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  1. Come down under where we never had them and feel the pain. I spent about $10,000US in parts last year and only bought $1,000 in Australia as the prices were too dear. Being able to go to a wrecking yard and buy a 9 inch for less than $1,500US would be a nice feeling..... (even the cheap ones are ~800 bucks)
  2. Def a power brake 69 pedal. We still have inch rulers here and mine shows 5". Mustang Steve shows 2" on the manual pedal which would be a bloody hard difference to stuff up I think. Falcon spindles in the later cars (approx '75 on) are longer in height (approx 3/8" I am told) and the long wheel base cars used the shorter arms. A sedan is the same length steering arm as Mustang.
  3. Thanks Super. I have done that as I bought the car built and thought it was factory boosted discs. It's a Grabber Mustang and has air and steer but I guess brakes were not as important back in the winter of 69 :( I have pulled the pedal out and it is 69 pedal and booster. Appears it has been converted locally to disc front using Falcon stubs, rotors and calipers. All of unknown age and model so the fun will continue. There's not a lot of difference luckily so that should not pose a problem. The booster appears to have a reaction(?) valve failure as you have nothing doing when you push the pedal then bang the brakes are on. Like a switch. Brake shop I trust are confident they know the issue based on my description, so I will pull the booster/cylinder and give it to them to look at. Once that is done I will have a baseline and whether I actually need a new booster.
  4. Hi Bob I need a new booster and the 9" one has been recommended. Tuff Stuff have a 2225NB booster listed - is this the one? The car is a 70 (but fitted with 69 booster/pedal so has been converted from drum) with a 302. Are there any fitment issues with this booster and do I need to buy any other parts to replace it?
  5. I guess by this thread, there are no repro vents available? Mine are swinging int he breeze and need fixing
  6. Can you confirm what box has 14:1? All I can find with the 3 companies you quote are 16:1. If they are all 16:1, whats the better buy? CPP as they are a brand new box??
  7. I have been thinking about buying one of these: http://mustangstofear.com/page.php?page=parts_catalog&yr=69-70&cat=interior&scat=carbon_fiber_interior_pieces∏=gauge_clusters_with_lights without the gauges. (I'll probably use Marshall Instruments gauges with them) Anyone have comments on them? Fit, finish, etc. MTF have not answered my email so I'll have to call them. Are there other alternatives, preferably in a plain black like original, not carbon or anything else. I like the 6 dial set out rather than the combined smaller gauges.
  8. I will stick my head under the dash tomorrow and see what is under there. Hopefully it has not been changed since it left Dearborn.
  9. like her: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgrLHnK-BLA
  10. Fosters is only drunk by Yanks and Poms who are yet to realise the massive con we have pulled by selling you junk beer and telling you it is an Australian icon. You want beer? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ro2gHaqrsQY Our girls are actually much prettier.....
  11. Yes Barn. I thought it a bit soon for you to be asking about the state of my shaft, being as we barely know each other. Like this forum as it only has the cars that matter :)
  12. I already bought that kit. I didn't think the power brakes made a difference? SD website and book don't mention it
  13. Thanks. Have the pad already so will go that way.
  14. Thanks for the input. The kit turned up today and looking at the cable instal kit it does say not to use the return spring. I hadn't noticed that before which is a pain as I just bought a new one for 30 bucks. I am getting the clutch pedal from MD as well so hopefully it all works. Brake pedals are another $150+ so will see if I really need one. Will definately be using a diaphragm clutch so weight will be 'reasonable' and have the roller bearing kit complete as well.
  15. Factory power brakes. Everything I have read/researched tells me the pedal boxes are the same and you can just fit on a clutch pedal. I will cut down the pedal pad to the smaller manual trans size.
  16. Hi all New Guy here, playing around with a Calypso Coral 1970 Sportsroof Grabber pack. I am converting from auto to manual trans, and just wanted to check if I had the clutch pedal stuff right. I've ordered a pedal and cable conversion kit from Modern Driveline, and as far as I can see all I need is the return srping, bracket for same and the rubber bumper. Is that all I need for the pedal and inerior stuff? I've already got the shaft rebuild kit from Scott Drake. Don't want to be nearly finished the conversion and find out I am missing critical parts. Thanks Stephen
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