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  1. you can put around a 6" shallow speaker in each rear quarter panel plastic, but you need to cut a hole in the sheet metal which will not hurt anything and wont be seen. if you ever remove them you can just put new vinyl on the rear quarters. this in conjunction with the dash mounted stereo speakers will give you reasonable sound but door mounted ones would help considerably. maybe do the dash speakers first then add quarter speakers or door speakers if you want more. custom auto sound has several different radios for mustangs, and i am a dealer for them so i can probably get you a decent price.
  2. That's interesting and good info but it won't cause "dieseling" which is also sometimes referred to as "run on".
  3. Ok thats a plane jane t bird type engine.
  4. Yes, but you live in california, and If that was ppg paint in those buckets it would be a few thousand dollars, lol.
  5. it will not cause any problem. you can also but metal or plastic hole plugs at any hardware store to put in the old holes if you want to make it look a little nicer.
  6. that is a low hp engine and never came in a mustang per se unless it was a cal special. how many exhaust bolt holes are there?
  7. Never, ever, rely on the gauge unless you have compared it with an infra red gun. what is the temp in farenheit?
  8. yeah, put the same brand of 98 in it and see if it stops.
  9. it actually is a factor, but it's complicated to explain. also, you may benefit from more idle timing but less total timing. its called "setting the advance curve".
  10. I like that, it's more like the 67 68 shelby hoods in the rear.
  11. ok, i will take a look for it in a day or so.
  12. ok, there are many mfg's of leaf springs, and many put the car much higher than it came stock. Sometimes these springs need to be re-arced to lower the car. You can certainly try removing the small leaf and try it but the car must have all the interior in etc. Nobody can give you informed decisions on shocks until you drive it and tell us if you want it stiffer or softer and what shocks you currently have on it etc.
  13. One possible way might be to cut a piece of textured plastic around 3/32" thick that conforms to the raised area and is the same width as that area then use 6 or 7 "L" brackets welded to the hood with a nut fixed to the backside or u nut to secure the plastic to the brackets with black oval head machine screws etc.
  14. The shelby drop does not allow much more of the tire to contact the road at all, because unless one is running 45 series tires etc, the tire flexes which allows the thread to stay in contact with the road. The main purpose of the shelby drop is to change the roll center of the car, not to make more of a tire contact the road. "the real improvement comes from the change in the geometry of the suspension. The “roll center” of the suspension is raised, which causes the front suspension to resist “body roll”, which makes the suspension feel, and act, as though a larger sway bar were installed." If one wants the tread of the tire to stay as square to the ground as possible, equal length arms with the same mounting spacing in and out must be used, because this forms a type of parallelogram, however, this system maintains the most tire contact in a turn when there is little to no body roll.
  15. The tire weight has virtually no effect on tracking, but the width and the shape of the tire does. Narrower tires and tires with more of a curved tread face follow irregularities in the road less. These have nearly no affect on how much of the tire contacts the road.
  16. I wish I still had a BOSS 429 that I could measure for you, lol.
  17. I though it is right side up to people from "Down Under".
  18. Most xlnt, and this is going to be very cool. Unfortunately, people with your skills are a vanishing breed, but there sure are lots of people that can slap on bondo by the pound...or the gallon, lol.
  19. If you are willing to use sections that are cut out of another car, it seems to me that you may be able to just use some flat sheet metal and cut it to the size you need then just weld that in. No need to make the job more difficult or complicated if it doesn't need to be.
  20. How much are you asking and what condition are they in?
  21. There are no original door skins left left that i know of, so you would have to use the crappy aftermarket skins which may cost as much as nice used original doors by the time you have the skins installed.
  22. As I mentioned in my previous post, the cost is around the same, plus the 418 kits are plentiful enough. 393 stroker kit $1450.00 https://www.coasthigh.com/Ford-393W-Flat-Top-4-0cc-Street-Fighter-Kit-p/10670-sf-f393w.htm 408 stroker kit $1450.00 https://www.coasthigh.com/Ford-408W-Flat-Top-4-0cc-Street-Fighter-Kit-p/12357-sf-f408w.htm 418 stroker kit $1450.00 https://www.coasthigh.com/Ford-418W-Flat-Top-4-0cc-Street-Fighter-Kit-p/10672-sf-f418w.htm
  23. ummm....don't you have a roof to fix....again!
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