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  1. Oil pressure & amp guage are not working although water temp & gas are (alternator is charging). Had the dash out during resto and just replaced it recently. Any suggestion as to where to examine for these two not working? Everything else (lights, radio etc.) work fine. Thanks for any input
  2. please e-mail pics to darrellfrfr@aol.com if you still have them
  3. Found a picture from a salvage yard. Once I knew what to look for I was able to find them in the shop. Thanks to all who replied.
  4. I do have the manuals, and the part is not available from any supplier so far. They are a metal clip with a top protruding from the body that the aluminum rocker moulding will hang from, while the bottom edge is screwed on. Specific to 1970 Mach 1. I have an idea what they look like, was just hoping to get some confirmation and dimensions.
  5. Thanks, but NPD hasn't had stock of this item since 2011. They have no idea if they ever will again.
  6. I already have them, and if the pic is correct I know what they should look like. Since I may have to have them made, was hoping to get some dimensions also. Thanks for replying.
  7. If anyone is in the process of restoring a 1970 Mach 1, I am looking for some help in learning what the rocker moulding assembly clips look like. The clips in question are for the lower rocker panel and are pop riveted to the body. There are 8 on each side and we have not been able to find them after having taken them off 6 years ago. If anyone has any pictures of an earlier resto or one going on presently I would really appreciate some assistance. Thanks
  8. Help! I am unable to locate the pcs that mount to the body for the lower rocker panel to mount to. Does anyone have any pictures of their restoration with the lower panel off? Perhaps seeing what they look like will help us locate them. Thanks
  9. My car is a 1970. Just realized I missed adding that to my post.
  10. I am looking for the clips that mount on the body of a Mach 1 which attach the lower pc of the rocker panel below the doors. There are 16 total and am hoping someone knows of a source for them. Please advise.
  11. Shopping for magnum 500 wheels and am finding some different manufactures, vendors and varied pricing. Who has experience with a good brand or vendor for a decent wheel?
  12. I am cleaning my pop open gas cap and have not found how to remove the spring & gasket plate. Has anyone done this? Please share the technique.
  13. To Mach1Rider, Thank you! You're right on the money. Found that the six pin plug on the ingnition switch to the wiring harness had one pin pop out of the plug body just far enough to miss contact, but not enough to see it was out. Very frustrating for such a simple fix. My 17 yr old fired up the engine in the car for the first time in over 25 years. The look on his face was worth every bit of effort & money poured into this 10 yr project. We have moved on and expect to paint the car in another month and be ready for next years calendar of events. Thank to everyone who offered help
  14. no tach cluster. most of the wiring is unplugged with the exception of the ignition system.
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