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    Driveline Angles

    1. they may simply not be explaining it correctly. the actual angle of the driveshaft by itself is irrelevant because it has no idea what angle it is at. in other words, it doesn't matter whether you drive your car on a road that is horizontal or one that is at a 45 degree angle. 2. pretty much, unless you have a link suspension like rpm does and some older gm cars had, in which case, you could put them both at nearly the same angle, however, the pinion will still rise slightly under load with a link system if the links use rubber bushings instead of heim joints because the bushings will flex, therefore, a slight difference in angle is still advisable imo. .
  2. barnett468

    Should I recore my original radiator?

    I would NOT recore it. The rad shops can NOT get the us made cores with the same tube size as the originals, and the cores they now use have much smaller tubes then the original rads had, so if you get one with the same amount of tubes as the one you have, it will hold LESS water and will not col as efficiently. I actually have a rad with a new us made core that i would sell if it fits your needs and your car. .
  3. barnett468

    Period Correct Alternator

    What is your question?
  4. barnett468

    Intake By-Pass Tube Size - C5AE9425C

    Just in case you are interested, i may have the correct date coded intake for your car and it is for a 49th state non smog car.
  5. i have used lots of hankooks and they are no worse than ta's or coopers. .
  6. Tire sizes vary slightly between manufacturers, but below is what they theoretically "should" be. The 235 75 14 is a truck size tire and it would most likely hit. You are safe with 205 75 14. The other thing to consider is wheel offset. If you have aftermarket wheels, they may stick out slightly farther than the stock ones which can cause the tires to hit the fenders. 235 60 14 ....... 25.1 x 9.3 235 75 14 ....... 27.8 9.25 205/75R14 ..... 26.1 8.10 215/75R14 ..... 26.7 8.50
  7. Based on your photo, there is a .25 difference in angle between the trans and the pinion. If it were me, since your diff links are adjustable, I would just start trying different pinion angles, starting with rotating the pinion up .20 degrees. If there is no noticeable change try 1 degree up from that new position (3.95) and if that doesn't help maybe even try 1.2 degrees down from the current position (1.75), which should make it worse.
  8. This does not apply to your car because you have a link suspension, but maybe it will still help. It shows how the pinion angle can change drastically on some vehicles which is not ideal but it won't necessarily cause a noticeable vibration providing the driveshaft angles are within the proper range once the vehicle is moving at a steady speed.
  9. Here is one of the photos i posted before. Look carefully at the bottom image as it might be hard to see what it is depicting. If one has driveshaft angles like this, i will definitely cause a vibration. This is the last example in my post above that I was trying to explain. The driveshaft must always be downhill more than the trans AND uphill more than the diff, or vise versa.
  10. Ideally the driveshaft should be at a steeper uphill angle then the diff. For example if the pinion is level and the driveshaft is 1 degree down this is the opposite of ideal although it will not necessarily cause a problem. The problem is when the amount of angle is not the same at the engine or trans as i mentioned in my other post. I posted photos and videos on driveshaft angles on here a while back but i can't find it now. Its much easier to understand by looking at those. Even though you have a fixed diff the faster you go the higher the front of the car gets and the lower the rear gets and this changes the angle of the driveshaft relative to both the trans and diff
  11. barnett468

    Chasing a Vibration - Flex Plate?

    "Ideally, the amount of driveshaft angle at the trans and pinion should be exactly the same but in opposite directions. I agree, mine are .55° apart. " That is actually such a small amount that it "should" not cause a problem. I have seen them farther apart then that and not cause a vibration. I'm guessing that your link arms are not adjustable. If not you could install ones that are adjustable on the top or the bottom then set the pinon angle the same amount as the trans etc and see if that helps. Some driveshafts can also produce harmonics that can cause a vibration but these are typically aftermarket ones. "One of the major issues with setting up the driveshaft angle, is that on a leaf spring suspension that does not have a torque bar like a old SS Camaro has, I don't have leaf springs. I installed a triangulated 4 link." Yes I saw that, I just added the leaf spring comment for others that might read this that have leaf springs. .
  12. "Cooper Cobras aren't nearly as popular but a safer bet these days." They are also much cheaper then T/A's and probably work better. I know for a fact that they squeal far less then the T/A's did after Goodrich changed their formula. for the worst. "Now that I've said that I better duck the incoming." What "incoming" is going to be coming in that you need to duck? . .
  13. What exactly do you mean by "the largest"? How will you be driving the car, mild or semi aggressively? The lower the profile, the better it will corner but the firmer the ride will be. .
  14. barnett468

    Chasing a Vibration - Flex Plate?

    Your driveshaft goes uphill 2.85 degrees from the trans? What is the angle from the pinion to the driveshaft? Ideally, the amount of driveshaft angle at the trans and pinion should be exactly the same but in opposite directions. For typical street use, anywhere from 1 1/2 to 3 degrees seems to be fine in my experience. The higher the speed, the straighter the shaft should be providing it is never exactly parallell to the trans and pinion for a prolonged period because the u joints will not "rotate" in this position which can cause premature u joint wear. One of the major issues with setting up the driveshaft angle, is that on a leaf spring suspension that does not have a torque bar like a old SS Camaro has, the springs will flex (develop a slight S shaped bow) under load, which allows the pinion to rise. The greater the load, the higher the pinion will rise, which of course changes its angle relative to the driveshaft. This means that the angle of the shaft will change the harder one accelerates and the faster one goes. The pinion can rise several degrees in some cases, but I typically allow for around 1 - 1 1/2 degrees in rise at freeway speed on standard leaf spring type applications. Some others do it differently but this is the method that has worked for me. .
  15. barnett468

    Chasing a Vibration - Flex Plate?

    its most likely caused by driveshaft angle then.
  16. barnett468

    Chasing a Vibration - Flex Plate?

    If you are standing still and leave the trans in park then hold the engine at around 2500 rpm, does it still have the vibration?
  17. barnett468

    What filler for quarter panel extensions?

    that link didn't work but it is plain old j b weld on the edge that butts up against the body then fill in the low side behind it with plain old bondo . done it countless times even on and high end show cars. bear in mind that the end caps and front fender extensions (headlight housings) can flex a little when tightened which can sometimes cause almost any type of filler to crack.
  18. barnett468

    What filler for quarter panel extensions?

    I use j b quick on the mating edge then bond behind that.
  19. barnett468

    Factory a/c without tinted glass?

    Tinted glass was definitely an option on a non ac car in 65/66. As far as 65/66 cars that came with clear glass always having a tinted rear window, I don't remember that but I suppose it is possible but it wouldn't make any sense as far as I can tell. It also makes zero sense to me to put clear glass in an ac car but they obviously did.
  20. barnett468

    Gear Vendors Overdrive

    And this changes the driveshaft angle that lanky mentioned which can cause a vibration and/or premature u joint wear.
  21. barnett468

    70 Convertible top replacement

    did you check to see if there is air in the lines?
  22. barnett468

    Factory a/c without tinted glass?

    Interesting, that was not the case on the 65 and 66 cars.
  23. barnett468

    Factory a/c without tinted glass?

    Tinted glass was supposed to be mandatory on all a/c cars, but i would email kevin and ask him if he has ever heard of such a thing as clear glass on an a/c car.
  24. Are they used on pipes that are flanged on both ends, like to maybe hold the muffler or cat on? I restore vintage cars and they don't use those types of clamps.