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  1. Thank you bro, this helps a TON!!!
  2. Hello guys, Im having trouble with my 69 window glass/tracks. I bought my car as a project (69 coupe) and the windows were included but not installed in the car. I tried installing them but I am missing the bushings and clips that hold the tracks in place. Like the roller wheels and stuff. I cant for the life of me find a kit for a 69 coupe with glue in style windows. Everything i find is to convert to bolt in style glass and the kit says it will not fit for glue in style glass. I dont want to spend a grand upgrading to the bolt in glass when my glass is fine. Does anyone know where to get the parts i need? I have all the brackets and all i just need the glue and the little parts to basically "rebuild" my setup. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I found these, but it says they will not work for glue in glass. https://www.cjponyparts.com/window-guide-bushing-1969-1970/p/HW947/
  3. sounds good man thank you. ill try to get some pictures of what I think I need. I have the glass out of the car right now.
  4. Im looking for window track pieces for my 69 coupe. I need a rebuild kit, but all I can find is a kit to convert glue in style to bolt in style. my glass is glue in style, I have the actual tracks, I need the retainer clips and bushings. Headlight trim rings Passenger dash clock Delux door panel trim power steering bracket, (waterpump mount) Rear window molding lower piece Upper hood latch front lower spoiler
  5. A little progress tonight. Going to try to have all the engine bay done and the motor back in this weekend. Now to figure out what color to paint the block...
  6. Thank you! Im trying to figure out the paint color on it.
  7. Hey guys, finally getting around to rebuilding my 69. Picked it up a couple years ago and it got put on hold due to building my race car. I bought it out in Arizona from a Marine who had the motor freshed up and had the car painted. He put the car in storage for about 6 years then I bought it off him. It has the original 302 so I decided I wont LS swap it. The wiring was junk, the interior was practically missing everything besides the seats. It runs but not up to my standards so I am pulling the motor, re-gasketing the whole thing, swapping the booster/master, rear disc conversion, and getting all new interior. The shock towers are cracked really bad and someone tried to fix it with shitty welding skills, so while the motor is out, I am replacing the towers, doing a wire tuck and painting the engine bay. This thread will be pic heavy. Im sure ill have lots of questions for you all as this is my first mustang build. Im a GM late model tech so this car is new to me. Well enough of that, here's the car.
  8. can you send me a link please. im going to order today. I held off because I found some parts on facebook
  9. Thanks guys. I got it figured out. I replaced the bad wiring in the harness and got just about everything working good. there are a couple stray wires but im tracing them with the wiring diagram.
  10. Bump. Going to order tonight for black Friday, let me put some cash in your pocket vs CJPP.
  11. Got the mustang out of storage and getting her daily driver ready. Looking for these parts for my '69. Let me know what you have please. I am located in San Antonio, TX. Thank you Door panels Window cranks (all 4) Side mirrors Center console Passenger side dash piece Rear window molding Rear package tray Headlight buckets (all 4) Front and rear bumpers Hood striker Power steering bracket Door sill plates Seat belts (all 4) Driver seat black Door locks and truck with key Driver windshield wiper Side markers (all 4) Stock shifter and bezel Auto Filler neck Front bumper trim Black arm rests Fog lights Front splitter
  12. Thank you so much, greatly appreciated!!! PeterZavala87@yahoo.com
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