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  1. Let's see the rims. What backspace are they to clear the wheel well edges ?
  2. It's a Ford type pump and was working when I took it out, I have no idea if and when it was replaced. I replaced the Ford power steering with a Borgeson PS box and Saginaw GM style pump. I also hav e an extra slightly used Saginaw pump, which was replaced with a chrome one and CFV pulley. The Mustang has been in the family since 1970. My sister bought it while attending UCLA. It's now in Florida totally restomoded.
  3. 20 gal EFI tank - manufacturer is SPECTRA no fuel pump asking $75 20 Gal standard - manufacter unknow only used to test Mustang after restoration - $50 Also have: Stater for the 302 V8 - $25 Power steering Pump - $25 AOD trans pan - Chrome - $ 10 Engine stand with wheels - $ 50
  4. I put in Viking 2 way adjustable on all 4 wheels and set them to zero for the fist 10 miles to break them in, now the ride is pretty good with them set at level 2 & 3. I have Viking coilovers up front with global west control arms with Shelby drop and 4 1/2 leaf mid eye in the rear. My experience in the past was I could never get single adjustable right to where I wanted them. I think QA or Viking are good choices.
  5. Have you tested truck switch to ensure it works properly ? I'm interested, if not sold. Live in South West Florida...33991. Tom
  6. Is your 351 stock or modified with a cam at all ? Which model FiTech did you get ? Is it controlling your advance as well ? I;m considering the same for my 302 (331) with a Edelbrock RPM cam and top end kit. Please give us all a follow up review after you've had it on a while. Tom
  7. I'm considering the same FiTech for my 331 to replace my brand new 650 Edelbrock with Edelbrock RPM top end kit. Just install ed motor but have lots to do before it hits the street. My mechanic friend just put one on his GMC pickup and swears by it, said it was the simplest install he has ever had to replace a carb. He also bought this return fuel system to keep his mechanical pump.
  8. What's the group purchase deal ? I will be at interior install phase by Sept 19th
  9. looking for passenger side dash bezel for clock or with out but with NO broken tabs. Tom
  10. Your message box is full. I'm looking for passenger side dash bezel plain or with clock cutout.....don't need clock. Tom
  11. I'm still on board.....please let us know when ready
  12. Those are NOT my Thumnail pics in my previous post....I don't know why they get included and I can't delete them.
  13. Very Nice.....would like to see pics of the dash with the Dakota gauges.......I'm considering them for install now.
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