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  1. unless you are drag racing it all the time, both the mcleod and centerforce dual friction discs are xlnt. the off brand kevlar clutches from china are total crap. you also need a pressure plate with at least 2400 lbs of clamping force if you beat on it much, and if you drag race you need around 2800 - 3200 lbs of clamping force but you will also need a left leg the size of a redwood tree to push it in.
  2. I don't understand your question, however, an scj mustang is worth much more than a standard cj mustang if all else is the same.
  3. remove ALL the screws from the radio bezel yank outward on the bezel hard to remove it remove the screw on the bottom of each side molding and remove the molding remove the screws from the radio bracket pull the radio straight out far enough to unplug it remove radio after it is unplugged. virginia mustang had the best and most accurate door panels by far, but the top flange that the window felt stapled to sometimes needed to be bent at a little more of an angle which can be done. their panels had a white plastic backing. i don't know if they still sell the same ones. RD
  4. Your answer was vague because you did not state that the numbers you were posting were the stroke, which was not part of his question, unless he used the word "length" when he really meant "stroke". "Is the crank on a 69 390 mustang the same length as a crank from a 1970 truck 390?"
  5. Removing the bumps is ok and will help a little but my point is that if you want big performance gains that you will easily notice, you need to do the other things in addition to removing the bumps.
  6. ok removing the exhaust bump alone is nearly pointless in your case because you need bigger valves and some professional porting done to get significant gains. you can in no way simply just start grinding on the holes to make them bigger in hopes that you will gain more hp, and in fact, you can loose hp by grinding on them incorrectly. they need to be properly modified for the bigger valves, and typically, modifying the short turn radius's properly with stock or larger valves will increase hp. porting is a science and an art, and is therefore best left to these types of people.
  7. what exactly is your goal? what size will the engine be? how much hp do you want to have. afr's are are arguably the best overall, with trick flows also being very good but more affordable, but you can get decent performance from the chinese aluminum heads these days for far less money but you need to remove the crappy rocker arm studs and install good ones.
  8. by the time you spend the money to have them fully ported and large valves installed, you could have spent a little bit more and just bought aluminum heads, which are not only a on lighter, and will flow better and give you more hp, you can also run a little more compression with them.
  9. removing the bump alone will do very little if you have stock exhaust manifolds, and won't do a whole lot more if you have headers, but i prefer to remove it on mild performance engines. since you have the heads off, i would determine the compression and increase it some if it is warranted for your particular app. i would also check the deck height of the pistons and possibly use a thin head gasket from cometic to improve the quench/squish clearance to reduce the potential for detonation.
  10. ford contour fans fit the 24" radiator. you can get them shipped from the us. the only other fan that might fit that will flow around as much air is a sidewinder. https://the-fan-man.com/product/side-winder-electric-fan-kit/
  11. ok, just in case you don't know, the 69 stripes are smooth, meaning there is no texture to the surface. The 70 stripes are slightly rough like sand paper, so be sure to get the correct paint for the year car you have. Duracryl is probably the best and most accurate these days. Also, if it is a 1970 and you use the textured paint, you should find someone that has done this on a Mustang many times before and used this particular product, otherwise, it is possible that the results may be "unpleasant". Also, also, I think you can still get this product in either lacquer or enamel, and the enamel goes on thicker so it will leave a bit more of an edge. The lacquer is more correct but it may react unfavorably to the existing paint. Welcome to world of paining stripes in the year 2020, lol.
  12. 1. It is idling way too high. This will cause it to slam into gear and you may very well damage the trans. 2. If there is a vacuum line going from the distributor to the carburetor or intake, disconnect it and plug the fitting on the carb or intake that it is attached to. 3. It does not sound like the cam in the engine is so big that it will not idle much lower, therefore, you must get it to idle lower somehow. There is a screw to set the idle with. It is located on the left side of the carburetor (as you are sitting in the drivers seat) and it pushes on the throttle arm. This screw needs to be turned counter clockwise (to the left) to lower the idle. Turn the screw out until the engine dies. If you can turn the screw out so the tip of it no longer touches the throttle arm and the engine still does not die, you have an air leak or there is something that is preventing the throttle blades from closing all the way. If this happens, disconnect the speedometer cable and try it again. If this does not close the throttle any further you need to find out why the throttle blades are not closing completely. 4. You can also try temporarily retarding the timing. It should around 10 degrees before top dead center when the idle is low. If the timing is set too high, it can prevent you from being able to lower the idle speed very much.
  13. Just happened across this carbon fiber hood from anvil for "only" 2499.00, but it doesn't do a thing for me.
  14. the problem with vinyl is that it is not going on a flat surface due to the crown in the hood, and there is no such thing as an aftermarket vinyl center hood stripe, however, you can have a vinyl wrap shop fabricate something, however, unless it actually has some type of adhesive, it may not stick. if you have a shop make one have them give you a written guarantee it will not bubble or lift anywhere for a year or something. you can also have phoenix graphics make a stripe that is wide enough from 3m brand adhesive decal/stripe material but it would reguire someone very good to make it work so the outer edges are parallel once it is laid over the crown of the hood, because the higher the crown, the more it will pull in the sides of the stripe. also, just for novelty info, the painted stripe and trunk and tail panel black out on a 69 is not black, it is dark indigo blue. .
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