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  1. Sorry. Circumstances have changed and the car is no longer for sale.
  2. The striker adjustment is what really made the biggest difference on the door alignment.
  3. I tried a little bit of all the suggestions and it fits much better. It was a bit of a pain but worth it. I still have a little bit of tweaking to do on it to make it perfect. Thank you for all the suggestions. The photo makes it look like it is out a little bit at the bottom but it really is not.
  4. Door is not hard to shut. I am going to work on it this weekend to see if I can get it to fit better.
  5. I am finally getting around to all the little projects that drive me crazy on my car. One of those projects is the drivers door alignment. My car was a rust free CA car when I started so rear quarters etc have not been replaced. The panels fit fine when I took the car apart. I have everything lined up but cannot seem to get the drivers door to fit right. The rear edge of the door where it lines up with the rear quarter is the area of issue. At the top it is flush with the rear quarter but as you follow the door edge down towards the rocker panel it slowly is kicked out and is not flush. I cannot seem to get this corrected. It is not out much but drives me crazy. If I push in on it just a little bit it goes where I would like it to be. I attached pictures but not sure how good they are. Not sure what to do next.
  6. Windshield Pillar Post Trim Plastic Black Pair Convertible 1969-1970. I am cleaning out a closet and ran across these. They are reproduction and made out of fiberglass. I bought them new to use on my car but my originals cleaned up well and I used those. These have been in the closet for a few years. I think I got them from NPD. They product description said you would need to work them a little to get them to fit perfectly. From what I understand that would involve some sanding on the back side to get them to fit well. I never even tried them since I used my originals. $50 plus shipping. 
  7. I offered to trade cars with him straight up. He declined.
  8. Looking to find a nice pair of Ford rocker trim moldings for 69 Convertible with the exterior decor group. I want real ones not the reopens. I have a reproduction set and they don’t fit well at all.
  9. I love driving down the road on a nice day. Top is down and the 69 is running good. That is the best feeling in the world until a cooler car comes up and passes you.
  10. Going to use FiTech EFI on this build. The thing I like about the Edelbrock setup is they are designed to go together. I have not had great luck just picking cams, intakes and heads and hoping they work well together. I always ended up not liking certain items and ended up replacing one or the other and spending more money. Never tried the Edelbrock packages so I thought I would see how it goes. It does seem pricey to me.
  11. Is anyone running the Edelbrock Performer RPM top end kit on their 351w? This kit has the air gap intake manifold and I am wondering about hood clearance using stock air cleaner. If stock air cleaner does not work then what are you using. I am using stock style motor mounts. Also how does it perform?
  12. I am thinking about selling my 69 GT convertible. It is in good shape and very solid car. I will post recent pictures once I pull it out of the pole barn where it has been sitting for the better part of the last 18 months. Looking for $35k. Here are some photos from a couple years ago. Probably only 500 miles or so on the car since then. Picture on the roll back was bringing it back from storage a couple years ago. It just shows the color nicely. I will be out of town for a couple days and will return on the 15th. Ryan.burney@sbcglobal.net will get you a faster response from me. Car is not listed on any other sites at the moment. There should be several posts on this site over the years while the car was being restored if you search for my user name. Oh the car also has FiTech EFI. I was going to convert the car to a 4-speed but I have lost interest.
  13. I like those numbers. Factory GT package helps as well. I was hoping to get mid 30’s for it and mid to low teens for the 07.
  14. The time has come for me to start looking for a new home for my 69 Mustang GT Convertible. I am not really sure what to ask for it. It is a real GT that was originally royal maroon and black with A/C and deluxe interior. I changed it to Acapulco blue with white deluxe interior. I added a factory tach setup to the car. It is a 351w with automatic transmission. It was totally restored about five years ago and needs a little attention here and there but nothing major. I also added FiTech EFI to the car as well. I am looking some advice on what to ask and the best place to sell it. Once it is sold I will also be selling my 2007 GT Convertible as well. It only has 16k miles.
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