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  1. Anyone have one they want to sell?
  2. Only three? We figured it was a lot more.
  3. I use the factory belts, separate lap and shoulder belts. While they are a bit of a pain (not retractable, almost always put them on and then take them off to reach the parking brake, lol) they are plenty comfortable and work just fine. I'm 5'9" also and they fit just fine. are you just wanting the retractable versions?
  4. https://www.roadkillcustoms.com/wheel-bolt-pattern-cross-reference/5x4.5-wheel-bolt-pattern-5x114.3mm-5x4.50-inches/ Go this off the old interweb. You can search by bolt pattern and see what vehicles use it. Might be a little outdated as the newest vehicle I see is '08.
  5. .935 is nominal, not minimum. I read somewhere it can be machined to .875 min.
  6. I have the Hedman 88660's on my '69. Been on there a long time. They didn't fit when I installed them (my car is stock), had to put a small spacer between the motor mount and block to clear my zbar. Called Hedman and they asked me if my car came originally with a 351w, I said yes, they told me the reason they didn't fit was because they were designed for swapping a 351w into a '69...huh??
  7. I put a T5 in my car a few years ago. 3.25 rear. At 75 I turn 2100 rpms. Hard to drive it between 55-60, in and out of 4th/5th alot. I can cruise at 85 at 2300 rpms though. You need to be turning a min of 2k rpms for driveability, car will lug any less than that.
  8. I've got a Champion 2 row in my Mach 1 with 351w, works perfect! A couple days ago I broke a motor mount and shredded my fan shroud, cars runs the exact same temp (190) without the shroud.
  9. 30 years of collecting crap will get you this. Built the big garage 25 years ago, took a while but its full. Added a "mezzanine" when my company moved us out of our building, let us take anything we wanted, got a lot of cabinets, shelfs, etc.
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