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  1. I would use either of the 2.87 gear trannies because they have a numerically lower first gear, so it is actually usable because you can go faster than 6 mph before you have to shift. A 3.27 or or numerically higher first gear is good for steep hill climbing or a lame V8 or even lamer 6 cylinder engine. T5 Z SPEC . . . . 2.95, 1.94, 1.34, 1.00, 0.63 TKX . . . . . . . . . .2.87, 1.89, 1.28, 1.00, .068
  2. I don't understand what you are doing or what all of your questions are Chris Straub can make a custom cam if you want. I would also run around 10" of 3" tube off the back of your headers before you sleeve it down to 2.5.
  3. I'm just waiting for someone to post that lame "chevy engineers" essay on timing now, lol.
  4. NEVER EVER use manifold vacuum for vacuum advance on a car that has a centrifugal advance distributor and single port vacuum advance unit, EVER, unless you like having over 30 degrees of advance at idle, so your engine may idle like crap at idle. Also, ported vacuum has absolutely ZERO to do with emissions. .
  5. you can probably get an original factory shifter from semo or perogies but it won't be cheap.
  6. yes those are seat belt bolts but they should go into a round nut plate that is welded to the body. you should also have the holes for the seat . you might want to look carefully to see if that piece has been replaced you can always try tony gerace at gerace restorations as well . tell him mustang mike says the sushi bar misses him. this is from a 70 mustang but i dont remember which model
  7. What do you want to know besides just the seat code?
  8. Unfortunately, in the link you posted it does not say if the bels palsey went away on its own or required medication to make it go away and it oes not say that it ever went away. The problem is that bels palsey that is caused by the vaccine, may be a more serious form, and without any more info, it may be a permanent condition, so a lot more info regarding the outcome of patients that got bels palsey from the shot is needed. Also, the likely hood of the patients getting bels palsey naturally soon after they received the shot are astronomically small, therefore, it is reasonable to deduce that at least in the majority of the cases, the bels palsey was caused by the shot.
  9. ...or for even more fun you can buy a 351 and stroke it to 410!
  10. make sure the interior never had armor all or other silicone based product on it.
  11. i have an instrument cluster and the glove box side if you need.
  12. That's funny, and it reminds me of guys renting Shelby's, then taking the engine out and replacing it with another stock one, lol.
  13. They didn't say, but one possibility is that ACC cost less, so possibly that started to take away enough business from Distinctive that it was no longer profitable enough to make carpet. I asked either ACC or Distinctive (can't remember which one now) what they used for a mold on the Mustangs, and they said they used Mustang floor pans, but of course they had them reinforced somehow.
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