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  1. This is the one I drive around, I restored this about 15 years ago
  2. Yeah, really. I will probably take it out some shows, and then at the end of the year I’ll probably drive it a little little bit more.
  3. Trunk is done. Rear seat panels done. Windows in. Top going on.
  4. I also used spacers on my emergency brake, worked out fine I have 8 speakers and a subwoofer. I will get some pics posted
  5. I did this, and I have detail pictures of my installation. I’m traveling right now. I can post them in the next couple days. I used the existing vent enclosures, Sealed the flapper door and the closed position. I built a plywood covering that I screwed over the top of the opening, and inserted my speaker in there, sound clipping, and I sealed it off. If you look back through my 1970 convertible build thread should be pictures in there. May also be pictures in the technical forum Vic
  6. Ed. Good video. I did my quarter window trim about a month ago and it came out great. I also polish with the wheel spinning away from me. Avoids getting impaled by the trim if it catches the buffer wheel…..
  7. Hey Ersin. I figured you would know this... It is interesting that the '70 Coupes and Convertibles have different rear quarter panels. I always assumed somehow the Convertibles used the Coupe rear quarters and they were modified. I will have to keep my eyes open next time I am at a car show. Vic
  8. Wow. Welcome back. Nice air cleaner set up. The red seats look great. Vic
  9. Dannymac. Nice, car. Nice work, really well done and clean. The body lines are super straight. The car used to have a vinyl top. What color was it? Vic
  10. Wow, cool! The Pharoah car show? Everyone wanted to be a Pharoah... https://youtu.be/PypEDzb5bdU?si=3zl5daZ3PTiFyBmH
  11. GearHead, Thanks. I looked on Amazon and got myself a steamer. I told my wife that she can use it after I am done with my carpet. She was not impressed.......
  12. Ford of the rear wheel, there obviously very different accustom 1969 had a scoop type arrangement on rear quarter
  13. Comparing it to Mike’s picture, the rear quarter and extension book identical, except for the larger side marker light hole on the 1970. Very interesting.
  14. This is an old photo, before the marker light hole was welded:filled in. You can see how that quarter panel line extends into the fender extension. I thought the 1970 fender extensions were different, because of the flat panel, and also that the 1970 tail light Bezel is outside the trunk takes up a lot of room near where the fender extension is. So not sure how they mixed and matched these at the factory during early ‘70 production. I wonder if the smooth quarter panel 1970s have a different fender extension. Great question by Mike…
  15. Yeah, I was just actually looking at some pictures on line and I see that. I was also wondering about the rear quarter panel extensions… they should be different because of the tail light panel differences between 1969 and 1970.?
  16. Hi Mike This is just a result of my design theme for the car. So, personal preference The black front bumper is intentional, as I wanted a blacked out front end, so my bumper, billet grill, and all of the headlight and hood trim is satin black powdercoat. I also did not want any chrome or brightwork below the window line. So you see my mirrors, door handles and lock cylinders are also black. But, I did not want a black rear bumper, so did that body color. Your observation on the rear quarters is interesting. Great question. I don’t see many ‘69 or ‘70 coupes/convertibles at car shows, so will need to do some research on that. My sheet metal is original, except for the hood and trunk lid. My car was built in November of 1969 at the Dearborn plant. So, maybe it does have left over ‘69 rear quarter panels. I also removed the front and rear side marker lights, so it does look much different than stock. And, no emblems, letters, or rocker panel trim on the car. Vic
  17. Looks good. If you’re keeping the original wiring harness, you might want to put in some of the wiring on the dash before you put the dash in. Also, the plastic air-conditioning elbows that go to the round registers, I put those in first as well.
  18. Car headed to the shop today for the convertible top and a few other items....
  19. Worked on my door panels today, as you probably can see, I didn’t use the woodgrain inserts, I bought the composite inserts from MTF, painted them body color. I think they came out pretty cool.
  20. Right. I think you had to pick a "clock delete" option to get the woodgrain dash with no clock. I had also never seen one..... That's why I grabbed it at Carlilse a few years ago.
  21. I got the FMX switch mounted on the shifter, and ran the wires inside the car back to my trunk mounted solenoid near the battery. Works great, easy install. Thanks for all the help. Vic
  22. Ok, a little humor never hurt.....
  23. Thanks to all who got the site up and running again. This is a great group and we need to find a way to keep it going. Every time the site goes out, I feel like we just got kicked out of the Fraternity house and have no where else to go.... I hate being on Double Secret Probation... https://youtu.be/1tfK_3XK4CI?si=mbh_qhTDTzUe1CUa
  24. Console installed temporarily so I can use the power windows. Taking the car to get the top put on in about a week. Installed my steering wheel. And, put almost all my tools away, so the end is near.
  25. Oh, the black on the console top plate is 3M Satin Black Di-Noc
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