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  1. Interesting- so the pipes were 2.25 but the tips were 2.5 and split into two. Too bad the whole system wasn't 2.5.
  2. Yes they do, so they wouldn't be stainless steel, but still no rust after 50 years! They must have been sitting in a warehouse in Arizona ;)
  3. Its amazing how much useless information can clutter the attic.
  4. Thanks guys, and wow you're not kidding- they aren't cheap! I'll try Great Lakes Customs. I assume that the correct valance would have the pass- though, since the tips don't turn down.
  5. Mine is currently a 2v, so what tips were used on a stock Mach 4V? I've seen so many types, that I'm curious what is correct. Changing the rear valance is not a problem. Thanks guys.
  6. Awww, it gave you a love bite. It loves the attention you're giving it.
  7. Yes, she had nice lines. Thanks for the tutorial.
  8. Well, since it isn't OEM, then no one but American Auto Wire can tell you how its wired- we have no diagrams for their products. However, if you have a tach, then you should have an alternator warning light instead of an ammeter, and the light should come on in "Accy", or "ON". The dual brake warning light should come on in "Start"- that's part of the prove out circuit. If so equipped you could have a seat belt light, and a park brake light. The seat belt light would come on with "Accy or "ON", and go out in less than a minute. The park brake light would come on in "ON" or "Start" if the brake is on.
  9. Yes I've been doing little stuff on and off while I work on the compressor and parts shed. I just can't stand being in the same room with the compressor banging away, plus I'll need more room to store parts, so that is the next big push. The pad is prepared and ready for building. Of course SWMBO has other ideas- we have a cabinet refacing job/new counter-tops in three rooms coming up shortly too. I'm busy.
  10. I used J-B Weld on mine- no problems. It is a weak link.
  11. Its kinda hard to read, so included the link to the How To's section first:
  12. Send them to a machine shop for a valve job, and they will come back pretty, and healthy. Anything you put on there will likely end up in the crankcase with other nasty stuff you don't want in there.
  13. Go to the "How tos" section and see "Fixing the instrument panel"
  14. Its just like Goldilocks said when she ate from the little bowl...its just right ;)
  15. OK, I have to admit that I've never paid attention to the coupes (uh, sorry), but why is the back seat bigger and the trunk? The coupe isn't longer is it? Something doesn't jive.
  16. That's a good look- I don't think I've seen a Grande panel before. Much more attractive than the quarter trim panel on a fastback.
  17. You mean the quarter trim panels for a coupe? A quick search didn't reveal anything but verts and fastbacks. I find this strange since there are lots of coupes out there. This is the only one I found and it has a big speaker added: https://www.mpproductsstore.com/19691970-mustang-coupe-interior-quarter-trim-panel-wspea19691970.html. Why can't you use your existing panels- the deluxe interior doesn't have wood grain on the back panels.
  18. My usual source for a 69 is Buckeye Demons build thread here (look under paint in the index). Another source is the Concours Mustang forum. https://www.concoursmustang.com/forum/index.php?topic=15352.0
  19. Ohh, purdy car! The plastic clip that connects the cable to the speedometer gets brittle after 50+ years...ask me how i know.
  20. My father-in-law was a building contractor, and built every house on his street. He became friends with one of the neighbors, and whenever something went wrong at his house (even 40 years later) he always jokingly claimed that he still had a warranty from the builder. I think you should evoke such a warranty from Mustang Steve :)
  21. Look in the "How To's" section for the wire diagram and schematic: The key doesn't need to be on, the light switch can be in Park or ON. Turn the knob CCW to the stop, and the following lites should be on: ash tray, heater, radio, clock and 8 dash lights. Wires 19A thru E are blue with a red stripe. The schematic follows:
  22. For example, can this cluster be wired up such that the factory headlight switch you rotate to brighten and dim the gauges still works? Dakota has DIM GRD and DIM SIG inputs and they sell a 10k pot to dim the display. Keep in mind that the ash tray, heater, radio, and clock lights are still on the light switch dimmer, have a different power source and fuse, so the two circuits need to be separate. I've contemplated machining a shaft for the light switch to interface with the Dakota dimmer in some Rube Goldberg contraption. That would be a fun little project.
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