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  1. I have a new set of the new Scott Drake 1969 Mustang Scott Drake Burlwood Dash Inserts. Priced new at $350, however only test fitted once, they are really nice however I managed to get s set of pristine teak panels. I have included them with a couple of photos with Dakota Digital gauges (not included in the sale). Will be shipped in original box. $250. Plus shipping.
  2. Hi John Is this still for sale. Also do you have the drives side bezel I am really interested in the woodgrain insert. Thanks David. You can email me at dln753@shaw.ca
  3. Have you seen the following YouTube channel, Peterson Restorations out of Pennsylvania? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG-IsvXgmiBXavN03_C-PNA/videos He has taken on some real basket case hulks to make them into complete shells. I have seen quite a few of his videos and they are really good reference tools.
  4. Hi Viperpete, I am looking forward to your progress on the new build. I hope it is the full floor pan that you got from Dynacorn as it makes life so much easier. I thought my FB was pretty bad when I started taring it down. It took a lot of time and patience to rebuild it especially the floor.
  5. Great looking project. Pretty much like mine when I started in eight years ago. I would start at the back and work my way forward.
  6. Hi I really like the billet grill it looks so much cleaner than the original plastic egg crate grill. Did you make it yourselves or get it from a supplier?
  7. How about the Mach1 dash inserts in Teak. Also a standard original looking tachometer gauge.
  8. Hi Thanks I have the 70 instrument cluster so that is not a problem. Also I have 70 Cougar conv and I like having the ignition on the column.
  9. I have a really good 70 steering column including locks for the doors and would like to install it into my 69. My 69 ignition looked like it had been broken into at one time and fell apart when I took it out of the dash. The rest of the under dash wiring looks ok. I also have an under dash wiring for a 70 standard Cougar in excellent condition. Thanks
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