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    mikee got a reaction from TexasEd in 69 coupe from SVK   
    Hi Guys,
    so, my euphory after my first engine parts shipment came only after a week since order (Rockauto) is gone. I received connecting rod bearings, cam bearings, oil pump, timing chain but the rest of delivery (with main bearings of course) got stuck at our famous customs to. Since December 12th  I have no respond from them what I should do to get the parts. My “Christmas” build is gone, so I spent Holidays with some unnecessary work. After I build my custom steering wheel, I finished battery relocation pan with circuit breaker and kill switch.

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    mikee reacted to smh00n in A '70 sportsroof Grabber pack gets some love in Australia   
    Part 12 - Engine is finished
    So, my decision to change cams after the engine was basically complete took up a lot of time and money.
    Lunati 282HR cam (P/N # 20350712) arrived 3 weeks earlier than I was told, so I was able to get into that. 
    Pulling the front was easy but the timing case gasket was sacrificed. Can you believe it took 2 weeks to ship one 500 miles? I hate couriers sometimes.
    The Trickflow timing set I installed had 2 new countersunk screws for the cam plate, to give clearance for the bronze thrust washer

    Neat system, all you need to do is countersink the hole. Well, the guy who screwed to motor together this first time put too much lock tight on the screws, and I rounded the hex head off trying to remove it. Ok, no issue I'll buy another one.
    Pull the old cam, start to prep the new cam and what do I see? Imperfections in the lobes! Dammit

    I don't know what they were, but they weren't welcome. This was a Saturday so I couldn't do anything. I was slightly paniced as the supplier only got 3 cams and they said 2 were pre-sold (including me). So I spent the weekend freaking. Luckily, Monday I called them, they still had 2, physically checked one and sent out a new one. They even paid for the freight back for the dud one. Precision International in Melbourne are top people.
    So, now to buy a new screw for the cam plate. Trick flow don't sell them as an item, so I goes to a bolt shop. cuppla bucks later I had 2 new screws, but the heads about about 1/16" bigger.. Off to the tool shop, get a larger countersink tool and cut the plate again. It's not right, as it looks like the taper on the new screws is different too, but it doesn't foul the thrust washer so that's good.
    In with the new cam, time it up, put it all back together. But, new cam with higher lift means new pushrods. So they are on order.
    I had to remove the sump to put the front cover on, so I took some pictures of the innards. The phone had oil all over it so they aren't great, but you seen one crank and rods you seen 'em all...
    Windage tray and Boss 302 oil pickup for the Boss sump

    Valley and lifters whilst setting timing. I bought 2 hydraulic lifters and made the solid so I could check the pushrod length, which is why the spider is missing.

    SRS forged pistons, +0.030", -5cc domes. Massive valve reliefs, there is still about 3 feet in engine measurement before the valves come even close to the piston.

    Bit of alloy head porn. These are Dart Pro 1 heads, 195cc inlets with a 2.02"/1.60" valve. I also paid extra for a mild clean up on them when they checked the springs. No idea if it will help but the ports have been opened up nicely.

    Then, today I fitted the flywheel and checked the bellhousing run out. I'm not sure if I was lucky or not but the numbers cam in at -0.090" and +0.011", which I calculate to be 0.002" and within tolerance max of 0.005"
    The clutch was modified by a local shop, it is a 10.5" plate and an Exedy cover, he was seeking a good clamp with a light-ish pedal. Time will tell.
    Finally, after months of work I have a complete engine ready to stick back in.

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    mikee got a reaction from RPM in 69 coupe from SVK   
    Thanks Bob, I drew it as I liked it (handle thickness, diameter, and wheel rise) and local shop cut it for me. Beech plywood, epoxy glue, stain and approx. 12 hours of work.
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    mikee reacted to Viperpete in Boss 9 Tribute   
    So this is what I have been doing while I was waiting for my doors from NPD. I taught myself armoring. Back story.... I built myself a complete suit of armor (a couple years ago) for fun. Then this year I wanted to give my bosses something special for christmas so I made a helmet and stand and a pair of gauntlets. Both came out great. I shape the metal by hand with no heat. Helmet took 43 hours and the gauntlets took 19 hours. The helmet is modeled after a 13th century French Sallet style helmet. It's very comfortable. The interior is wrapped in foam and leather. The Bevor portion of the helmet is fixed to the stand but both pieces are movable. 
    Hoping to get back to the car early next month.







