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  1. Need some help 69 coupe 302 with an Edelbrock carb and an aluminum intake and a C4 tranny with a kickdown bar. I would like to use the oem cable and kickdown but I had to jerry rig a cable bracket don’t want to go lokar and the 2v bracket doesn’t work it stretches the cable who’s using what? Thanks
  2. is this just the center chunk? is it still available
  3. Ok here's what I have done like to see if anyone else has this setup. 69 302 I took the 2v off put an aluminum intake and a Holley street demon 625 carb on. My problem I ran into is the throttle cable the bracket seems to be to far back and the petal gets pulled and it's binding. Please show pics and what bracket you used to fix if you had the same issue Thanks
  4. Sorry I missed your question but the car is running very nice. I had to slide some insulation in the roof headliner with my black vinyl top my head was still warm. After sliding the insulation up it was perfect. When I do hit a lot of traffic the temp rises and and hits about 205 what I believe this issue is I'm running a 160 thermostat so with the larger radiator I need to be running a 180 so the coolant has time to cool instead of not spending enough to time in the radiator
  5. I don't believe I have this mounting hole or are you referencing the seat belts that mount on the side of the roof for the front seats
  6. Nice does the wind lace and dome light are the only things that hold it in place?
  7. the day is finally here yippy can not wait for more pics
  8. I'll have to find one after all my updates I don't have any other full side if its nice this wends night I'll snap one if this is not good
  9. I have an Aftermarket bezel $40 plus shipping perfect I didn't use it because it didn't have the chrome trim around the openings can send pics on request Paypal accepted
  10. mine is the same way brand new system but my theory is I have a black vinyl top and no insulation only thing up there is metal and a thin headliner so my head is warm but my lower half is cool I'm waiting on mustangs to fear to finish the one piece headliner I would have hoped it would be ready now so I can insulate the roof
  11. http://www.vintageair.com/Instructions2013/901271.pdf go to page 23 and 24 this is what I used
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