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  1. Ridge Runner, I agree with you, the FB's look better. But there is one Coupe out there....
  2. I agree, hard copy is easier to use in the garage ;-)
  3. I've got the set of 5 Shop Manuals, aswell as the orange books with exploded views.
  4. Thanks for the link Mike. I found some pictures of an unrestored Mustang aswell, looks like interior color is the way to go.
  5. I went with OE steel wheels 15x7 - 4,25BS and 15x8 - 4,50BS just to be safe. It's the same as standard Magnum 500's with the same width.
  6. Hello, I've got a pretty simple question, but i haven't been able to find a clear answer. Should the lower inside door metal with a standard interior be painted body color or interior color (in my case black)? Or was it originally covered by a sort of carpet piece? Thanks for the help. Tony
  7. The Mustang is already not stock so I would keep the wheels as is, so inside and outside match with each other. Adding a red Mach 1 stripe kit would look better IMO.
  8. I tried moving the striker aswell, but in the end it was either slamming the door or having the door not flush enough with the body... Haven't found the right tweak yet, if there's one in the first place. Maybe the new weatherstripping is a little thicker than the originals..?
  9. For now I went ahead and bought the Wheels Vintiques series 62. Another local mustang clubmember has them on his Shelby and they work as it should. I'll keep you guys updated...
  10. I am very surprised aswell. I wouldn't have thought it would be such a hard find. The only set of four that I found was going for $750. Sorry, but that is just to much for me (have to be widened and powder coated in body color on top of that) for steel rims on a plain simple 302 coupe. The repro's cost under $100 per wheel. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places (Ebay)? If a few people have some decent (15inch) spares that they want to part with, I would be very happy.
  11. Hello, I wanted to order a set of period correct steel wheels in 15inch to have them painted body color with '70 hubcaps for our '70. The only company I found that still makes them is Wheel Vintiques (series 62). I haven't been able to find a set of used ones for a reasonable price, so this is my only option so far. But when looking at the specs I saw that these from Wheel Vintiques have a bigger center/hub hole than standard (3.185 inches). Is that a problem? Is it better to add hub centric rings? Thanks for the help.
  12. Okay, thank you for the reply. Good to hear that it should be about 4.25/4.50"BS, Wheel Vintiques can't deliver a wheel with 3.75BS so that had me worried a little.
  13. Hello, I finally made the decision to go with body colored steel wheels on our 1970 Mustang with 1970 dogdish hubcaps (see example attachment). Wheel Vintiques sell the correct looking Series62 steel wheels. I want to fit 15x7 with 235/60 tires in front, and 15x8 with 255/60 in the back. The problem i'm having is finding the correct backspacing. Does anyone have the same setup and/or can tell me what the correct backspacing is? So far I found that 4.5BS in the back is pretty standard, but for the front i'm reading posts mentioning 3.75 to 4.5. Thanks for the help.
  14. I tried sending a PM, but your inbox is full. Can you send me a photo of the 7/8" front sway bar?
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