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  1. Thought I was missing something. I am trying to keep the original flavor with twists. I front spoiler was molded around an original mach 1 chin spoiler.
  2. Thanks. I am currently adding vents to the side of the air dams for cold air inlets to cool the hot side of the turbos. I like what Silver 69 put up, so I am going to do a bumper tuck. Stay tuned! :)
  3. Removed about 2 inches to raise them up, and rotated them to be in line with lower fascia.
  4. Thanks, very nice. I might try to work some of those elements in.
  5. Not yet, but there will be. The sides of the front air dam will have scoops for flowing air over the turbos, and out vents in the hood.
  6. Hood is within 1/4" of fitting. Yay!!!!
  7. Ok, been taking care of ticky tack stuff. Now back to the fab stuff. Intercooler mounted and plumbed. Fabed up a steel lower air dam, it sits a little low, so some adjustment there. Maybe a hinge so I can raise it when needed? Almost finished with the front end, but I do not want to put a bumper on the front. Any ideas?
  8. Don't. I just can't see paying $800 of hard earned cash on Fin door handles....
  9. I have a keyless entry system, and 3 extra actuators (maybe trunk). Electric is the direction I am going. Thanks for the tip! :)
  10. Well, thanks. There is a lot of trial and error that you may not see.... :)
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