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  1. Source: http://www.discbrakeswap.com/swap.3.3M 65-66 manual brakes 3rd edition 03292017 E.pdf :-)
  2. It's your hoster not the internet provider of any user. I get the same message when I try to go to 69stang.com. 1969stang.com does work indeed.
  3. This is what the 1969 Service Specs manual says...
  4. The Modern Drive Line kit looks like the one from Scott Drake. And it has to be welded to the pedal mount also.
  5. I will have to install the weatherstrip also and was wondering what side of the weatherstrip is the right one to be glued. The larger or smaller one?
  6. Yes, I know. Had no others at hand when I put the rear axle in.
  7. Thank you guys! I think I will order the Howards cam barnett468 recommended. Sorry that I forget half of my suspension data. I have the Bilstein shocks front and rear plus 4.5 leaf mid eye springs in the rear, but the wrong shackles installed atm. The front springs are Grab-A-Trak progressive springs. The car seems a little high, but there's no engine installed right now. Subframe connectors are not allowed on cars with historical registration in Germany but I have a rear stabilizer bar also. lca reinforment plates are waiting to be installed in the winter. I think the setup is not that bad for a classic mustang :-)
  8. Good point! I thought about getting adjustable engine mounts before, but will test fit that setup first. Ok so let's drop that speed limit thing, I'll save that for the stroker ;-) 90-100 mph should be possible with a more conservative camshaft, right? I do enjoy daily driving in summer nd the car should be streetable too. I really don't know much about cams, but what can I expect from a Comp XE262H: https://www.summitracing.com/int/parts/cca-35-238-3/overview/make/ford It's a bit more conservative in all manners but isn't that more drivable? My suspension specs: Moog LCA & UCA Roller spring perches by Open Tracker Shelby Drop 1" stabilizer bar Zray's crossmember Export brace Monte Carlo bar
  9. It‘s not a roller block. 1988 was one of the first EFIs. I will change it to a carb intake. I have an Edelbrock Performer RPM intake and an 650 AVS carb. For the German highway speeds, i should be able to go 100-120 mph (won‘t go that fast often though).
  10. I'm getting a stock 1988 351W from an Econoline van and would like to put it in my Mach 1. For a little bit more power I have a pair of Windsor jr. iron heads and Hooker Super Competition Headers, hoping to raise the compression to about 9.3-9.5:1 with the heads. It's a 5-speed car with 3.55:1 differential. My intention is to drive it on the street and take it to a race track 1-2 times in a year. What cams would you recommend? It should be a budget build, because the plan is to put a 393W stroker in the engine bay in about 2 years. Any help is appreciated!
  11. thrice

    Best bumpers?

    I'm in the process of putting my Mach 1 back together. I bought the NPD bumpers in 2013, they are from Golden Legion. I don't know if these are the "good ones" already, but I'm not completely happy with the rear bumper. It's pretty light and I think it's wider than it's supposed to be. I haven't checked the front bumper yet, though... Does NPD have another set of bumpers now? The part numbers are the same today and when I ordered them.
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