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    mikee reacted to BuckeyeDemon in 69 mach 408w build   
    two pics from back in may of 2022 at a local event.  My dad drove the falcon and i drove the mustang.  it was great to have my dad take a car and have two hot rods there.


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    mikee reacted to RandyatBBY in RandyatBBY's 1970 Sportsroof   
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    mikee got a reaction from Grabber70Mach in 69 coupe from SVK   
    Hi Guys ... after a while (that felt like forever)
    So my lesson learned - never judge engine after removing one cylinder head :)
    After I took down the second one o found some scratches in cylinder 6 and suspicious spot in cylinder 7 that could be a crack. So my optimism was gone and I knew I have to disassembly whole endine. I made penetration test of cylinder 7 - and it came out that it was no crack. The biggest disappointment was then I realized that the engine is already 0.040 over. The bearings of connection rods were also destroyed as well as on crankshaft. 
    I spent hours on net to browse 351w topics and videos, what are my possibilities. To bore it over to 4.060" is to risky, to sleeve it to expensive and to find some good block for reasonable price in europe is impossible. So I decided to just refresh the engine (hone the cylinders, re ring it and change all bearings, timing, cam, lifters and oil pump), put it together so I can finish the car. With finished hone I was able to get roundness and taper to factory specs, but my bore is up to 0,002 inch over the top limit. Anyway, no option at this time, at least the crank is 0,010 under so I can let it grind to 0,020 and balance. Im looking now for parts to order. Except piston rings and camshaft it should be no problem.  
    Rings - I'm not sure if I buy 0,040 over rings the gap will be not too big (my worn rings make 0,026" gap). I'm thinking to buy 0,060s and grind them to size, but I don't know if the shape of rings is already different because of bigger diameter.
    Camshaft - I can't find some stock cam or some alternative in any shop (everywhere is only edelbrock performer + )

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    mikee reacted to Vicfreg in 1970 Convertible Restoration   
    Started wiring the switches.  Will be using some terminal blocks.

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    mikee reacted to staffy in 69 Restomod (UK)   
    Sorry I’ve not posted in here for ages…
    Car was more or less ready at end of September and was getting it ready for a large local show over here in England. Basically I never got there because ihas all sorts of issues with my C4, which I bought used and was supposed to have been rebuilt….needless to say it screwed up, so no show…
    Collected the box and TQ today, so that will be going back in over next 2 weeks or so, when I get a spare moment.
    In the meanwhile, I’ve been busy tidying up/fitting new interior parts eg one piece headliner, BMW E30 seats, 3 point sets belts, gauge pod etc and tidy up engine bay wiring etc 

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    mikee reacted to staffy in 69 Restomod (UK)   
    A quick update:
    1-the 408 stroker finally arrived in the crate across the pond after 9 month of delays, shipping issues etc
    2-taken some times to get the various ancillary parts, shipping to U.K. is a real pain; JBA shorties etc 
    3-engine fitted and hoping to fire it up in next 3/4 weeks 
    4-just collecting the other parts to complete the car e.g  glass will go in next 2/3 weeks 
    car is booked into a major U.K. classic car show on 10 `July so has to be ready, but not sure if I’m going to make it 

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    mikee got a reaction from RPM in 69 coupe from SVK   
    Hi everybody,
    I started the most exciting part of my restoration – engine. My goal is nothing extraordinary, just to have reliable engine around 300-350 hp. I'd like to buy some top end kit in the future, but I can’t find anything reasonable anywhere around right now.  
    Last time the engine worked was 6 years ago. As I remember, smoke was no issue, and it did run … For condition check I made cold compression test, no additional cylinder lubrication, the max. pressure was achieved after 3-4 cranks. My readings were from approx. 168 to 180 psi – what I think is pretty good. Even condition of cylinder is not so bad – the crosshatch pattern is still noticeable, and I didn’t feel any step on top of the cylinder in end position area of first piston ring. On lifters is almost none wear visible.
    What’s your opinion please: Can I leave the rotation assembly as it is (crank, cam, pistons), or should I replace some parts anyway? I don’t know the condition of timing chain yet.
    At this point I’m thinking to just reseal whole engine (inc. frost plugs) and just slightly port heads (remove and open overhangs on openings edges) and leave it as it is. Anyway, I think my next upgrade will be just EFI for better cold start and smoother engine run, until I start something more serious with replacing for T5 transmission.
    Thanks for you suggestions...

