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  1. picked up a deluxe steering wheel has a couple cracks. the center pad is good. thought I would try to restore it myself. it's missing the chrome band that go's around the out side of the wheel. anyone know were you can buy it? I don't know if it's metal or just chrome tape? thanks!
  2. Might want to give some thought to maybe using a AOD there's alot of performance parts for them or you can buy one already built that overdrive gear is nice. I've built two with no issues todate. just like everything else there's some years that are stronger than other years
  3. I must be not be doing something right? I can't see any pictures of your car :(
  4. That's a good paint scheme for 2015 too! I love the headers and the way you finished the underside
  5. I can use all the ac stuff you have I'll try to pm you kinda new at this your mail box must be full it said you can't receive anymore pm's. message me with what all you have and what you need for it maybe we can make a deal tonight thanks Rick
  6. Here's a picture of were they go
  7. theses are the drain plugs that go on the bottom of your quarter panels behind the rear wheels
  8. wanted teak wood clock panel insert in nice shape. best way to contact me would be here or rdpogue@hotmail.com
  9. I'm new here became a member tonight just looking around not really knowing what I'm doing yet came across this post and I gotta say I don't need to be seeing stuff like this! I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight. you can't unsee what you have seen. people that would do this kinda stuff to a mustang need to be hunted down and ....... well that's all I'm gonna say on that subject. nice site you got here:) Rick
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