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  1. Now all paid for. Are you on holidays or working away Bob?
  2. Thanks guys. Dynacorn Sounds good except for the hood
  3. Hey there. I need a new passenger rear quarter and wheel housing, floor plan, boot floor and hood. Who do you recommend as the best fitting for these parts?
  4. latoracing that sounds great! Do you have a thread on the nose drop? I am very interested in that. James
  5. Love your work! My towers are cracked and really, really bent. So they need to be replaced. Ive seen the Dynacorn parts and they look solid. I'm keen on the boss look in a Mach. My build is an m code Mach and Im building it in a trans am style. That's why I wanted to know if someone else has done it.
  6. My 70 needs new towers so I wondered if anyone has unpicked and used B2 shock towers rather than Dynacorn to replace cracked and bent ones?
  7. Hi, I tried to PM but your box must be full. Please try me on jstewart at mitchellchambers dot com dot au. James
  8. I'll take it! I'll send to a pm with post details. Jim
  9. Congratulations on a brilliant restoration. I hope it gives you many years of satisfaction!
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