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  1. It should never be mounted directly to the radiator. it should always have at least 1/2' of space between anything it is mounted to. also, not all oil coolers are the same. some are far more efficient than others. here is another mounting location option.
  2. if you send me a pm with your contac info i will let you know if i come across one in so cal. i have seen 3 of them in the last 6 months.
  3. You can not get a rad core with the factory size tubes anymore, therefore, you should get a 4 row core if you can. I have nos motocraft distributor caps if you need one. you can get the concours spark plug wires and battery cables from kevin marti if you dont already have them deadnutson.com also has some rare concours parts as well as semo mustang and mansfield mustang and perogies
  4. I have done this for 40 years. 1. Unfortunately, you can not match it yourself. 2. PPG solvent base is one of the best paints to use to get the closest match on old school original paint jobs. Water base paint will not even be close. 3. If you have to spray an entire panel, you should blend it into the adjacent panel, otherwise it will stick out like a sore thumb.
  5. One of the weatherstrips is of on backwards or on the wrong side.
  6. Acc carpet is complete crap, distinctive carpet is the best however distinctive no longer makes carpet, so unless you are luvky enough to find some place thst has some left over, you are stuck with the crap csrpet.
  7. I already posted that specialty wheels are the best but you now have to buy them from coker tire.
  8. yeah...when you hook the other 7 back up it should really run good.
  9. ummm...don't you have a roof or something to fix.
  10. you could try perogies, or dead nuts on, or mansfield mustang, and there are a couple others that slip my mind right now.
  11. nope, that is it. I have used in on master cylinders many times. It is not required to bake it on but it is better, plus it can be dried with a high watt hair dryer or heat gun which is better than not heating it at all.
  12. parkerizing will leave it a dark color and it can still rust. the high temp cast iron paint you brush on then bake is one of the better deals.
  13. you can use factory shoulder harness belts but may have to weld the nut in the roof for them unless it is already in your roof.
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