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  1. I have a Pertronix III plug and play distributor wired to the Pertronix digital HP box. I am running FiTech EFI. I needed to go to the DHP box so I could get a clean square wave tach signal to the EFI system. Have not yet run the engine in this configuration, will be doing that in the next month or 2. I am not using the DHP box for anything else, nor am I using the FiTech to do any other functions than fuel injection I have wiring block diagrams that I developed if you need them.
  2. Sorry, here is the link https://www.ebay.com/bhp/t5-input-shaft
  3. The 1995 and 1995 T-5s have a longer input shaft, due to the transition from the old Fox Body to the "SN95" body style. You can get a conversion shaft here Ford Mustang T5 WC Input Shaft-Retainer-Bearings-Shims 85-93 9 1/4" L 23 tooth USED TO CONVERT 94-04 WORLD CLASS TO EARLY 83-93 WC T5 $129.40 Buy It Now Free Shipping 99 watching | 159 sold This kit can be used to convert the 1994-2004 T5 WC with the 10" long input to the shorter '93 & earlier. Mustang V8 WC T-5. 1983-93 Ford World Class T5. Input Shaft & Retainer Kit. Input shaft WILL N...
  4. Nice work on the Panhard bar mounting...
  5. Nice progress and beautiful work....look forward to seeing it running soon!
  6. Very nice.... So, I assume it is the high heat blue painters tape.... lol
  7. Lots of member ideas, but no real help from site Admin. Disappointing.
  8. I intentionally used a radiator with no integral trans cooler, as I am running a Windsor based stroker, which will likely run hot, and also will be using the A/C in the summer. So, I wanted my transmission cooler to be totally separate from my engine cooling system. Fortunately, Fluidyne is located close to me in NASCAR country, and they used one of their standard sized cooler packages and slightly modified it so it would fit my car. I have two 5 inch fans that use a temperature sensor that is mounted directly in my transmission pan. I have a C-6, with a larger pan.
  9. Mike, nice job on the compound radius...
  10. Yeah, thought that might be the case. Nice brake package for sure.
  11. Fluidyne 2 fan trans cooler at the bottom...
  12. The holes in the hood for the hood scoop are very interesting.
  13. Why are the wheel spacers so thick? Are you using modern offset wheels?
  14. Looking great! I can't believe the finish you have on the original brackets and pulley's.....is that powdercoat?
  15. Couldn't ditch the leaf springs, as I wanted to have a nice rear suspension, but also did not want to cut up the trunk floor/shock mount area of the car for a 4 link. These convertibles are not that common, so I am keeping it so it could be returned someday to OEM configuration. Yeah, Mike is the genius...I just think up the crazy idea (like a '70 with exhaust through the valence), and Mike somehow figures out how to do it.... Will be fun to see how it comes out...!
  16. Nice work. Now come the fun part....
  17. I have a 8.8 in my '68 and no need to narrow. I came out of a Ford Explorer with 3.73 gears, and disc brakes. Same width for the '69-'70
  18. I have the Saginaw pump on my 1968, and also installed on my 1970. I used the Borgeson supplied bracket on my '68, and CVF racing serpentine system on my '70. Details on my build thread.
  19. Mike, you were right, much nicer than the bent bar hanger...
  20. I’ve had good luck with mine, but thanks for the feedback I’ll keep an eye on that seal Here is timing chain cover I used
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