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  1. I had one on my car but it had to be cut down and a joiner put in the middle for it to work. It was obviously jerry rigged but I don't know why. I'm assuming it was too long to fit correctly.
  2. I saw a article about a guy that used " LOWER rad hose for a 1986-1990 Bronco II 2.9L manual trans, NAPA #NBH 8427, Gates # 21736" I got my hose today and installed it. I cut the hose down a bit at the water neck so it didn't sit so high. Here is the guys photo. I don't know if it will work for your application or not.
  3. Well, I lied. Battle is still on. Now the car dies after it's started and the idle is high. It pops and backfires. Timing is right, not 180 out, time to take it somewhere and let them dick with it.
  4. I've been battling this 5.0 EFI swap with a Painless harness for over a month now. Well, it all finally ended the other day. For a while I had issues with the engine running rough. Couldn't figure out what it was exactly so on a whim I removed the A9L computer and tried it in a friends car. ECM was bad. So I sent it off to be repaired. Get it back and the car still had issues. Thought it was a fuel pump issue so I bought a new fuel pump. Fuel pressure was low, checked that before spending the money on the pump. Threw the new pump in and the car fired right up. Still ran like it had a miss to it. Went out the next day and all it would do is crank over. Eventually I could get the car to start every now and then just by getting lucky. I was able to pull codes from the ECM after I got it back and one of them was for a MAP sensor. Replaced that, no change. Swapped out mass air meters, checked for spark, checked for fuel, pulled plugs to inspect. Went on to checking all my grounds. Fuel pump, ECM grounds, grounds for the Painless harness. Everything looked good. I decided to move all my grounds, that I could, to one location inside the car. No change. The other day a buddy and I went out to check the timing and made sure the motor was at TDC. It was. Had to use starting fluid to get the motor to fire off. Had to do that every time I wanted to star the car. Car fires up, timing is where it needs to be but noticed when it an rough the timing was way off. When it ran somewhat smooth the timing was on point. At this point we are scratching our heads as to what it can be. So I decide to try and see if there's any new codes so I sit in the car and have NO POWER at all. We checked all the plugs, harness, ignition, battery, can't find why we don't have power to the ECM. I go to get out of the car and BAAM, have power. it back in the car and shut the door for my buddy to walk by and lost power. At this point in time we know something is loose. It was at that point I found out what my two months of banging my head against the wall was for. The battery wasn't grounded to the chassis of the car. Yup, one small piece of 4 gauge wire ran from the negative terminal of the battery to the shock mount and the fuel pump sounds like it never did before, the car fires off without any need of starting fluid, and actually idles pretty damn good with the odd exception of having the air cleaner in place. Of course my troubles aren't over yet. Went out there today to start the car and the thing starts but then dies. Oh well, at least I found my thorn in my side. Shame my ignorance didn't catch it sooner.
  5. This photo is from my 70 Cougar. Should be identical to a 69/70 I would have to think. I only have one clip holding it on my 70 Mustang, like in the pics. Maybe I'm missing a few?
  6. I sent Chockostang a email and asked him about my question. His response : "Original Ford pump will not work with serpentine system. Use the Fox pump, Hydraulics is Hydraulics, PS cares less how it pressure made. We have all the Lower Units in stock. Only thing is it will require a adapter one the pressure port of pump to install pressure hose. Return will be ok. Or you can have a hydraulics shop put a fitting on hose to fit pressure port of pump." I'm not doubting what he is saying is true but I'd like a second opinion before I go out and start investing money into custom lines and all that jazz. Any input?
  7. Question. I have a 5.0 EFI and 5 speed out of a 1989 Mustang GT in my 70 Mustang. I was wondering if it would be possible to use the power steering pump from a Fox Body on the stock equipment in the car? As of now I have no power steering pump, bracket, hoses, etc.... Is there a way to use the stock pump from the 70 and hoses with a reverse rotation set up? The only accessory I have on the car currently is the alternator.
  8. You could always try to make your own. My late brother used to sell brushed aluminum vinyl inlays for 69-70. As long as you have the right vinyl and a good pattern to go off of you can make your own. These two photos aren't the greatest but maybe it will help give you an idea as to what it may look like with the brushed aluminum vinyl.
  9. Are you talking about the wood grain for the radio bezel, door panel inserts, console late etc....??
  10. Did some digging tonight and found a few columns in my shed. I noticed it looks like two or three columns were 70 or later. Hopefully I can get a functional column out of the pieces of the three lol. Maybe I can fix two of them and sell one off, who knows. Still waiting to hear back from a guy about fixing my current column. Looks like it's going to be around $600 to fix it. Ouch.....That's just a quote sight unseen of course. I was able to get a part number D1AA-3D651-AA off one knuckle but I can only make out D0AA-3508-E. There may be a number or letter in front of the "3508" but I couldn't see it.
  11. Kinda sounds like that guy is located in my neck of the woods.
  12. Found my answer. If anyone is looking for a cable set up like I was Lokar offers a cable SP-1502U. It is a cut to fit cable but it works with C4, C6, AOD, FMX, and "according to a question asked on Summit" T-5.
  13. The steering wheel has this bracket set up that bolts to the Grant install kit with three bolt. Then the wheel attaches to the bracket via the 5 or 6 little screws that hold the wheel in place. The "stacked" looking object is a rubber boot that covers the Grant bracket for the wheel. I'll go snap a pic shortly. As for pushing n the turn signal lever, it doesn't do anything with the column or the wheel. I'm happy to hear it's a tilt column. Actually, the way things have gone with the car I'm ecstatic lol. Only problem now is to figure out why it doesn't tilt and I am certainly not the guy to figure out why because I will probably break something even more knowing my luck Pics added. The wheel isn't bolted down as of now. You can kind of see the bracket and the screws go into that gold colored bracket.
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