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  1. Unfortunately they are all crap mainly because the rubber is a bazillion times harder than the factory rubber but carpenters is less crappy than most others.
  2. as mentioned, it would be helpful to know what your compression is. it is possible that simply bolting on higher ratio rocker arms will give you more power, but without the cam and head flow info, it would just be trial and error. also, your ignition timing needs to be set to the optimum level for your particular engine to get the most power out of it. if you have a vacuum secondary carb, you can probably get more mid range power by installing a lighter secondary spring.
  3. You bought a new timing set to replace the one that was installed incorrectly and made the popping noise?
  4. the best wilwood brakes are radial calipers and the large diameter, extra thick discs. you will never need anything better.
  5. if you plan on driving hard enough for the brakes to get hot, like road race or a mountain road etc, you should get better ones.
  6. Lol, yeah, there are some super thin, ie super crappy carb base gaskets out there
  7. keep us posted . shouldn't have a problem with crane lifters but it's possible it's defective. if you have push in rocker studs the stud can also pull out of the head.
  8. Is it a comp cams lifter? Did you try to adjust it again? They should be around 1/2 turn in from zero.
  9. the best molded mustang acc carpet is nothing more than their standard crap molded carpet with a heavier backing. the best carpet was made by distinctive industries but they stopped making it but some small mustang shops may have some left in stock.
  10. To start with, do you have a photo of the tire tread? If the face of the tread is flat, the car will drift/wander a little if it is a 70's mustang or camaro etc.
  11. the tires will not hit the arms. you can also often grind a little off the end of the arm to get clearance if needed.
  12. if the intake gasket is leaking in the valley, it could suck up oil. one thing to determine if it is getting excess oil into one or more of the cylinders is to remove the plugs and number them with a felt pen then look at the porcelain and see if it looks wet and oily. you could also be sucking it up thru the pcv if you have aftermarket valve covers, in which case you can put an oil catch can in the pcv line to see if it gets oil in it. they sell them at summit racing.
  13. well you said it runs rough, and if an engine is running rough it is typically from low compression in one or more cylinders, an electrical issue like a bad plug wire or bad plug, or a big cam or it could be from an imbalanced engine or imbalanced or bent flywheel.
  14. lol, the first thing my girlfriend did the only time i let her drive my 78 corvette was run the front spoiler over a parking curb.
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