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  1. I have a 69 convertible with a manual top. I have a hold down clamp on one side but the other side is broken. I cannot find any for this year only for years up to 68 which mounts differently. Any idea of how i keep the 69 top down if it is a manual one? thanks, Melinda
  2. Mvh0477

    WTB top console plate for 69

    I'm looking for 69 auto standard interior one if anyone has one
  3. Mvh0477

    69 mustang convertible

    This is not my car but looked like a good angle to submit. http://www.allfordmustangs.com/photopost/data/500/medium/P10100087.JPG The new mustang ruby red metallic color is what I'm debating on for paint http://s835.photobucket.com/user/kn7671/media/2014%20Mustang%20GT/6e74a9382ac88e2b22e4cdbfb31dedac.jpg.html http://themustangsource.com/forums/attachments/f831/142802d1374973853-rick57-ruby-red-130727_0001.jpg Considering these wheels http://hotrodsbyboyd.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/hr99charcoalbrakelo.jpg Or these http://hotrodsbyboyd.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/showroomhr99.jpg With black interior and black top. Let me know how I go about getting an image it's just hard to visualize what it will look like once it comes together Thank you
  4. Mvh0477

    Dumb Question

    After replacing how can you test the gauges prior to installing them? Ive heard people say they are pretty tempermental
  5. Mvh0477

    Paint colors

    Ya I want something different than the original red here are some I've found but not sure what color they are http://static.cargurus.com/images/site/2007/06/05/12/36/1968_ford_mustang_fastback-pic-37533.jpeg I don't really like the pink undertone n this one while in the sun
  6. Mvh0477

    Paint colors

    Has anyone used any of the newer mustang paint colors. I'm looking at maybe using the new ruby red metallic, red candy apple metallic or the fire red metallic on my 69 convertible but not sure since I haven't seen any older mustangs with those colors on them. I'm going with a black top and black interior. Thanks
  7. Mvh0477

    convertible top

    Do you have any articles on converting to power? Also if I install power top I won't need hold down clamps? Thanks for the info
  8. Mvh0477

    convertible top

    I have a 69 convertible manual top mustang and on the passenger side I have a hold down clamp but not on the drivers side I guess it was broke over the years any suggestions on where I can find one or other options. I seen the 68 and older only which bolts up different. Thanks and I'm glad I found a forum for just 69's