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  1. It makes me sick to hear this happening to you, I hope it works out for you. I can't imagine the stress it must put on you.
  2. Thanks for the info, I will certainly look into them! Please let me know how your installation goes.
  3. Hello, Has anyone installed the 3 point seatbelts into a convertible? I have looked at these for a while now and am wondering if anyone has any experience with them. Also, if I decide to go with these, would you suggest I go with white or black. I have white interior, but the colours are not an exact match and since the existing seatbelts and carpet etc is black, would it be the better choice? Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks. http://www.cjponyparts.com/seat-belt-3-point-retractable-with-push-button-front-pair-coupe-1965-1967-convertible-1965-1973/p/SBR6-V/
  4. I have no idea why all of those thumbnails are in my last post...or in this one below...Anyone know why they are there???
  5. I didn't notice that until you pointed that out! Guillaume69, are those in km/hr by chance?
  6. Thanks for posting them Guillaume69, they look great!!! I am even more excited to get them in the car now.
  7. Thanks all. Do you have any pictures of yours installed? I am very curious to see it in a car. Thanks.
  8. Thanks! My car has white interior so I think it will look great with the white gauges. There is actually a how-to that comes with the gauge stickers (Scott Drake). Basically, you apply a small amount of water/soap to the back of the sticker so you can slide it on the gauge, and then apply pressure to squeegee out the excess water. It took me about an hour to apply the white gauge stickers plus the time to paint etc.
  9. Hello, It has been a while since I have been around. I hope everyone is doing well. Just thought I would post a picture of my latest project. I have an extra instrument cluster so I thought I would mess around with it and see how it would turn out. I repainted it and then changed the gauges to white, installed LED's for the backlights, and then replaced the lenses. Let me know your thoughts. My car is still in storage for the rest of the winter, but I am anxious to get this in the car and see how it looks.
  10. Thanks. The comp cam I have is the Xtreme Energy 256, a hydraulic flat tappet and the distributor manufacturer states "The drive gear installed on this distributor is compatible with flat tappet or hydraulic roller camshafts. If it is to be installed with a mechanical roller camshaft, a bronze or other such compatible gear for the 0.500" shaft will need to be purchased and installed." The motor has been flushed, and we are now assembling the camshaft etc. Hopefully this will last me a while, but we did have snow here in Calgary last night...:huh:
  11. Yes, I had to install a new distributor a couple of months back. I bought an original distributor with points etc., installed it and it failed about a month later, as the plate was sloppy and couldn't maintain a good idle, inconsistent timing etc. That's when I bought the run-ready distributor and installed it. Again, got a good month out of it before this happened. I have it at a garage now and they said they will flush it but that it would be fine with the new cam. Over the winter I suppose I should pull it and go through the entire motor...
  12. Ok, my Mac was giving me misinformation on the size of the file, here is a pic of the cam gear. As I said, the rotor gear on the distributor is undamaged and like new. The new "run-ready" distributor was in the car and running very well for a month or so.
  13. The distributor rotor can be turned and when we pulled the distributor you can see the cam gear is damaged, the distributor gear is still like new. I was trying to add a picture but it wouldn't upload. Trying again.
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