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  1. Hey Ridge Runner - I'm doing a fold down seat conversion and need all the rear fiberglass panels (quarters, hockey sticks, trap door, etc). I'm not doing a concours restoration, but want something that looks good. Who makes the best reproductions?

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    2. Ridge Runner

      Ridge Runner

      Fiberglass ,550 full 7 piece set 

    3. RetroStang


      Thanks for the quote. Sorry I didn't respond earlier, I've been traveling and haven't had a chance to check this site. What I would need are the following:

      • Quarter Trim Panels Front (pair)
      • Quarter Trim Panels Rear (pair)
      • Upper trim panel (hockey sticks, pair)
      • Upper trim panel (above trap door)
      • Upper sail panels (pair)

      Note - I don't need the trap door as I am making a custom speaker enclosure in it's place.

      I have a black interior, so are they finished in black or do I need to paint them? 

      How much to ship all the items to Okemos, MI 48864?

      Thanks --Doug



    4. Ridge Runner

      Ridge Runner

      It would be $675 with out the trap door . They will be black but should still be painted to match interior . I would have to make it all then box it to get the shipping ,it would be a fair sized box ,the big panels are around 31 x31 x 12 and the panel above the trap door is fairly long 

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