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  1. Ok grabber70 now I just think you’re showing off you’re beautiful wiring job with a whole lotta cleanness to boot! Looks gorgeous man! Wish mine was that clean!
  2. 69Stanger, did that BIM show you your fuel tank gauge? I don't think it shows fuel, speed (obviously), and dim the dash lights. You had to wire those into the brain box right?
  3. 69stranger, I have the BIM, so I’m wondering what else I have to connect to be done. Vicfreg...too late. Already cut whoops.
  4. Thanks Vicfreg, but that's without tach. Mine was a tach setup.
  5. Oh man! I could drink Scotch every night! ...wait did you say "CASE"? Well, in that 'case' come wire it for me and you got yourself a deal! I'm still hung up on a few slots. I found out "idiot light" is the check engine...when I was learning to drive the shift light was the "dumby light" so I was confused. From the chart you sent me I'm not sure which wires go into these slots: -HIGH -DIM (Brake Lights) -ACC POWER -CONSTANT POWER -WARN The pins from the chart that I'm not understanding are: - Pin 2 - Dash Lights (not sure if I need these) - Pin 5 - Dash Lights - Pin 6 - CVR Power - Pin 7 - Dual Brake Warning Switch - Pin 12 - Dual Brake Warning Switch - Pin 13 - Alt Lamp Comparative Signal (Not sure what that is?) I have no idea where to plug all of those into? This is my first heavy wiring job and I love learning, so MUCH APPRECIATED! So DIM (+) says that's for brake lights...I'm not sure where to pull those from
  6. Midlife, again, you're a saint! Thank you so much for this info!
  7. Sorry that first photo in my post was a stock photo because I thought all 69 plugs were made equal?
  8. Wait mine is much different. What do you think? Are the colors matching the function or are the numbers on the plug matching the function? (Ie. My pin#2 is blue/red = LH Turn signal) or is blue/red Dash Lights as you indicated?
  9. Midlife you are a godsend! Thank you so much. Extremely kind of you!
  10. Hey Guys, I just got rid of the Fitech and replaced it with a Holley Sniper! Took me a few days to figure out the wiring, but it was fairly simple. Now I'm on to wiring the dakota digital. All I need to figure out is which wire goes where. I have to remove all the wires from the old pin connector that plugs into the circuit board then put the appropriate wires into the brain of the Dakota Digital. I've found schematics, but I'm so confused and want to do this right the first time. I just need to know which wire goes where. I also bought a BIM for my holley Sniper to daisy chain some of the info to my gauges. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!
  11. fyi if anyone else has this issue....It was the ignition Switch! I replaced it and now it works! but as these old cars go...now my electric fan stopped working for some reason. FiTech is sending me a new chip for my handheld and said that should fix the issue since the handheld tells the fan when to turn on.
  12. yes its a throttle body style fuel injection carb (Fitech).
  13. Punisher, I didn't mean to steal your thunder btw. I'll totally take it to another thread, but it just sounded like I have a related problem. Happy Thanksgiving y'all
  14. Barnett, I haven't gotten under my dash yet, partly because I have no idea what to look for, but All of the sudden All of my electronics (radio, pw, electric fan, lights etc) come on when I turn the switch to the on position (1/4 turn)...then once I turn the key another 1/4 turn to start and the engine busts off all of my electronics are gone. I'm guessing it's a wire that's going to the actual keyed ignition? Sometimes it will work though. Then sometimes the bulb light in the keyed ignition will light up and other times it won't. Feels like something is shorting out, but I don't even know what to look for?
  15. Awesome! I'll definitely give this a try. Cant hurt at this point. What do you think the life expectancy of a power master is? Is it the same as a factory starter or do you think it's much longer since it's a more updated starter?
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