except for the amps. I wasn't aware that there are new gauges available. Will get back to you after I find my invoices. Take care, Ray
  20. New radio, front speaker. speedo cable. circuit board, VR, clock Youtube video https://youtu.be/G-toANkbclY
  21. I really like my red stripes with the black seats and red stripe. I think you should go that route. Ray
  22. Mine is the real deal and I forgot about the adjustments for the scoop. Thanks for reminding me that they are there. I had the whole assembly apart last winter and saw how they work. Thanks, Ray
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