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  1. can anyone tell me the paint codes for undercarriages and engine compartments. And all black the fire will is not body color is that right ??? if you have a PPG number or code that would be great Thanks much Trace
  2. Its been it's been while but i have been working, the entire car is sealed and primed and ready for Paint inside and out, but my darn helper thinks his anniversary is important, So tomorrow we paint the entire inside of the car (yes i know its a waste of paint base coat clear coat paint code 45 .. Thanks for looking Cheers Trace PS> Please let me know on your undercarriage are you leaving them a flat DP90 or top coating with a chassis black which has 20% gloss ????
  3. More sanding under dash, decided to paint dash and front with DP90black along with engine compartment and truck, then top coat.
  4. Pulled the Dash , steering column, even my wife helped out. Got all new wiring ordered from CJ pony parts, I was looking as their pre-cut sound deadening material ($850) looks like nice stuff. This was today's progress.
  5. Finished pulling the front suspension, got brake line pulled, E brake line pulled out and springs and Rear End out. Another day or two of cleaning and I will be ready to finish putting the car in DP90. I'm saying all those exciting words with you get to this point and find NO rust, Yeah, great, happy, ecstatic, ... I done other car where I used different word LOL
  6. Wow I just got I chance to look over your build, ( I'm doing the R code ) I am very impressed wow wow wow very nice !!! Cheers Trace
  7. Agree, I have just sanded my outer sheet metal with DA or by hand , but I was happy to blast the firewall, I don't use sand been using a product called greendiamond , almost no dust and very easy on metal. ! Ridge Runner sounds like you've had some nice cars (so in the 80's was the silver jade considered a cool color,?? We have all seen green's get popular and then not so much. I had epic fail today, ended up working tell 5, did more prep on the car, wanted to get the suspension off and on jack stands but did not get it done tonight. But tomorrow I will have photos posted like that. !!! Good night all !!!
  8. Here is the undercarriage painted DP90, Tomorrow i'm going to finish a couple of little things and DP90 the engine compartment.,,, Where do all the hours go ! I should be out working on it now but I'm exhausted !! and heading to bed. Everyone have a great night ! I have already pulled the black tape, and spun it around so front it facing out. just did not have those pictures downloaded. Get the steering box and rods pulled off and keep your fingers crossed I will have it all black tomorrow night.. Cheers Trace
  9. Thanks for the good words, and yes on being careful on the sand blasting. I only did that on the undercarriage and engine compartment . I was amazed how rust free the car was. ( few shots of the floor boards, I did no cleaning that is how they looked with carpet came out) . I was very lucky to find this cobra jet this clean. Tomorrow I will put photo's on I had to replace to radiator core support, (ouch)
  10. Hello, this is the project I'm working on. its a 1969 Mach 1 Cobra Jet R Code. The factory color is #45 Silver Jade Paint, Ford #3230-A.. According to Marti report its one of 2 option this way. ( 428 Auto Trans) as I add more and more info I will list everything. The Photo's your seeing are the way I purchased the car in 1991, spent a few weekends with my friends drag racing it (14.01 to 13.99) that was back in the late 80's and the rumor was if you wanted a good time slip race in Spokane because the clocks were fast. ( I have no idea if that is true or not and really don't care I have a 1969 mustang 120,000 miles and a 13.99 time slip. I'm doing all the work myself, (a few friends stop by now and then and I sucker them in holding a door or helping out) I'd doing a full rotisserie restoration. since I don't have a rotisserie i just moved my hoist outside to sandblast the undercarriage and paint it.. I started this project 3 months ago, so I have some photo's to catch up on, but I just found this web site and wanted to share my restoration project and I'm very willing to take any advice !!! I don't do this for a living so if someone has a great idea I would appreciate you passing it on. More photos and more of the story to come.. The photos your seeing now are just before I started the project Thanks for looking Tracy Popham Clarkston Washington
  11. Side note , I know wrong spot and fourm, I have a 1973 granda coupe q code , tilt wheel , factory tach for sale, . It a hunk of junk, but with the $$ spending on this rebuild might be good time to part with it ... Funny story why I bought the car , I raced on that tv show pinks on the speed channel. We we told that they were going to have a season where past winners race for cars. Thought that would be a good build but the show is off the air now.. ( season 2 won 2 car, I was racimg a 1965 Galaxie ) a good friend of mine bought it and has been racing it but this last year he had health problems and had organ transplant so his racing days are over, he is selling that car and it has some tv Heritage (if your in to that kind of thing) Sorry for getting off this forums subject, Have a good night Trace
  12. Thanks for the advise !!! If you don't mind I will pick your Brain about some of the companies to use for interior parts etc. Thanks much ! Trace
  13. Yes it was silver jade from the factory , I really like the color so I'm going back with it , FE is in good shape I raced it back I'm the 90's when I first got it (100,000) miles on car 14.01 to 13.99 depending on corrected altitude racing in Spokane Washington. My build concept is stock appearing car ( I won't even put headers on , my engine guys not too happy about that) but will put a stroker kit in the FE and do a lot of port work to the intake the headset in the exhaust manifold. My best friend has a 73 road runner ( 11.70 et 1/4'mile he can get more out but won't put a roll bar in car, and I won't either. ). He is rebuilding his engine my goal is to out run him. It's a ford against Mopar run offf's we will have that is why the tight time line in the restore. His is a show car but driver , that is what I'm shooting for also, i'm not gonna put the car on a rotisserie, but will have it raised up in the undercarriage soda blasted so I can paint it. I live on the east side of Washington state on idaho boarder our valley gets very little rain lucky rust free cars can be found in area . Have a great night Trace
  14. I bought this Mach 1 back in 1991 (best $5500 dollars i spent) . Now me and my crew are going to try and do a full restore and be finished by June 1st. I just found this web site and wow some great info on here. I have attached a few pictures. Today is day 8 of the build. Looking for advice on who to send the gauges to to be restored ? and the question what about the rim blow steering wheel. In stripping the car down I found no rust but the driver 1/4 panel had been hit bad enough I changed it and the inner fender. The person who painted it before i got it did a great job with body filler I did not know it was damaged until I started stripping. The 4th picture I attached is markings on the trunk i found when I chemical stripped it, I have never seen that before but I guess its not that uncommon. I understand it is where the steel came from. Hope you enjoy the pictures, I'm glad I found your web site ! Thanks for letting me post Cheers Trace
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