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  1. hey everyone, I had some complications with my speedometer, thought it was the cable, not the case, found the problem, put the dash back together, and the dash lights stopped working. found a loose ground, replaced the printed circuit board, and now half the lights work. ive checked all bulbs with multimeter and all appear to be good. I made sure each light socket is making good contact.i made sure the wire harness is connected fully. I cleaned the terminals on harness and spread the out a little and no change. does the constant voltage regulator have anything to do with this? its the top half that is not working
  2. does anyone know the power range for a ford motorsport m 6250-a341 for a 351 cid camshaft? lift is .519 .536 duration 292 302 @ .05 214 224
  3. i kind of figured that, but i thought i would ask. they made it sound like a divider attached to a carb spacer
  4. just wondering if anyone here has heard of an adaptor to convert a single plane manifold into a duel plane. I haven't been able to find anything like that. thanks
  5. hey SparkyGT, the fuel pump is a Holley blue top, it is switched after the key is on so it can be cut off by key or switch. I do have a fuel pressure regulator which I try to keep under 5psi. I don't see any fuel leaking onto the manifold. the fuel pressure gauge drops to zero immediately when the pump is turned off. the carburetor is a summit racing brand 750 with vacuum secondaries . the carburetor is relatively new, probably less than 500 miles on it , not quite a year old. I have had some issues with the pump and regulator when it comes to starting the car. after it is running the pressure seems pretty constant.
  6. shouldn't the fuel bowls stay at the set level after the car has been shut off? mine seem to be leaking down and I'm smelling gas 30 minutes after I shut it off. I think I might have trash holding the needle valve open. I have also noticed with the electric fuel pump on the bowls will fill past the setting until engine starts. any ideas?
  7. the intake is an edelbrock torker 351 single plane. I've been told its a boat anchor
  8. is there some kind of formula for figuring out vacuum with the cam specs? its starting to sound like I have no real issues with the current set up. I am still going to run through all the motions of timing and idle mixture and leak check, but it doesn't sound like I will get near the 18hg or a noticeable difference in performance. or am I wrong?
  9. the gears are ok, I wish they were more highway friendly for going to shows but they pull good through all 4 gears. it is an old cam, summit racing told me it had been discontinued. and I should also change to a duel plane intake. I hope to change intakes once I get some other bills and things sorted out. I do like the sound of the car at idle, it has a nice lope to it. I think it will sound better when I get the exhaust finished and out from under the car. right now the exhaust stops at the mufflers
  10. I was getting around 10 to 12 on the guage, and I was told it has 410 gears
  11. by the way thanks barnett468 and j69302 for all your input
  12. I will try that when I have an assistant that can watch the tach. hopefully tomorrow
  13. ok I found the cam info, it is a ford motorsport M-6250-A341 for 351c int. lift .510 exh. .536 duration 292 302 opens 3? (package torn) 83 closes 78 39 overlap 73 lash hyd hyd also correction 750 carb not 650
  14. I was using the manifold vacuum. the instructions that came with the carb say to attach gauge to full manifold vacuum. the car does not idle rough, but it does smell rich. I will look through the box of receipts to find the cam info and post it. I don't think my timing is off (keyword think) by much, it runs well. I think I stumbled onto another problem (vacuum) by trying to fix another. I am going to go through the advised steps after I check for the leaks.
  15. the car has a mild cam. It runs about 190-195.I am currently not using vacuum advance. It has an Edelbrock torker 351 single plane intake (came on car along with cam).also I am using a summit racing brand carb 650cfm, vacuum secondary. do you think I should check for leaks first?
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