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  1. wanted Looking for a set of the 70 mach-1 sport lamp brackets. thanks
  2. Argent is a Rock Band from the 70's there biggest hit was hold your head up :)
  3. these's are made by " Mr. Mustang" out of ohio they were the very first repro rear frame rail. they have been making parts sense 1975, years before anyone knew the name Dynacorn
  4. as for were the vin is stamped, I think it's like everything else. depends on were it was built. my 69 GT that was built in Dearborn has it stamped on the right & left sides at the shock tower. my coupe built in Metuchen has it stamped on both sides on the top of the front inner apron panel
  5. PM me your mailing address Bill. I'll see what I can do Rick
  6. Wanted looking for a set of front bumper guards. they don't have to be perfect as long as they can be rechromed thanks!
  7. There should be a stamped tag with the vin pop riveted on the drivers side that you can see at the bottom through the windshield. also a reverse-stamped warranty plate riveted to the rear face of the driver's side door for the 69 mustang. 70's used a plastic label the vin is also stamped on the top of the inner fender apron I've seen as few as one and as many as four place's from the same factory
  8. Has anyone replaced there rear bumper and or front bumper for that matter in the last year that they are happy with the fit & finish? I've done a search most of the posts are over a year old and suppliers can change. in years past most have said nordan was the best but they sold out to another supplier and most don't like them anymore. I bought bumpers from a well known parts business a few years back they look great hanging on the wall there's no bow in them but after hearing about some issues with bumpers I decided to check the fit the front is good fit the rear bolted up ok finish is great except they stick out from the body by about a inch more than they should on each side they look like crap! I've had them to long to return I checked with the parts place I bought them from they say they have a new supplier now and they haven't had any complaints. ok so I check there reviews only 2 people have left any feed back they both say they look great even tho they haven't installed them yet they gave them 5 stars! not much help! not looking to bash any business here. that's why I'm just asking if your happy with them and if you are were did you buy it from thanks! Rick
  9. CJ's is running a up to 30% off sale most of there carpet set's are on sale. but the sale ends tonight. 12-23-15 I'm thinking about ordering the non massbacked cut pile then use dynamat under it. not ready for it yet but won't be any cheaper price than now
  10. My Eye's My Eye's needs a few more head lights!
  11. doesn't matter to me were you post it. just as long as you post it! I love this kinda stuff
  12. yep still want it jim. just put it in the box with the other stuff
  13. I think it's the same tab also. the pictures I posted are not mine. I got them offline thought they might help you
  14. here' the layout of the duck work the defrost duct is one large duct it looks alot like the non a/c but there not the same size this is missing the flex hose
  15. the lower vents are the same 69-70 mustang or cougar
  16. it is a cougar vent this is the mustang vent the cougar is wider so it won't fit the a/c dash pad
  17. anyone wanting a chrome grille for a 69 there's one on ebay around $200 with shipping. more than I would pay for a used one. but maybe it's a deal
  18. I'm looking for the lower metal dash with the cut outs for the a/c vents. was just gonna cut mine out. but with it being oval and in the curve part of the dash doesn't look like there is much room for error Thanks!
  19. these's are very rare just like the 69 chrome grill
  20. anyone running 215-70-15 in front with 225 or 235-70-15 in the rear?
  21. you don't have to buy one you can go to your local autozone they loan out this puller along with other tools
  22. I just seen some bad reviews on another forum about the switch not sticking out enough to turn it on & off I'll give one a try thanks for the feedback!
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