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  1. if you want a super high revving engine, then build a 331, if you want monster low end and mid range power then build a 351 in to anything from a 393 to a 410. 9" as mentioned for the rear end.
  2. comp cams lifters are crap by the way.
  3. remflex gaskets seal irregularities the best, and are burn proof. my friend has percy gaskets on his car and the headers have a thick 1/2" flange and they are leaking. since the burn area is all on the bottom of every cylinder, make sure there is nothing forcing the header outward on the bottom. jba gaskets are only good for the trash can and you couldn't pay me to use one.
  4. not all fans are created equal. the highest flowing fans are factory ford from a taurus, or lincoln, or contour with a v6 engine. a fan controller should also be used and the one from dcc products is one of the best.
  5. you should put thin wall plastic sleeves on the bolts to keep from scratching the crank.
  6. That kit is not available, also, you should never buy a radiator unless you know exactly what size the tubes are and how many tubes there is in it. I cleared my inbox so you should be able to leave me a message now.
  7. Hedman Elite headers are the best bang for the buck and the remflex gaskets are one of the best to use, or the soft aluminum gaskets.
  8. I have 2 big tube radiators that I will sell for much less than that. Send me a pm if you are interested.
  9. Determining if it is good or not is easy, as you just measure the size of the tubes, and if they are 1/2" x 1/8" it is at least decent, and the more rows it has the better it cools if all else is the same.
  10. why would an aftermarket company reproduce something they will rarely sell any parts for and will never come close to recouping their investment back out of?
  11. harland sharp rockers used to be good, but hard to say now. you might call and ask where they are made. did you restrict the oil flow to the rocker arms with a restrictor and are you using the cobra jet style oil filter adapter? prw is "overseas" made, and is crap.
  12. ummm...wow, ya never know what your gonna learn on at this place. Yeah, if it is NOT installed yet, make sure the intake runners are square to the heads. I think what 1969_mach1 is seeing is an anomaly but as he suggestes, it's good to check. Exactly what intake gaskets are you using and what thickness are they? i prefer the fel pro laminated gaskets for this app because they are far less likely to leak water.. As suggested, use a bead of silicone instead of the cork or rubber end seals. 1/4" before being torqued down is slightly on the high side to insure that a cork gasket will seal properly. Use only gray high temp permatex gasket maker or toyota fipg for the end seals. clean the crap out of the block and intake for the sealer and wipe it with alcohol after you clean it. after installing the intake, let it sit 24 hours so the silicone can dry. after this you can cut the excess silicone off with a razor blade if you like. dont use too much or it can squeeze out and fall into the lifter galley.
  13. Unless acc has changed something, their mass backed carpet is no denser than their standard crap carpet. It merely has a stronger backing on it. The best carpet was made by Distinctive Industries, but unfortunately they stopped making carpet so you are stuck with the crappy acc carpet.
  14. It should never be mounted directly to the radiator. it should always have at least 1/2' of space between anything it is mounted to. also, not all oil coolers are the same. some are far more efficient than others. here is another mounting location option.
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