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  1. I am thinking about selling my 69 GT convertible. It is in good shape and very solid car. I will post recent pictures once I pull it out of the pole barn where it has been sitting for the better part of the last 18 months. Looking for $35k. Here are some photos from a couple years ago. Probably only 500 miles or so on the car since then. Picture on the roll back was bringing it back from storage a couple years ago. It just shows the color nicely. I will be out of town for a couple days and will return on the 15th. Ryan.burney@sbcglobal.net will get you a faster response from me. Car is not listed on any other sites at the moment. There should be several posts on this site over the years while the car was being restored if you search for my user name. Oh the car also has FiTech EFI. I was going to convert the car to a 4-speed but I have lost interest.
  2. I like those numbers. Factory GT package helps as well. I was hoping to get mid 30’s for it and mid to low teens for the 07.
  3. The time has come for me to start looking for a new home for my 69 Mustang GT Convertible. I am not really sure what to ask for it. It is a real GT that was originally royal maroon and black with A/C and deluxe interior. I changed it to Acapulco blue with white deluxe interior. I added a factory tach setup to the car. It is a 351w with automatic transmission. It was totally restored about five years ago and needs a little attention here and there but nothing major. I also added FiTech EFI to the car as well. I am looking some advice on what to ask and the best place to sell it. Once it is sold I will also be selling my 2007 GT Convertible as well. It only has 16k miles.
  4. Thank you. I promise no opera, rap or C/W will be played. Only heavy doses of 80’s hair bands and 70’s rock will be played.
  5. I am putting in a nice 1980’s radio in a 69 mustang. I want to plug it into my factory harness for power. What plug would I use for the switched power (red) wire on the radio? I took the old radio out in the fall and did not mark where it was plugged into.
  6. Vic, sorry it took so long to respond. I have not been on the site for a while. If you are still interested $12 shipping.
  7. WTB: 4 speed with disc brake pedal assembly. Converting my car from auto to manual and need a stock 4 speed pedal assembly with disc brakes.
  8. Found one. Thank you. Forgot to update post
  9. Windshield Pillar Post Trim Plastic Black Pair Convertible 1969-1970. I am cleaning out a closet and ran across these. They are reproduction and made out of fiberglass. I bought them new to use on my car but my originals cleaned up well and I used those. These have been in the closet for a few years. I think I got them from NPD. They product description said you would need to work them a little to get them to fit perfectly. From what I understand that would involve some sanding on the back side to get them to fit well. Towards the end of my restoration I lost interest in massaging anything to fit the car so here they are. $50 plus shipping.
  10. I have a pair of convertible top cylinders that I have left over from the restoration of my car. They were not used and were purchased from Scott Drake several years ago. The part number is C5zz-7650600-a on the Scott Drake label on the box. The manufacturer is AutoPro and their part number is 1B11 and the item number is TC1001. They list for $113 each. Make offer
  11. Wanted: original ford radio bracket for a 69 Mustang.
  12. Thank you. It turned out to be the reproduction sending unit that was bad from the start.
  13. My fuel gauge has never worked since the car was restored. I assumed it was the sending unit in the gas tank. I was going to address the issue this spring. However, I got the car out of storage a couple weeks ago and now it is working about 1/2 the time and is reading accurately when it does work. Need some help trying to figure out what the issue might be. Is it the gauge, wiring, or the sending unit?
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