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    mikee reacted to Viperpete in Boss 9 Tribute   
    Here's where the car is now so you can see what i'm working with and why I decided to stop working on the original shell:

    Literally... i think the only good piece of metal on the car is the passenger side outer rocker. That's it.
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    mikee reacted to BuckeyeDemon in 69 mach 408w build   
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    mikee reacted to Rich Ackermann in My new 1970 M-Code Mach 1 Project   
    A Project progress update....
    Well, it's been more than 3 years since I bought the 1970 Calypso Coral Mach 1 M code with Vermillion Red interior and it's almost done. The Cleveland was stroked to 408ci with a Tremec 5spd, Eaton TrueTrac with 3.70 gears. Four-wheel disc brakes with Global West Front Suspension. Holley Sniper EFI and Holley Hyperspark Ignition. Lots of other mods.. Still needs the interior door panels and windshield installed.  I can't wait to drive it, but I still need to bleed the brakes again, Bleed the Hydraulic Clutch, take it in for a wheel alignment, and some exhaust pipe work. Then I can get it inspected and drive it. I'll post a walk-around video next.... hope you like it.
    Still needs door panels and windshield and molding...

    Here is the switch for the power windows and the toggle switch for the remote power side view mirrors. I mounted them in the center console where they are accessible to both the drive and passenger to avoid putting holes for them in the door panels.

    The fold down rear seat with a pair of Kicker 8" sub woofers mounted in the trap door panel.

    I was able to install a 17" x 9" rim with a Nitto 45 x 245 size tire in the trunk even with a fold down rear seat trap door panel. This spare wheel matches my front wheels and is a bit smaller than my rear wheels. I did it by relocating the hold down loop. First I sweeeezzzed the wheel in to the trunk where I wanted it, and then I placed the hold down bar thru the dust cap hole in the spare and marked where to weld the hold down loop to the trunk floor. The space is so tight, that I have to release the latch on the trap door when putting the wheel in, or taking it out, but once the wheel is completely in or out I can latch trap door again. Here is a pic of it....

    Below is a walk-around video.... 
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    mikee reacted to paulb in Paul's 69 Mach1   
    Air box finished, came out pretty good

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    mikee reacted to paulb in Paul's 69 Mach1   
    Been busy building an airbox so the boss scoop is functional and engine can have clean air, taken a while, still needs painting just trying to decide either silver or black? And finished the gauges 

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    mikee reacted to Rich Ackermann in My new 1970 M-Code Mach 1 Project   
    Finally installed the rebuilt Cleveland. I had some clearance worries, but once I installed the Tremec TKO 600, which I had MDL machine the top covers on the TKO to provide more clearance on top to better match the stock alignment, my valve cover was no longer in contact with the brake booster....What a relief. Also my Sanderson Block Hugger shorty exhaust headers cleared everything, including the obnoxiously large GM style steering box I got from CPP. The next test was to install the shaker stack on top of my taller than stock Edelbrock Air Gap intake and hope it it fits under the hood. I used a (repro) 428 shaker base which is about 3/4" lower in height than a Cleveland base. First I had to re-clock the base to align the concaved area with the distributor. This turned the base from a 6:00 position on the 428 to about 7-8:00 o'clock on my Cleveland. With the Shaker stack in place, the height of the shaker scoop was perfect with the hood closed. Apparently the Cleveland sit farther back in the engine bay than the 428, so I needed to shift the plenum and scoop assembly forward on the base to fit thru the hood hole. Once I had it positioned and clocked correctly, I drilled new holes in the plenum for the mounting studs on the base. The most difficult part was fabricating two crescent shaped sheet metal filler pieces to close up the gaps between the base and plenum created as a result of shifting the base forward. these filler pieces were attached to the front and back between the base and the plenum. This created an offset ring on top of the base in a way like the factory Cleveland base has. Finally, I made a bracket to bolt to the back of the base to an existing mounting hole on the back of the Edelbrock intake to ensure the whole thing can not rotate on the carburetor since it is held only by the center stud thru the air cleaner lid. No clearance issues with my Holley Sniper EFI, or the Hyperspark Distributor. or with the throttle cable, which I had to add a small plate to the stock throttle bracket to extend it to align better with he Holley throttle linkage. I fabricated a mounting plate and mounted the Hyperspark Coil to the Edelbrock intake under the air cleaner base.
    Installed the front end components... Four row copper radiator, Aftermarket six blade fan, Alternator, Sanden Compressor, Saginaw P/S pump with a Ford factory A/C mounted cooler. I fabricated the top plate over the Sanden compressor to mimic the mounting locations used on the factory York Compressor and mount the P/S cooler and Idler pulley bracket to it, just as it was from the factory York. 
    I had to fabricate the P/S pump bracket and spacers to properly mount the Saginaw pump. This took a lot of time tweaking it until it was aligned with the water pump and crank pulleys.

