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  1. Thanks for the response guys I had trouble logging in. I'm going to contact Mustang Steve about fitting late model brakes on it. Reason why was because front and rear costs under $2k for all four corners link which costs less than a comparable kit from Baer or Wilwood.
  2. Thanks for your responses so far everyone. I've read throughout so many forums about the creaking noise wilwoods make (on hot rods, muscle cars, imports, etc) and I was watching a smoking tire video and the "never feels right" wilwood issue came up. I'm sure they're 100% better than my drums but I think Baer seems to have the least amount of criticism. Reason why I was so interested in Brembo setup was because it was OEM quality (safe) and so readily available and they're awesome on my 2015. I have a daily driver '64 Falcon hardtop and my "upgraded" disc brake setup feel kinda sucks and didn't want to end up with something like that on the '69. The Mustang is an S code, not sure if the 390 I have is original to the car (bought the bare shell, with certain parts that came with it including a block). I've done a lot of searching and it seems like that big block would be costly to build with limited results. I'd like to keep the engine around $10k. I have an '86 5.0 HO but stroking that to 347, internally balanced, built to last would cost about the same as a coyote. I'm definitely not set, but since its basically a shell that needs body work I'm sort of starting from the ground up. I'll post pictures soon. I really like the Agent 47 Mustangs! I was just thinking wouldn't it be nice to use factory performance brakes. I drive the snot out of my cars, even my '53 Vicky with the flatty. Don't care about the shinny as much as the attitude and performance. Thanks again guys!
  3. Hi everyone first time posting here. I was looking at DSE's build of the Charger and it has ABS, stability control, the new drivetrain its as if they just took everything over from a new one and put it on the 1969. I just purchased a '69 Mach 1 project that needs a complete restore and I was googling around for Brembos from a GT500 to put on it. I can't find any answers, just late model upgrades from the SN95 and the Cobras being the bigger OEM ones. I also have a 50th LE Mustang (love the go, and the stop) and wish I could do something similar to what DSE is doing with the Charger. I want a coyote and T56, and brake setup from Ford Performance. Is it possible? My daily driver is a '64 Falcon with upgraded front discs and I hate to have random rotors, pads and calipers from different makes and models to keep track of. Does anyone know of 14 or 15" Mustang Brembo's on a 69-70?
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