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  1. anyone have any experience with dakota digital gauges? they look pretty sweet
  2. I had that same problem with a fresh m/c. The hold down clamp was the culpret. Replaced it with a new one I got from NPD and problem solved. The bad clamp simply wasn't strong enough to seal the m/c.
  3. Watching your video maxum96 definitely makes me want that tremec and since I'm still saving for this project I have awhile before I need to make my decision. It looks as though swapping in that tremec may run as much as 2k more than an AOD swap so it will take that much longer to save up for it but I'm sure it will be worth it if thats the path I choose. Thanks for your input.
  4. Well maxum96, Im sure that tko made your car alot more fun to drive as it would mine, are you still happy that you converted to the tko?
  5. I am just starting my research on this tranny issue and don't have all the info on my options completely figured out yet. I am under the impression that the line up of trannies from PATC (the dominator jr, AODominator, and interceptor) are all 4R70W trannies, I don't want to put in a stock AODE or 4R70W. It's worth the extra cost to put in a tranny that will stand up to the abuse that may come its way. TCI also offers up an AOD that would work, PATC just offers a complete kit that would make the install easy. StephenC or anyone else, any info on this subject you can send my way would be greatly appreciated, thanks
  6. Do yourself a favor and have the lips rolled. It's easy with the right tool and you won't cut into the sidewalls of a new set of tires. I run 285/40/18 on the rear and they would not fit without the lips rolled.
  7. I'm looking to replace my FMX and am trying to decide whether to keep the car an auto or maybe convert it to a 5 speed. has anyone here swapped in a Dominator AOD from PATC or a 5 speed conversion kit offered by modern drive line?
  8. Can somebody tell me the MC bore size on a 69 with power front disc brakes with on OEM mc
  9. Steve69, the rack works great, handles excellent, the only thing i don't like is the pump grones some while turning the wheels while the car is stopped, other than that it's pretty awsome. If i did it again i might go non power.
  10. Has anyone put the rear end out of a 70's lincoln versailes into a 69 stang for the purpose of the disc brakes. Was it a direct bolt in, I've heard they're the same rear end. Any comments an that, pros and cons. What other cars had the same rear end w/disc brakes? Seems like that might be a cheaper way to get rear disc brakes.
  11. I just did this same thing last weekend. The front of the hinge needed to come up alittle while the back stayed all the way down. The elongated holes only allow the hinge to travel straight up and down. In order to do this I took a small grinding wheel on my dremel tool and lengthened the rear hole towards the top about 1/16" and widened the top front hole towards the front enough to rotate it backwards. Also cleaned up the bottom hole alittle. I hung the front and drivers side of the hood from the garage ceiling w/tiedowns and left the other side bolted to the hinge so it hung there when I took the hinge off. That way you don't need to remove the hood. Alittle trial and error and now the hood fits better than it ever did. Hope that makes some since.
  12. So whats the trick to removing the outer window felt? Can't easily get to the tabs that hold them in from inside the door, can't get to them from outside the door, how do you lift up on those small tabs to release the felt from the door? Anyone?
  13. That good to know 69Raven. The coil was the prob, a little more timing adjustment and I should be dialed.
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