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  1. barnett468

    Chasing a Vibration - Flex Plate?

    it can be a little worse/magnified when driving. is the vibration cyclic or constant?
  2. barnett468

    Rising temps

    175 is lukewarm.
  3. barnett468

    Rising temps

    never, ever, ever, use the gauge as a guide as it does not tell you the exact temp, plus if the temp sender has been changed in the last 45 years, it most likely is reading inaccurately so it could red high or it could read low, but obviously in your case, it is reading higher than it previously was.
  4. barnett468

    Rising temps

    you need an infra red gun or a numerical temp gauge. you can remove the rad cap then lower the water level until you can see the tops of the tubes clearly then see if there is any rust in the tops of any of them. incorrect ignition timing can cause higher than normal temps.
  5. barnett468

    Caster Issue ?

    one alignment spec does not fit all applications. also, if you set both sides to exactly the same spec, the car will favor turning slightly to the right on crowned roads. I was paying around $65.00 for alignments a few years back so it wasn't worth getting my hands dirty and dealing with the hassle and doing them myself.
  6. barnett468

    Chasing a Vibration - Flex Plate?

    also, sit in the car and rev the engine to around 2000 rpm for 10 seconds then to around 2500 or a little more for 10 seconds and see it if vibrates.
  7. barnett468

    Caster Issue ?

    the fix is to take it to an alignment shop and have them align it providing not of your parts are worn out of spec.
  8. barnett468

    1970 Cougar - Ignition Switch question

  9. barnett468

    1970 Cougar - Ignition Switch question

    ummm...$115.00 doesn't seem like too much to me for a very rare part like that, and I for one would gladly pay that if I needed one and would also be extremely grateful to whomever had it for sale.
  10. barnett468

    Rising temps

    what was the previous bore? what is the current bore? did you increase the compression? did you set your timing curve to the optimum level? did you change the exhaust? did you change the cam? what is your t stat rating? what temp is it getting to? does the temp drop quickly once you are moving around 30 mph or more? is your rad plugged up?
  11. barnett468

    AC vent rebuild

    or you can buy 7/32", 1/16", or 1/8" thick adhesive backed felt and use that. http://www.durofelt.com/image_22.html https://www.amazon.com/ROLL-THICK-SELF-ADHESIVE-PROTECTIVE/dp/B007O0NO4I
  12. barnett468

    Needing 1966 Mustang convertable body

    i know of a couple converts but convert builders are not cheap.
  13. barnett468

    Needing 1966 Mustang convertable body

    i know of a 70 convert in so cal for around 7000.00.
  14. barnett468

    Rear window bottom corners

    did you install a new window rubber? these can also sometimes prevent the moldings from being flush in the corners because they are not made exactly the same as the originals so its possible that a new rubber might need to be trimmed a little.
  15. barnett468

    69 Mach 1 or 69 GT