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  1. Comments on plans for build

    yes, and so the op is probably long since passed away. you might get more replies if you start your own thread.
  2. engine builders please chime in

    you did not answer this. " What do you like and dislike about the current cam? " 1. do you want more bottom end power and less top end power? 2. do you want more top end power and less bottom end power? 3. do you want a smooth, moderate, or rough idle? 4. are you going to change your gear ratio?
  3. engine builders please chime in

    a photo of the top of the pistons would help plus the answers to my other questions.
  4. 351W compression question

    you need to have your heads cc'd. chris straub is one of the best cam grinders in the business. straubtechnologies.com
  5. 351W compression question

    the piston volume is probably arund 5 to 6 cc's so you add this to your compression calculation. You can lay a metal ruler across the top 1/3rd of a piston the bring it up to tdc then simply use a feeler gauge to see how far below the surface the piston is. the block decks are not always square to the crank so it is better to measure each piston. are you having a custom cam ground? at 10.5 you may have some pinging so it is important to know what the quench/squish clearance is.
  6. 351W compression question

    what heads are they? the last 69 351 heads i had a few months ago were around 60 cc's.
  7. Best carbureter for stock 302

    you couldn't pay me to use an edelbrock. you might want to look at quick fuel carbs also. 500 to 600 cfm will work . you may have to change the secondary spring to get optimum performance. setting your ignition timing curve for optimum perf is also helpful but a bit more involved.
  8. engine builders please chime in

    well, you didn'r answer my questions therfore, i have no idea what cam will best suit your needs. i can tell you that the "bigger" the cam, the higher the compression should be to get the most out of the cam. if your pistons are .020 below the head surface and you use 55 cc heads with a standard .041 thick gasket, your compression will be a little less than optimal and you should not run a high revving cam. cutting corners will cut performance.
  9. engine builders please chime in

    that should be honed on a sunnen hone to maintain the bores its trueness to insure proper ring seal. so since you want to do it as cheap as possible just run the same cam and compression and deck height you have.
  10. Aluminum and pot metal repair

    hmmmm...where can i get muggy rod? i need to just barely tack weld 5/16 plate together.
  11. engine builders please chime in

    ok, if you want to spin 7000 rpm you need forged pistons, high perf crank damper, forged rods, better crank than stock, rebalance your engine, 11.0 compression, and a solid lifter cam would be better than a hydraulic. you also need 3.73 gears and a dual friction clutch disc or similar with around 1850 lbs of pressure on the pressure plate . i would also run a 10.5" clutch . mcleod makes them. performer rpm intake at the minimum with a 650 to 675 cfm carb. long tube headers . 2 1/4" exhaust with a cross over or x pipe, non restrictive mufflers. a good ignition would also help.
  12. engine builders please chime in

    honing the cylinders will only take out as much as they home which can be as little as .00025" (1/4 of one one thousand). standard cast iron rings will seat the best and the quickest. have the bores measured to see if they are true. i would get the bock 0 decked then run a cometic .035 thick gaskets to reduce the potential for detonation and allow you to run high compression. your compression affects the cam choice so we need to know the volume of the piston and cc's of the heads you want to use. a basic hydraulic cam is the most affordable. i use crane anti pump lifters or crower cool face cam oiler lifters. true roller timing chain set. what exhaust do you have? how far do you want to rev it? What do you like and dislike about the current cam?
  13. he is a one man show and builds them in his spare time. he may be on vacation or ill or something. it has been a while since i had contact with him.
  14. brake distribution block help

    that is a more clear explanation of what you were previously trying to say

    factory 3.91 & 4.11 gears in a ford whine. in a transmission, straight cut gears whine much more than helical cut gears.