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  1. RoadKill Mach1 Junkyard Rescue

    didn't end up going. talked to a couple buddies who went the year before and they both said they wouldn't go back. And, a local dragway that has been fighting a neighbor in court finally got approval to reopen (after 3 yrs) so we went there instead.
  2. 351W started missing

    This might be out there, but does it have the correct gear on the distributor?
  3. C4 won't go from P to R, only N to R

    linkage need adjusting?
  4. Theft protection of your Mustang

    I do this also...and have hopped in the car and tried to start it a few times without putting it back in. Crank a few times and then mutter "dumba$$"....
  5. 69/70 Fold Down piece

    Looking for the panel that runs above the trap door. Thanks.
  6. RoadKill Mach1 Junkyard Rescue

    My car is exactly like that one, same engine, color, etc. I am taking it to the Roadkill nights event in Pontiac mi on the 12th. Hopefully they bring the Disgustang. Supposed to find out today if I am drag racing, had to fill out a form and they review and pick who races.
  7. How do you test Power Brake Booster

    If the diaphragm is shot in the booster it will cause a vacuum leak and make your engine run like poo. Simple test, unplug the vacuum line to the booster, start the car and plug it with your thumb, engine run better?
  8. I just converted to a fold down, I should have everything you need. Still cant picture the upper seat mounting bracket. Mine attached to the floor with a hinge on each side and then the metal piece at the top that joins with the rear shelf. Dash end caps pictured? Need the ones by the radio also?
  9. End caps from a '69, are they the same?
  10. I have the end caps. Not sure the bracket you are referring to, do you have a pic?
  11. WTB 69 Pinion Support

    Don't have one of those.
  12. WTB 69 Pinion Support

    I have one, will check the # tonight.
  13. Power steering control valve

    Give Dan at Chockostang a call 217-882-2083, he will know exactly what is wrong.
  14. Mystery bracket