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  1. How is distance of illumination on the low beams compared to original type sealed beams?
  2. I went with a Fat Man Fabrications IFS on my '69 sportsroof. Its pretty much like the front end on the Fox body Mustangs. I had an '85 GT and got used to the handling. The Fat Man set up lets you use SN99 dual pistion calipers and rack and pinion steering. Plus it allows adjustable height. It seems well engineered.
  3. I'm hoping to get back to my project that has been gathering moss while I wait on $$$ and a space to do more work. My '69 sportsroof was originally a 6-banger, automatic and 4-wheel drums. I'll be using my SVO 5.0 crate motor and T-5 tranny from my previous '85 GT. I have the modern driveline hydraulic clutch conversion but plan to use a Tilton hydraulic throwout bearing. By seat-of-the-pants calculating, I think my '69 will be a lot lighter than my '85 GT. That should make things easier for the T-5. I don't plan on racing, just enjoying the ride.
  4. Thanks for all the good info everybody. I'm always trying to keep the costs down on my project but sometimes the cheapest fix costs you dearly later on. Its great hearing from the folks that are running these parts and can talk from experience! I just hope I don't drive you crazy with all my newbie questions.
  5. I believe I saw that from Mustang Steve's eBay site. You are right, the price is much cheaper. Having owned an '05 for several years I never had any complaint about the rear brakes. I think I came up with about $250 for; the kit, slotted rotors and Auto Zone calipers/hoses. What kind of master cylinder and booster are you running?
  6. This sure looks like what I'm looking for. Thank you!! I'll contact them to see about just getting the all the critical stuff without the calipers. Is their rotor different from an SN95? I wonder if it's compatible with SN99 calipers?
  7. Hey it sounds like you've already done what I've been looking for. I want to adapt SN99 (like SN95 but later technology) to the 9" on my '69. What products did you use? I also see there is a kit from Mustang Steve that "will" adapt calipers/rotor from a S197 ('05 - '10 Mustang). Do you have any experience or opinions these?
  8. I'm hoping to find a kit to adapt SN99 Mustang rear calipers to a '69 9" flange. I converted to a Fat Man coil over strut front suspension and use SN99 dual piston calipers. I like using Ford parts on a Ford and also parts that you can get a hold of easily when you need them.
  9. What's the basic difference between the Tin Man and the Global West sub frame connectors? I don't weld so I'll have to job it out. Although I live just south of the Bay Area, I've never been able to afford anything from Maier Racing.
  10. Speaking of "over engineering", I'm going to be converting from a C-4 to an AOD on my '69 and wonder if I need to modify the floor shifter. On an AOD gear display, there is no 2nd. The extra space was used to display a "D" with a circle around it indicating overdrive. What havve you guys encountered. Don't need to "re-invent" the wheel.
  11. I'm planning on going with an AOD behind a mild 351W. A local trans shops says they can prep my '88 AOD for whatever I whatever I want. I do plan to upgrade the 351 eventually will likely go with something like the Holley throttle body F.I. set up. I'm open to any recommendations. I hope to make my '69 a daily driver.
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