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  1. Just wanted to let everyone know this carb worked great and I found it at rockauto.com cheap
  2. I am looking at buying the autolite c844 carb from autozone they have 20%off ship to home orders right now and its only $219.99 has anyone ever used one of these carbs?
  3. Here are some pictures of the distributor and both carbs
  4. thank You Guys, I did try and rebuild the carb and the accelerator pump was replaced and it had the same issue. I will check the chart right now to see what carb it needs but has anyone ever put the taller carter yf carb on it? I got 1 from my brother who had it on his 71 maverick the car runs great with it on but the clip on throttle linkage is to short and will not connect also it looks like the air filter assy will barley clear when closing the hood I haven't tried putting the air filter on yet because I want to figure out the throttle linkage part first. also how do you tell which distributor I have, Mine does not have the vacuum advance on the distributor. Thank You again for all your help I can't wait to get her running great! HAPPY EASTER!
  5. Hey everyone, I have a 1969 Mustang Grande with the 250ci 4.1L Big 6. It has a really small carb on it and falls on its face and dies when accelerating(even after carb rebuild). I talked to the people at AutoZone for a rebuild kit and it turns out my carb is from a 1965 170ci 2.8L. My Brother had a 1971 Maverick and gave me his rebuild carter YF carb (the stamp on the side is yf-605Isa). I have 2 small problems with it. It makes the car run great by manually pulling the throttle but it is a lot taller so the throttle linkage that clips on to the carb from the throttle cable actuator is to short by a couple of inches. Also it looks like there will be very little clearance for the air filter assy to go back on when the hood is closed. Has anyone ever put a YF on a 1969 with the 250ci motor and if so did the air filter housing fit and where can I get a longer throttle linkage? Also what is the original Carb that went on this motor? Thank You All in advance for you time.
  6. the distributor gear was in 180 degrees off now I'm running into a new problem runs great at idle but falls on it butt and stalls when you accelerate. If i baby it and put the choke on 3/4 i can get the car to rev. I just found out by trying to buy a rebuild kit that the carb that is on it is from a 1965 2.8L mustang and mine is a 1969 250ci 4.1L Does anyone know what carb is supposed to go on it? even after rebuilding the carb that is on it, it runs to lean I need a carb that will suck the proper amount of gas. My brothers 1971 Mavrick only has the 200ci motor and his carb is twice the size of mine.
  7. fixed that problem turned out the the distributor gear was put in in the wrong position Thank you everyone for the help
  8. Hi, I purchased a 1969 mustang grande with the 250 inline 6 motor. everytime I start it the carb catches on fire, the firing order is in the right postion and i have adjusted the timing of the distributor in every way imaginable to try and get it to stop. The Valves were done and adjusted and the head was surfaced there where no cracks in it. The headgasket was also changed when this was done and the Carb was also rebuilt. any suggestions? Thank You in advance
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