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  1. skidmarky

    Next Generation Mustang Lovers

    I guess I'm lucky, my kid and most of his friends are into cars big time. My son grew up playing with hot wheels, building models, etc., But he was also into sports, playing basketball, football, and golf in high school. We did a complete nut and bolt resto on a '65 fastback that had been sitting in my garage for 10 yrs, his idea, starting when he was 13. Its now his car. He currently has 2 semesters of college left and will have his BA. His friends aren't so much into old cars, more lifted trucks, but hey, at least they are gearheads! I really don't think you can force your kids to like cars, they either like them or they don't. Attached is a pic of him with his car a few years ago, on our way to the Woodward Dream Cruise,
  2. skidmarky

    Correct way to Burp the Radiator/Anti-freeze

    Not sure about Fords procedure, but I remove the heater hose from the intake fitting (highest point in the system) and then fill the radiator, this will push the air out as you fill, when coolant comes out the fitting you are good.
  3. Depends on the situation, since the transmission is already in there is no point in pulling it. If everything is out of the car, it is much easier to bolt the engine/trans together and install it as one unit. In my case ('69 351W, T5) it is nearly impossible to get to the rear 2 drivers side spark plugs and header bolts. In doing this a few times I have found it very easy to put the plugs/header/trans together and drop it in. Beats laying on your back trying to bolt them together. Just my experience.
  4. skidmarky

    Electric choke

    Stator terminal. Mine has been wired there for 30 years. Works perfectly.
  5. You're going to have a hell of a time with the trans already installed. Going to be a pain trying to line the engine/trans up, headers, etc. Much easier to install engine/trans as a combo. I bolt the drivers side header on and drop the whole thing in together, passenger side header is a piece of cake after engine is installed.
  6. I have mine in boxes just sitting on the fold down. I do have another set of interior panels laying around that have speakers mounted just like yours, plan to swap them out.
  7. skidmarky

    Sound System Help...

    I looked for a while and couldn't really find anything "retro" looking that I liked. I ended up buying one of the din radio bezels, you then have many choices. I paid more for the bezel than the radio. I mounted speakers in boxes that sit in front of the trap door, but don't like them there. I have another set of rear interior panels that have speaker holes already, I am going to paint and install them with speakers.
  8. skidmarky

    Power to manual setup

    There's your problem. Get with Dan here http://www.chockostangclassicmustang.com/ super nice guy who knows his sh!t.
  9. skidmarky

    Power to manual setup

    Who rebuilt it? Dan at Chockostang did mine and my sons '65, both work great.
  10. skidmarky

    Head Liner and window install

    yep, do the headliner next. Its really not hard. I installed mine and used binder clips to hold it in place and get it adjusted for a tight fit, then remove a clip or two, glue it, and put the clips back on. Let it sit for a day and you are done.
  11. skidmarky

    351w rebuild decisions.

    Just find a 351W std bore block, plenty of them out there. I'm running an '88 block in my '69. As mentioned, if you have a stock zbar you will need a bracket and some modifying on the block to make it work.
  12. skidmarky


    I'm running 3.25's with my T5 in my 69 Mach1, 351w. I turn 2100 rpm at 75mph, so you could probably step up to the 3.55's for a bit better acceleration.
  13. skidmarky

    351W Distributors

    I don't have a pic handy, but I 'm running a Duraspark on my 351W. The pic above looks exactly how mine fits, the air cleaner barely touches the back plug wire.
  14. skidmarky

    Interior Dark Charcoal Metallic - again...

    I converted my car to a fold down seat and used the Dark Charcoal Metallic from NPD. Looks great!
  15. skidmarky

    New Radiator Help

    This is the smaller radiator, doesn't use the upper or lower brackets, bolts directly to the radiator support.