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  1. Here's mine. Six inches back to the front of the emblem. i kept it a little low since the scoop seemed to roll away towards the top and there wasn't any bow to the emblem. It's the stick-on.
  2. Right on! I'm working on almost the exact same model.
  3. Well, I'm thinking Mach 1 hood scoop, chin spoiler, hood pin set, blacked out hood. Overall color hmmm...... Blue or maybe the grey color of the new stangs called "Magnetic"?
  4. Awesome thread! Very inspiring to me. I have a base F code resto mod coupe project starting and I feel pretty low with all the Mach 1's , Fastbacks, Bosses etc....but. the hell with it, I think I can get something with serious attitude going.
  5. Yeah, it must have been registered somewhat recently. I wonder if there is a procedure for doing a VIN search and getting ownership instead of parting it out. Maybe it was stolen.
  6. Saw this today in Denver Craigslist. "dosent have tittle" "dosent run"
  7. Right on! I have a six banger for a driver
  8. Dayum! I need some quarter panel work anyway. Would be awesome to make it a Sportsroof.
  9. I'm thinking about getting some Cragar 8/61 S/S wheels. I'm thinking 15X7 Front 15X8 Rear ?. 235/60/15 front , 265/50/15 rear? Is that a good combo? Or maybe 255/60/15 rear? I'm planning on getting Wilwood dynalite's in front and hopefully these will clear the calipers?
  10. Mustakes. I've made a few. My 69 High School stang was one I "purchased" after the previous owner (another idiot teenage friend of mine) wrecked it. I drove it around with both motor mounts broken and the engine just laying in the frame. The previous owners solution was to cut the ends off the fan blade so it didn't slice through the lower radiator hose with the engine sitting so low. "There I Fixt it .com". Side pipe exhausts were clamped to the fuel line for support. Derp!! Hood flew up into the windshield, gas tank leaked, air shock exploded and lathed out the rear tire etc..etc..i haven't learned anything in 40 years and still have one of these death traps. LOL
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