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  1. One of the Mustang parts vendors, I believe it was NPD. Glad you got your clock working, hopefully it will continue to run. Mine didn't.
  2. where did you get the quartz movement for the clock?,  thanks   jerry

  3. Me too. I have the quartz conversion kit, just have to install it. Will do that with my heater box rebuild.
  4. Check this out: Mustang Tach Cluster (boss302.com) I did this to my car, works great. I am running original points distributor so don't know if it will work with HEI setup.
  5. NPD? They show as out of stock but NC has one? Repop so quality questionable.
  6. After a quick search on Mike's Carburetors website, I found the C9 float setting is 3/8" and the D4 is 7/16". I looked up the instructions on rebuild kits for both carb no.'s. That's a 1/16" difference so you may be ok with either.
  7. I believe the turn signal switch in the steering column is also part of the circuit. Maybe that?
  8. Wow! Nice find. Talk about being in the right place at the right time...
  9. I would hazard to guess it's the headlight dimmer switch in the floor. But just my guess/opinion. I will follow this to see what fixes it. Good luck.
  10. Well if I were not showing the car in Concours car shows I'd go with the Holley "fix" and drive on. JMO
  11. Camber is adjusted via the eccentric on the lower control arm on a '69. But I am far from an expert on alignment.
  12. I know there was an option for warning lights that were in the lower dash, near the ignition switch. Maybe for that?
  13. I think you need to send it off for repair. Like previously mentioned, Rocketman, or Tachman. I had mine rebuilt and tested by Tachman and it works great.
  14. Yes, it does seem bent. It should be perpendicular to the frame rail.
  15. About the pedal sitting up high, I think this is normal. Mine sits high too, and being concerned about it I looked at many cars that were for sale to see pictures of the clutch pedal. All that I saw looked that way. I wouldn't worry about it.
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