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    mikee reacted to Cantedvalve in 1970 Mustang Retromod - Boss 351   
    Tonight I worked on getting the remnants of the roof off the car.  Spot weld cutter front and back, and a death wheel used as a grinder on the sides.  I still have the passenger side to do.  @viperpete I am attaching the photo of my front floor support pin.  Its the one I was talking about in message.  I think maybe that hole isnt meant for the X measurement.  I think I need to remove it and go with a flat plate like you have at the very front of the floor support.

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    mikee reacted to Vicfreg in 1970 Convertible Restoration   
    Got my laser engraved blue halo LED push button switches from a supplier in Australia.
    Two of the switches are for my VHX Dash, they are momentary push buttons that allow you to change the settings in the speedometer and text display.
    Two for the power door locks, One for the interior lights, One for my fog/halo DRL, One for the emergency override - on for my engine cooling fans, and one for the emergency override – on for my trans cooler fans
    My power window switches will go where the cigarette lighter is on the console box, working on that next
     for my interior lights

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    mikee reacted to Ridge Runner in 1969 -70 hood ,with 1971 -73 top   
    Just finished this one ,i have made several but i have yet to see a pic of it on the car finished .

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    mikee got a reaction from RPM in 69 coupe from SVK   
    Just finished my light panel for rear fog, reverse and license plate light. Will be mounted in rear bumper notch and is all LED.  After I saw YT video from AtotopiaLA with Mercury Comet crashing because of brake failure, I decided to converse emergency brake to floor mounted that I'm more used to. Nice Lokar kit is way to expensive, so I'm going cheaper way:

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    mikee got a reaction from RPM in 69 coupe from SVK   
    Thanks Bob, thats nice saying :)
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    mikee reacted to rwcstang in 69 coupe from SVK   
    looking great so far, love the paint work.
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    mikee reacted to RPM in 69 coupe from SVK   
    Nice progress. Good job and thinking on the seal lip install. Rebuilding auto trannies isn't too difficult, organization and cleanliness are essential. A guy once said, if someone is smart enough to design a transmission, I should be smart enough to rebuild it. 
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    mikee got a reaction from RPM in 69 coupe from SVK   
    Short update...
    So, thanks Bob, Kens videos are great, and to work on transmission with them really fun! My front band had to be replaced / relined so I decided to buy a flexible band. Unfortunately, use of this type of band requires other strut (as for 1972-73 fmx), so I’m still not able to assembly the trany – waiting parts to come. Maybe it might help someone, so I’m posting a picture how I solved installation of direct drum piston. I used thin plastic flowerpot (cut flash at bottom ad left some rest above for pulling it out) to press the seal ring, inserted inside the drum and by constantly pressing on piston I slowly removed the pot strip.
    Till struts arrive I started to rebuild side louvres an rewire the car.

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    mikee reacted to Vicfreg in Relocating battery to the trunk   
    I used an Optima battery with an off road mounting bracket.  I also mounted my main disconnect switch, maxi fuse, and starter solenoid there.  Will post some pics and a diagram of my power distribution and grounding systems fyi.  Used military surplus Hummer battery cables, found on Ebay.  
    I used large welding size cables and crimped/heat shrink my own lugs for the main power feed and starter feed.

    Power Distribution.pdf starter power wiring.pdf ground bus distribution.pdf
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    mikee reacted to rmarchand in 1969 Mustang Coupe rebuild   
    Hi all
    I'm going to be documenting the entire rebuild. This is my time doing this so be gentle. Haha.
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    mikee got a reaction from Grabber70Mach in 69 coupe from SVK   
    After a while some parts arrived to my eshop, so I was able to start put the car together. I bought Scott Drake lowering kit for rear end, installed tank and sending unit and modified tail lights with LED modules.   

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    mikee reacted to Cantedvalve in 1970 Mustang Retromod - Boss 351   
    I know. No updates.  There was a reason.  I was finishing dads car.  1969 Dodge Dart 340 Swinger.  Got it aligned and wheels installed.  Here she is after her first bath in decades.

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    mikee reacted to paulb in Paul's 69 Mach1   
    We’ll after having it for 13 years and rebuild over the last eight,she’s finally registered and driving , it’s been a long road.

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    mikee got a reaction from RPM in 69 coupe from SVK   
    Broken heating housing repaired, and restored with new seals, finally all upholstery done and tadaaaaa. after 5 years back on own wheels!

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