    Here are some pictures....


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    mikee reacted to pw520a in finally on the road!   
    After buying the car in pieces some 11 or twelve years ago, I cant tell you how good it feel do drive this thing down the road chirping tires through the gears!

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    mikee reacted to paulb in Paul's 69 Mach1   
    Started to put her together, things that should be simple turn into a major job. Patience and breathing8-)

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    mikee reacted to paulb in Paul's 69 Mach1   
    She came home today, Tucked away safe, now for the assembly process

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    mikee reacted to staffy in 69 Restomod (UK)   
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    mikee reacted to RobotMan in My Son Mike's 69 Mach 1 Restoration   
    Took a picture today of both son’s cars against the Blue Ridge Mountain backdrop in our back yard. Thought they turned out well!

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    mikee reacted to RescueF250 in 69 Coupe Project.   
    Hey guys came across this forum thought I'd drop in. Coming from a different side of things been into diesel performance since 2005, grew up around all Fords. Dad had a 70s Ranchero with 428. hoping to gain as much knowledge a and help as possible. To main topic 
    I picked up a 69 Ford Mustang, had a 302 with 351 heads on it. She's gonna need some sheet metal its been sitting for the last 8years motor was running prior to removal. I've decide this build list so far opinions and options or adjustments would be great. Cowl doesn't leak any water into the floor board but drive side torque box is rusted thru. Floor pan seems pretty sold, may have to do B post small rust spot. Trunk area solid frame rails no holes. I have restore manual but nothing with alot of specs or exact pieces names. 
    351w 393 stroker 
    IFS front ? brand ? 
    CJpony or dynacorn body parts ? 
    Rear Axle choices or setup ? 
    I did decided to do basicly frame up gonna do as much metal as I can. 

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    mikee reacted to paulb in Paul's 69 Mach1   
    A couple more

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    mikee got a reaction from staffy in 69 Convertible build   
    Even the neighborhood is nice :) Mustangville, Stanghood ....
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    mikee reacted to newstang in 58 Tbird   
    I bought this ugly thing even though i didn't need it in my way.
    I figured its cheap and in good shape might as well.
    Problem is anything that needs to be replaced already out values the car.
    What you guys think of it?

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    mikee reacted to mustangstofear in 67 fastback   
    Got all my anodized parts installed. 

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    mikee reacted to mustangstofear in Bronco   
    Finally got my tubing so we can start making our frame's 

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    mikee reacted to mustangstofear in Bronco   
    Hanging the doors. 

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    mikee reacted to mustangstofear in Bronco   
    Body is done.

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    mikee reacted to mustangstofear in Bronco   
    Outside shot.

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    mikee reacted to staffy in 69 Restomod (UK)   
    Floor pans on both sides are now in and just doing some prep work on seat risers and the Global West subframe connectors, before welding them in.

    I have a few days off next week, so hoping to get the welding finished, save for the front rad support. 

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    mikee reacted to paulb in Paul's 69 Mach1   
    A few more from yesterday, now it’ll sit for a week before rub back and flow coating

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    mikee got a reaction from RPM in 69 Convertible build   
    Even the neighborhood is nice :) Mustangville, Stanghood ....
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    mikee reacted to paulb in Paul's 69 Mach1   
    Here’s a few more progress pictures from Wednesday, it’s moving along quicker than expected. Meanwhile I’ve been sourcing bits and pieces to put it back together, amazing how many parts and how quickly it adds up.  

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    mikee reacted to mustangstofear in Bronco   
    Developed our own power steps. 

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