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  1. Honestly it's not as bad as you might think!
  2. Beautiful car Guillaume! I spent a lot of time in France! Actually 10 yrs in Nimes with 2REI.
  3. First I wanna say hello as I am new here, I was always a Pontiac guy until a few years ago I got a Mustang bug or Shelby bug or some kind of bug that is sure to drain my wallet! Any way I recently bought a 69 E code car that needs a lot of work! I have plans to make it a restmod GT 500 at least as of now, I will probably change my mind 100 times... Any way here's a picture of my canvas. No matter what I do to it it will be Black Jade and have a fuel injected 428 in it unless of course a 429 cj fell in my lap!
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