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    1969 Mustang E'

    What little I have had it out which has been a mix of city / two lane highways if I am doing my math correctly it is getting 25 mpg's. Which is what is reported from Ford back in 68' / 69'.
  2. tgwise

    1969 Mustang E'

    Yes, I have been researching them for the last 4 1/2 years. I bought one without knowing what it was until the resto started. 2:33 rear gears , 1" larger torque converter and a few other items. All you cannot see except for the Mustang E' decal that is on the rear quarters. Very rare. No one has seen one until I started showing mine this season.
  3. Who's ever heard of them ? I just finished restoring one. Very rare. Most people have not heard of them. If you have the Mustang Times February issue check it out. I just wanted to share this rare car with you.
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