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  1. Hey friends, my car is at the painters now acquiring a couple coats of epoxy. Next week, I expect to bring her home and mock up the assembly and evaluate panel fit prior to taking it back to painter for paint. Mock up includes a stroked 351 Windsor with Edelbrock Performer RPM Air Gap intake, shaker scoop, and TKO 600 trans. I have special motor mounts and expect to modify the air cleaner to accommodate the shaker. My concern is more in relation to the Transmission install than anything. I purchased my TKO 600 from Modern Driveline a couple of years ago and should have all the parts for the conversion but some things are a little foggy now in that conversion. The car was originally a 351 Windsor with FMX trans and power front disc brakes. I wish to keep my power brakes but I'm wondering what kind of issues I will run into in that area as it is pretty tight and I'm concerned about interference problems. I have a set of JBA shorty headers going on it too. If anyone has done this conversion, or something remotely close, I would really appreciate your insight? Pictures would be nice too! Thanks you!!!
  2. In absolute agreement here in regards to "being the best". I used his plans in building my rotisserie and I thank him every time I load the rotisserie mounted car onto a trailer for transportation. It's secure and it ain't tipping over. Thank you, Jimmy!!!
  3. I suggested that a year or so ago, but Buckeye expressed no interest in it. Fully understand, as it would be a lot of work and he's working on another project, which btw is also impressive. As stated by another, this build is the best! It's a dang shame some of the pictures are missing from it. Well, I stand corrected......I see the pictures are back. I was just looking at this thread the other day and was really bummed to see some of the pics missing. Buckeye, thanks again for posting up your build. I don't think I speak for myself when I say that it is an inspiration to all.
  4. Looking forward to seeing them on the car, Rich. How wide are those wheels?
  5. Car is finished and delivered to painter for two coats of SPI epoxy. Found a few surprises, but all easy fixes. Media blaster guy was good to me at $825. Exterior shell was blasted with plastic while the undercarriage and engine bay were done with sand. Game out real nice and I'm very pleased.
  6. Aman! As I have owned the car since 1976, feel pretty good about most of it. Thanks Rich!
  7. Plastic media. Moderator, if this is too much, feel free to remove. IMG_2046.mov
  8. Ed, Marble Falls is a short road trip from Austin, did you drive down and pick the parts up? Also, did you purchase your kit with the booster or did you use your own?
  9. Looks like your day starts early. That too is simply gorgeous....paint, panel fit, all of it. Thanks for sharing, Rich.
  10. Looks good and coming along nicely. When does it have to be on the boat to New Zealand?
  11. As I will never sell the car, he knows that it will probably be his someday...lol! He's a good kid, too! I am blessed.
  12. Good input but thinking it's temp and will go the same way as photo bucket. I'm one of those whom lost some pics in my build thread. However, I don't find my build thread to be as knowledge packed as others. Still, I want to post on my build. We have a half dozen or so build threads on here that I think are of absolute importance and would hate to see them loose anymore pictures. Those threads bring people to this site seeking out wisdom and "how to" info. Some use the site, in part, for advertising their business's. If money is a fix, can we not just take up a small collection from the regulars, or maybe just those posting in the build threads. I would gladly contribute. How much do we need on a yearly basis?
  13. Yeah, I'm really looking closely at a tig welder from them. They have a new line, affordable, and appears to be of quality.
  14. Arning 1" UCA drop. Hole size now 1/2" and still need to drill the 17/32 hole. Seems I read there is a 69Stang community drill bit out there somewhere. Anybody? Those Harbor Freight step drills are a best buy purchase, @ $14. Compare to $45 tool store purchase. The unit pictured below was used entirely in the build of my rotisserie and body cart. Still cuts nicely!!!
  15. Yes, I have a set that I purchased off ebay a few years ago. In fact, I posted about them here and a few members also purchased them. They were very reasonable in price and appear to be high quality stainless. I think they are 2-2 1/4. Regardless, they will require an adapter for my exhaust.
  16. Those look really good! Was hoping they would also produce a 70 version but unless I missed them, don't see them.b Thanks for sharing
  17. This is rather trivial, but I'm really anal about things. Last night I was going to repair one of the hood hinge mounting nuts on my 69 Mach. It had broken out of the rear apron causing some issues with the hood hinge. I got to looking at the orientation of the nuts and comparing those on the driver's side with those on the passenger side and the nut that requires repair appears skewed. Based off how it fit in, I would have sworn it was correctly positioned but now I'm thinking it may not be correct. Was hoping someone could provide a picture of the driver's side rear apron to confirm my suspicions? Pictured below is the driver side and passenger side hinge mounting nuts. The top nut on the driver side is the one I'm needing to fix. Thanks
  18. That's slick. Tail panel needs the black or something. Compared to the rest of the car, very plain. Looks like it has wheels on it now, how bout a side shot?
  19. Yep, those will need to be replaced. Are the pins still in the B pillar?
  20. If they are both on backwards, you need only to swap them in the correct orientation but to the other side. Somebody likely flipped them intentionally, possibly jacking with you or the previous owner. Ridge is right, place a block of wood at the bottom of the medallion and hit upwards.
  21. That's just beautiful! Tastefully done too. Hood is awesome. With the headlight buckets blacked out, think I'd black out the tail panel too.
  22. Checked it out, very informative. Thank you! Man, I'd sweep the floors, take out the trash, and clean the bathrooms in that shop just to learn and be a part. Need some help...LOL!?!
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