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  1. Hahaha all you fella! Helped me out beautifully!
  2. I’m with stangman. The RTX doesn’t do anything for me.
  3. I actually took it to an upholster shop and had him wrap it. It’s like a padded leather. Super soft and durable. Turned out much nicer than I thought.
  4. I’m sure I can use my brain box and buy the new gauges if I really want to. That’s where all our money goes anyway into the cars!
  5. It's an exact replacement. It took me 5 mins to remove the old gauges and install the new ones. It's a direct fit. Comes with everything you need. I liked New Vintage gauges look, but everyone said they're cheap and they don't fit exactly into the old cluster housing. Dakota Digital was hands down the best recommendation. The lights are gorgeous on it too! VHX in multi-colored was considered, but lets be honest the white and red is the best looking and how long will I mess with all the lights until I get tired of switching it and just leave it white and red.
  6. Here are the pics....the wiring ain’t pretty, but it works!
  7. haha Stangman I'll tear it all back apart and take pics JUST for you! I'm so bad at that! I just get excited and want to put it back together and enjoy, but I do want pics...standby. Just posted a video of it though. So, the water pump will come from the BIM (I suggest reading the instructions/setup/calibration that comes with the BIM FIRST then do the rest of the setup from the DD instructions). I have the holley Sniper, so it doesn't show fuel. I think one of the others does. So, I had to find the fuel snd wire from my old loom and plug it into FUEL SND...refer back to MIDLIFE'S dash cluster pin out sheet. There are 2 one with tach and one w/o. From what I've been told you don't need to hook up the ground (mine is grounded to my tank) but if it still doesn't work I would try that too. I didn't tap the power and ground from the BIM...I used the power and ground from the old pin connector. I found an old wire that wasn't being used and it just happened to be constant power (LUCKY!) then I used ground from pin connector and ac power from an old oil pressure gauge ( I know it's not the healthiest, but it's a wire that wrapped around a fuse in my fuse box...I've never had a problem with it, so if it aint broke/dont fix it) Hope that helps. I'll shoot some pics as soon as I can (dealing with a sick kid today :-(
  8. ! 1C0CA3D0-51C4-4D9A-82E7-1DBC58407803.MOV
  9. So, I wired mine all up and it looks amazing! All the gauges work. I literally wired mine RIGHT where the old wires went into the circuit board plug was. So, the brain box sits right behind the gauges/dash. Works great, is easily accessible (just have to take off dash pad and gauge cluster) and I didn't have to butt connect a bunch of wires or find a bunch of matching color wires. waiting for someone to say "WOAH You can't do that! That will cause...." Lets hope not. Looks really awesome!
  10. Mines not in the horseshoe...it’s next to it. I would have to remove my dash to access it, but that’s only a few screws. I’m pretty much done, but I can’t figure out the ADJ- and ADJ SND! I realized the blue w red stripe wire is for the headlights, but I have two blue/red wires going into my old pigtail that both a light up w my test light when I turn on the headlights. So I used one of them on the adj snd now it says use the black wire from the headlight switch for the adj- ......I can’t find that wire!
  11. Oh gotcha, I see what you're saying. I was just going to mount mine directly behind the dash (where that crossbar is). Is there a reason I shouldn't? I mean my wiring is such a mess and I'm not about to get into cleaning it up at this point.
  12. Oh and I wanted to say....I didn’t lose my glove box with VintageAir. I have no idea how the shop did it, but I’ll take pics if you want while my dash is off.
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